Flues for gas boilers: the device and connection diagrams

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The gas - the cheapest and most affordable form of fuel. Working on it actively instruments in demand and popular among consumers. In ensuring the efficient operation of these devices flues for gas boilers play an important role. They assign affecting humans combustion products, because special attention. Do you agree?

In the proposed article we discussed in detail the device of gas chimneys. We thoroughly dismantled and set out rules for the connection resulted sample sizes. Collect and systematize the information we will greatly facilitate the choice.

The content of the article:

  • Materials for flue gas boiler
  • Requirements for flue gas boilers
  • Methods chimney device
    • Gas boiler with open burner
    • Boiler with a blow torch
  • Flue installation options
    • Internal chimney execution
    • Apparatus outer chimney
    • Installing coaxial chimney
  • How to transform the old chimney?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Materials for flue gas boiler

Gases output from the running on this fuel boiler flue have a small temperature - about 150⁰, and therefore to the chimney material several other requirements.

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In its combustion generates steam with an admixture of carbon dioxide - neutral substances which do not contribute occurrence of destructive processes but, besides these, present in the combustion products and aggressive sulfuric acid.


Chimney View depends on where they perform the installation of the heating system. When installing a gas boiler in the newly built house chimney is a part of the project. When installing the boiler in the house of the old buildings have something to reconstruct

Especially since the gas combustion products are disrupted and steel, brick and very quickly. For this reason, not only it is not necessary to build a bulky tube of bricks, ready to buy a product from asbestos or galvanized steel, but also undesirable.

Homeowners are increasingly stopped choice on light pipes of stainless steel acid, is used furanfleks, protective sleeves, ceramic modules.

If you buy a relatively inexpensive asbestos-cement pipes, the installation of its complicated by the fact that it is heavy and should take a strictly vertical position. The material is hygroscopic and absorbs condensate appearing at the output of heated gases. The consequence of overheating could be an explosion or fire.

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The outer part of the boiler flue gas

Chimneys for evacuating combustion gases must freely flue gas, and minimize the possibility soot deposits on the inner walls

The inner part of the flue duct

The most popular material for the device for flue gas fueled boilers is stainless steel. Wall steel pipes perfectly meet the requirements of

Pipes made of black steel coated

Worthy rival in stainless steel flue pipe fabrication of black metal coated. They are cheaper, and the technical characteristics are not inferior to steel products

Brick pipe with a steel sleeve

In case of a brick chimney output shaft divided into several channels, the full height of the chimney equipped with a steel pipe

Ceramic chimney channel

In construction of chimney channels for gas equipment used ceramic tube. They are more expensive but more durable steel

Connecting steel pipe to a ceramic

Wall and floor boilers are connected to ceramic radically chimneys with steel sleeves

Asbestos-cement chimneys

Least of all will serve asbestos cement chimney. It will last 2 - 3 years, but because of the cheapness of this solution still has supporters

Sandwich pipe for gas boilers

In central and northern regions of the country's gas boilers fitted with sandwich chimneys: double steel tubes between which is laid insulation

The outer part of the boiler flue gas

The outer part of the boiler flue gas

The inner part of the flue duct

The inner part of the flue duct

Pipes made of black steel coated

Pipes made of black steel coated

Brick pipe with a steel sleeve

Brick pipe with a steel sleeve

Ceramic chimney channel

Ceramic chimney channel

Connecting steel pipe to a ceramic

Connecting steel pipe to a ceramic

Asbestos-cement chimneys

Asbestos-cement chimneys

Sandwich pipe for gas boilers

Sandwich pipe for gas boilers

Such popular once brick chimneys deteriorating rapidly due to the deposition of layers of soot and abundant condensate. The channel of the bricks is dangerous by the fact that, due to unevenness of the inner walls to the outside temperature can manifest effects reverse thrust or formed water tube that will stop the combustion process.

