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Bosch Dishwasher can significantly simplify modern life by relieving a person with a human body you can enjoy a simple

Bosch dishwasher with a Bosch dishwasher?need to do the dishes yourself, spending a lot of time on it, which can be used much more rationally.

It is important to remember that the use of any bosch household appliances requires adherence to some basic rules by which the devices will last longer for their owners without requiring repair. They are prescribed, as a rule, in the instructions.

Special attention should be paid to the installation and connection of the dishwasher, since not only its usability, but also safety when it works depends on it.

The Aquastop system, which is often found in modern household appliances connected to water, serves to protect against leakage.

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Aquastop system from leaks

The words "water" and "stop" are used by different companies in the description of various products for the assembly of dishwashers. All of them are trying to “stop” damage from water leaks in various situations, providing protection. The so-called “Aquastop” systems with a valve in the instruments can combine a system for detecting more than one leakage, including using a float switch sensor at the base of the instrument, which functions as a float.

However, this article addresses questions about the actual use of an aquastop hose with a valve that comes with several brands of dishwashers( including AEG, Neff, Bosch & Siemens).

How does the Aqua-stop hose in the dishwasher

In fact, Aquastop works like a hose inside the hose. The outer sleeve is made of corrugated plastic, it is designed to hold water, if the inner layer is damaged, this is a reliable protection against leakage. There is also a plastic case at the end where it works, connecting to a water tap.

If the inner hose ever leaks, the device inside this case is able to detect the incident and prevent further water from entering it due to a special valve, thus protecting the system. When trouble happens, the sensor no longer allows water to get into the device and usually indicate this with a red dot in a small window in the housing. Then the wizard will be able to establish why this happened.

After activating the aquastopic, it becomes useless and cannot be restored, that is, the protection will be violated, requiring replacement with a new one, in order to avoid future leaks.

It should be noted that modern aquastop systems can be of different types:

- mechanical

- absorbents

- electromagnetic.

To date, mechanical leakage control systems in dishwashers are no longer installed due to their low efficiency. Aquastop based on absorbent are much more common. It works as follows: when a leakage occurs, moisture flows through the hose into the pan, where it is absorbed by a special material. Then it expands and the valve blocks the access of water.

Electromagnetic aquastop works similarly, representing a modern version of the absorbent with a valve.

What problems are connected with the water-stop hose

The main problem is that such water-stop systems are relatively inflexible, which may cause additional difficulties during installation, depending on the installation site and plumbing.

They cannot be lengthened if they are too short, leveling the protection against leakage.

The size of a massive plastic housing with a valve at the end of the sleeve at the point of attachment to the faucet is especially difficult to adjust in many places where there is little free space. So in many situations, this may be the reason why it is impossible to connect the aquastop hose to existing plumbing connections, providing protection against leaks.

Many bosch dishwasher owners note that some of these aquastopes should be set down only. Therefore, be sure to check the instructions before installation.

Can you replace the water stop hose with a regular

? Many water stop hoses do nothing but protect against leaks using a mechanical stop mechanism that is activated from water leaks inside the tank. Therefore, you can replace such a system with a conventional dishwasher hose. Of course, if you are not worried about possible flooding in a house or apartment.

However, some water stop systems actually have an electrical solenoid inside, with wires passing through the hose from the dishwasher.

In this case, the water supply interlocking along the sleeve acts as a remote control for remotely filling the valve, which will not be present in the normal hose.

If the dishwasher also has a regular solenoid filling with a traction device attached to it, and the water stop system simply supplies it with electrical power while it is energized when the main valve is in working condition, then the usual analog should also work normally.

There are cases where some manufacturers threaten to void your warranty if you do not use their product. It makes no sense at all. Such an aqua stop hose only protects against the appearance of cracks or corrosion by bad water, which is actually quite a rare event these days.

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