Bosch washing machine bugs

  • Errors of Bosch washing machines F01-F28
  • Errors of Bosch washing machines F29-F44
  • Errors that require the intervention of an

specialist Absolutely all modern machines are provided with diagnostic and error display systems in the unit. Bosch ( Bosch) washing machine error codes are no exception. Due to the fact that error codes are displayed on the Bosch washing machine, it is possible to calculate and identify one or another problem, and then proceed to fix it.

Errors of Bosch washing machines F01-F28

However, in order to understand what errors of the washing machine show, you must be competent in decoding these encodings. If an error occurs, you should not try to correct the cause yourself, if you do not have the necessary experience and knowledge required. You should call a specialist who can not only correctly identify the cause of the breakdown, but also promptly eliminate it. Also, if the washing machine is under warranty, you must contact the service center of the brand Bocsh, where you will be provided with quality service. Possible error codes and factors affecting their occurrence are listed below.

F01 - malfunction of the lock of the door of the washing unit. It is required to check the tightness of the sealing gum or whether the laundry is not stuck between the body and the door. If this is not the case, then a blocker replacement is required.

F02 - the liquid does not flow into the washing machine. The problem occurs during the water recruitment process, i.e.the liquid does not enter the washer tank or, on the contrary, exceeds its optimal amount. With this error, clogging or clogging of the filling valve is possible, or it breaks down completely and fails. The sensor responsible for determining the water level and the controller is also possibly defective.

F03 - this error code is issued by the machine in the case when water is being drained slowly or not at all. This error appears when a break or a break in the contacts and conductors of the drain pump. The sensor is responsible for the water level of the machine is damaged or out of order. It is also possible that the drain tube or filter is clogged.

F04 - water may flow from the cavity of the washing unit. To eliminate the problem it is necessary to eliminate all leaks.

F16 - occurs when the device responsible for locking the door of a washing machine faults. If this problem occurs, the door lock interlock may fail, and the wiring and integrity of the electronic controller may be broken.

F17 - the time interval for water injection has been exceeded. It is necessary to check whether the tap is not blocked, as well as inspect the integrity of the water supply hose. Faulty water level sensor or its contacts.

F18 - the same reason as in F03, but the problem lies precisely in the failure of the pump, which must be replaced.

F19 - the water does not heat at all or very little. If a problem arises, there can be several reasons:

  • has become unusable tubular electric heater.
  • faulty temperature sensor.
  • has failed the water level sensor.

F20 - the water is heated too abruptly. With this error, it is worth replacing the thermal sensor and its relay.

F21 - the drive does not work or does not work as it should. When this error occurs, the motor power unit is replaced or the drive is rewound.

F22 - NTC temperature sensor is faulty. At the same time, this temperature sensor must be unscrewed and replaced with a new, serviceable one.

F23 - start stopping water injection. The reason is the ingress of water to the wiring contacts and the oxidation of the latter.

F25 - water purity sensor is out of order. The reason is the clogging of the pressure switch, as well as the presence of a raid on it.

F26 - pressure sensor has become unusable. In this case, it must be replaced.

F27 - pressure sensor is not working properly. In the event of this error, contact the service center in order to repair electrical equipment.

F28 - water pressure monitor is faulty. It is required to check the sensor for operability and check the wiring contacts.

Bosch F29-F44 washing machine bugs

F29 - water pressure control sensor does not detect the passage of water through itself. Check the filter, water supply tap, pump and system pressure.

F31 - this error of the Bosch washing machine is a malfunction of the filling valves, overfilling above the programmed water level in the tank. The signal comes from the level control relay that the tank is full and the machine stops. This problem is explained by the failure of the water level adjustment controller, which stuck in one position due to which the inlet valve lets water through.

F34 - malfunction of the door lock device of the washing machine. May be caused by the integrity of the wiring and the electronic controller, checking the electronic lock.

F36 - the door closing system of the washing machine does not work. Requires checking all contacts of the lock. You can also restart the wash program.

F37 - the temperature sensor has a malfunction that manifests itself in the breakage or damage of the wiring contacts.

F38 - short circuit temperature sensor. The reason is the same as in the above error.

F40 - appears if there is a power surge in the power grid.

F42 - engine operation at high revs, exceeding those allowed by the program. This error leads to a breakdown of the tachometer and the generator. In case of this damage, it is necessary to check the motor winding and replace it in case of a malfunction.

F43 - the drive does not work or does not work as it should. When this error occurs, the motor power supply is replaced or the drive is rewound.

F44 - the drive of the machine refuses to rotate in a different direction. The problem is corrected in the same way as the error indicated above.

Errors that require the intervention of a specialist

Errors that follow indicate a malfunction in the engine and its components, which must be repaired only by a specialist or service center. In case it is not repairable, it must be replaced.

You can find all the error codes for the Bosch washing machine in this article on the manufacturer's website or in the instructions included with household appliances.

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