Steel pipes are short-lived due to corrosion - even in spite of the zinc coating, they will not last for more than 6 years. The operation has proved itself an eco-friendly coaxial chimney. This is a structure consisting of two tubes and a larger number of smaller diameter. The smaller tube is greater. According to one of them enters the air required to support combustion, and the other serves as a chimney.

coaxial chimney

Scheme mounting coaxial flue in a horizontal configuration. This design is universal. It consists of several parts nested one inside the other. Held separate elements due to the presence of special jumpers

The chimney of the ceramic consists of individual insulated concluded blocks in a frame of concrete. The system is very robust, does not transmit moisture, is not afraid of temperature fluctuations. The main thing is to ensure reliable docking elements.

Requirements for flue gas boilers

When the device boiler flue gas is necessary to strictly adhere to regulatory requirements: SNP 2.04.05-91 V.2.5-20-2001 and DBN.

The most important provisions can be described by a few points:

  1. The inner diameter of the chimney is determined by the outlet section of the boiler. The first parameter may be greater than the second, but it must not have a smaller value.
  2. Each device uses gas as fuel, must have individual chimney. In emergency situations, as an exception, it is permissible to connect two units at the same time working, gas consuming equipment. The main condition - keep tapping pipe between points in the chimney minimum distance of 0.7 m.
  3. In the embodiment undesirable inclined portions. If the requirement can not be met, then the maximum allowable slope - 30⁰ with respect to the vertical, and the length is limited to a maximum limit of 1 m.
  4. When constructing and connecting the flues for gas-fired boilers over their entire length unacceptable constriction channel curving and unsuitable for use section modules.
  5. In choosing the material necessary to pay attention to such parameter as the gas permeability of the material. It should be zero.
  6. Joints attention - they need to be sealed very carefully.
  7. At the bottom of the chimney must be present in the form of a removable condensate container of plastic or stainless steel. Not forbidden to use glass and galvanized steel, but it will have to be changed frequently.
  8. The height of the chimney must ensure optimum traction. If the pipe is planned to withdraw from the ridge, it must rise above them by 0.5 meters.
  9. At the stage of installation of the chimney must be taken into account pozhbezopasnosti requirements. When passing through the channel walls made of different materials, they are different:
    • if the wall is made of wood, it is necessary around the insulation of fire resistant material, and the pipe itself should be wrapped with asbestos;
    • in brick, concrete wall enough insulation foam.
  10. The design of the chimney must comply with the requirements set out in the document attached to the boiler.

In order to facilitate the care of the chimney over the entire length of the tees set with the audit. Detailed rules and requirements for the installation of the boiler flue gas listed here.

Methods chimney device

Gas boilers mans one of two types of combustion chambers: open or closed. Externally, the heating units are no different, but the principle of operation they are different. Selection chimney design is carried out depending on the type of combustion chamber.

boiler scheme

Manufacturers supply the market with a variety of models of gas boilers. When you select a unit for home heating is necessary in advance to decide what is more suitable for a particular home - the burner is open or closed. Ignorance of these subtleties can create problems in the operation of

Location of the chimney is also necessary to determine in advance. It may be both internal and external. In the projects of new homes are usually provided installation chimney internal. when gas heating converted old house, arrange external chimney.

Gas boiler with open burner

A simpler apparatus has an open chamber. It consists of a burner and a coil located below it. The latter consists of thin pipes, which circulates coolant. The device only when air is present, so called an atmospheric burner.

The air of a boiler gets out of the room where it is installed, but there are models that are mounted on the wall and doing a it air inlet.

Wall-mounted boiler

Wall-mounted boiler does not make noise during operation. Parts included in its design hardly subject to wear. Maintenance is extremely simple - checking the ignition, but for the fuel consumption of these boilers can not be considered cost-effective

For a good operation of the boiler with open chamber need pipes leading outside and a great attraction that occurs when the air moves along the fume collection channel. The unit is suitable when you want to heat a large area of ​​the house, located outside the city limits.

There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Maximum straight pipe disposed horizontally carried through the wall, and its outside is directed upwards along the wall to the desired height. This variant is called an outer chimney.
  2. From the boiler tube is pulled upwards. It must pass through the ceiling and exit on the roof surface. This chimney is permissible to make a bend 2 on 45⁰.

