Cypress seeds for garden arrangement from China

Cypress is a popular variety of ornamental evergreen trees, which are often planted in the garden and around the site, with the aim of creating a natural fence. The normal habitat of such a tree is the warm climate of the countries of the South American continent. Despite this, cypress is very often used by land owners in Russia.

Before planting seeds in the ground, it is better to germinate them in home or greenhouse conditions. For this you can use special forms for pre-seedlings. To plant sprouts should be immediately after the onset of sunny March days. It is also important to purchase quality seeds, most of which are guaranteed to germinate and become resistant to small temperature changes that occur in the spring season.

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You can buy seeds of good quality on Aliexpress. This lot with cypress seeds has the highest rating from buyers and the most budget value among sellers of a similar product on the site. This suggests that you are guaranteed to get exactly the seeds of cypress, which can be easily planted on your summer cottage.

The seller provides several photos of how the trees will look after growing:

According to the seller, the flowering time of such cypress falls on the summer season. Also, trees are able to clean the air well.

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The cost of the lot is 25 rubles. For this amount you will receive one packet of seeds. The manufacturer does not indicate the exact number of seeds, however, according to customer reviews, this bag contains 25 seeds.

Delivery to Russia is free of charge and is carried out from a central warehouse in China. The approximate arrival time of the parcel to the buyer is 35-58 days. The provided track number is not tracked.

As for the prices for cypress seeds in the CIS countries, they can be purchased on average for 21 rubles - 50 pieces in Ukraine.

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In Russia, 0.05 grams of seeds cost 48 rubles. As a rule, domestic sellers guarantee not a very large percentage of plant germination( 65-70 percent).

Despite the fact that the cost of a lot of Chinese broth is slightly higher, the percentage of similarity of their seeds is higher( 75 percent).The obvious disadvantage of buying goods in China is the delivery time - it is not always convenient to wait 2 months or more.

In the winter season, use special protective covering fabrics. Without them, the cypress can not survive in the winter.

We buy indoor cypress in Russian nurseries - video

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