In the performance of the first version is easier, but it will take high-quality insulation. This will reduce the amount of condensation, but get rid of it completely. At the exit necessarily need a condensate trap and a tee.

Application of the second embodiment is complicated by the fact that the flue passes and overlapping roofing pie. Therefore, in these areas, in accordance with the requirements pozhbezopasnosti require installation of ceiling-feedthrough assemblies.

passing node

Factory assembly checkpoint. It is mounted, after performing heat insulation foil basalt wool withstands temperatures above 150⁰. If we ignore this requirement, the material has sintered and loses its insulating properties

There are terms such as the installation of the chimney, "the smoke" and "condensation". The assembly of the first method is performed at a device internal chimney, and the second - when erecting the outer chimney.

In the first case already installed bottom member is inserted into the top, which will prevent leakage of gases into the room. Second - do the opposite.

installation Methods

Assembling chimney "of condensate" does not give moisture to penetrate into the insulated layer thus prevent corrosion of the pipe. Masters are advised to collect things furnace chimney 3 - Combined option: "the smoke" horizontal areas, and the "Condensate" those that pass through an attic or second floor of the premises, which are not heated

If the pipe is displayed on the 2nd floor of residential, it should lead to an aesthetic appearance. To do this, use a special screen that is attached with screws to the floor. When the chimney goes up to the attic, no additional work is required.

Boiler with a blow torch

Boilers blow torch called turbo. This design is more progressive forced injection of oxygen and a closed chamber accommodating the injector. Air flows from the fan installed outside through a special channel.

The heating unit has double walls, between which is water. The liquid is heated when the gas burns, and the combustion products plenum displaces in the chimney.

For turbocharged boiler suits coaxial chimney. According to one of its exhaust gas pipes are removed to a distance of 3 m, and by another is performed air flow required for the combustion process.

In the classic sense of the chimney itself is not - pipe just simply write on the outside, although some place it in the atmospheric chimney.

In terms of ecology such unit is more safe, controlled combustion process equipment for gas boilers. Fuel is combusted in it by almost 100%. The efficiency of more than for the reason that the water is in contact with the chamber walls.

Perhaps the use of horizontal short chimney. The use of a double pipe, the air coming from outside, is heated by the exhaust heat recoil.

Flue installation options

Selection of the chimney should be initiated only after the purchase of the boiler, otherwise it is impossible to pick up his section and calculate dimensions. The shape of the circular cross-section is best, though, and let the rectangle. Useful area should count by multiplying the internal size at the chimney length:

S = π x d ext. x L

Ratio should be met: all the useful section of the pipe more than the area inside the boiler.

Chimney height is selected depending on its position relative to the roof ridge.

Key to the height of the chimney for connection to a gas boiler

The height of the chimney given in Table minimum. It can increase and decrease the impossible. Therefore, if the calculation result is that the condition is not satisfied, wherein the useful section of the tube must be be greater than the inner area of ​​the heater, you should take a pipe of smaller section, but more length

Under the inner chimney is necessary to build a foundation. If you add another brick and the protective channel, it will minimize the amount of condensate. Sometimes chimneys parked outside the wall, behind which is the unit.

Internal chimney execution

Before proceeding to the installation of the chimney at his chosen location. Then it marks out the place where he will go through the ceiling and roof. Carefully check the accuracy of marking and make openings. The next step - the implementation of the connection of the boiler to the chimney pipe, and then assemble the audit and tee.

Secure the sheet steel is set main bracket, increasing pipe if required, apply "knees". In the area of ​​contact with the overlapping tubes are used. Take galvanized sheet steel with a hole to pass freely therethrough pipe, it is fixed to the overlap. To strengthen joints used clamps. Every 2 m flue secured with clamps, and every 4 m - brackets.

Work completed checking seams for leaks. To do this, take the soap solution, it is applied at all the joints. If everything is done qualitatively, when you connect the unit to the chimney, in these places bubbles appear.

Apparatus outer chimney

For external chimney in the blank wall a hole is made of such diameter to pass freely through the pipe with insulation. By setting the first element of the future opening of the chimney, fix it, wrapped with insulation. The following section is added by the preview controlling the verticality using the plumb.

chimney outer

The outer chimney - a more secure, but it should be good to warm. We purchase all of the design elements of a well-adjusted, so that the assembly will not cause problems

The pipe is fixed to the wall bracket until it reaches the desired height. Rounding process fastening pipes to pipe joints and sealing the boiler. To the outside chimney warmed up quickly, it the entire length of insulated basalt wool.

Installing coaxial chimney

Chimney this type outputs the products of combustion outside the burner and simultaneously supplies air boiler, rich in oxygen. With such a design does not need extra ventilation.

Chimney made of round tubes - outer steel section of 10 cm and a wall thickness of 0.1 - 0.2 cm and an inner diameter of 6 cm aluminum. Pipes are not in contact because There are bridges between them.

mount coaxial chimneys for boilers with sealed combustion chamber, formed for mounting on a wall and the floor, and the speaker and other gas appliances.

This vent has several advantages:

  • structurally pipe is arranged so that simultaneously with the heating of the supply air, cooling the exhaust gases;
  • chimney increases the efficiency of the equipment;
  • has a compact size, so they use it not only in private houses but also in apartments;
  • safe - gases can be output are not in contact with the room air and does not exit through the vent and directly to the atmosphere;
  • easy to install.

Mounted coaxial chimney both horizontally and vertically. Regardless of the method of setting the greatest length of the chimney must not be greater than 4 m. There are model parameters with solid started specifically for flue over a long distance.

Directly under coaxial flue adapter manufacturers produce special design, used for vertical transitions across overlapping and roofing. To protect the system from rain and provide a seal in the area of ​​the passage of the pipe through the ceiling, there are special headroom.

Terms of connecting a coaxial flue gas boiler

The figure displays tips and mandatory requirements for the installation of coaxial flue. they all relate to gas outlet for boilers whose capacity does not exceed 70 kW

In the case of coaxial flue for the boiler installed on the wall, it has a horizontal. It is necessary to provide a 3-5% slope, otherwise the boiler will get condensation.

Standards regulate not only the size of the flue gas to the boiler, but also the location of the holes in the wall. It must be removed from the box located next to at least 50 cm and at least 25 cm when located above the window.

How to transform the old chimney?

If the long-standing heating system instead of a conventional oven include a gas boilerBrick chimney is not necessarily completely rebuilt. It can be upgraded by gilzirovaniya. You can do this in two ways:

The method №1. Set base existing chimney pipe of stainless steel.

The pipe should be chosen so that its height is equal to the height of the old chimney and the diameter of the pipe corresponds to the boiler. The gap between the walls of the existing chimney and the pipe is filled with a heat insulating material such as foam glass, expanded clay or perlite.

technology FuranFlex

FuranFlex technology allows you to upgrade or repair the chimney, which has a maximum slope 30⁰ quickly and efficiently

Method 2. Apply Furan-Flex technology. This option is more expensive than the first, but the diameter of the chimney remains constant. Material frost does not corrode, the diameter ranges from 6 - 100 cm.

The technology consists in that the flexible tube is placed into the flue under pressure. The pipe takes the form of a chimney, then hardens and becomes a continuous seamless top shell, do not miss any smoke or condensate.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In this video you will learn about the mistakes made often with a chimney device:

From this video tutorial you will gather knowledge about the rules of connecting the boiler to the chimney:

About a hard connected gas boiler will learn from this video:

Any appliances, especially those working on such an insecure energy sources like gas, must be mounted in compliance with all regulations. Apparatus flue gases from gaseous boiler requires competent approach. First, perform engineering calculations, and only then implement the project, so it is better to entrust it all to specialists.

Place Please comment in the box located below. We are interested in your stories about assembly and connection of vertical flue gas boiler. Ask questions, share useful information and photographs.

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