Why the refrigerator turns on and immediately turns off: troubleshooting

  • How to diagnose a problem?
  • How to determine the failure of the sound?
  • The reasons for the quick disconnection of the refrigerator and the possibility of their repairA breakdown in which this device turns on and turns off after a few seconds is not uncommon.

    How to diagnose a problem?

    As you know, the refrigerator compressor is designed for non-permanent operation. It is included only for a certain time of work. Turning off the device - the norm. But how to understand that the device often turns off and needs repair? Most often, a breakdown is indicated by an attempt to start the compressor: the unit emits an unusual humming tone, and after a few seconds it immediately subsides. To calculate whether the device designed to compress and transfer refrigerant vapor normally works, you can resort to the mathematical method. If the compressor is designed for two minutes, and then it rests for the remaining 10 minutes, the following calculations are made: 2:( 2 + 10) = 0.166.From the result, it becomes clear that the refrigerator is faulty, since the coefficient during normal operation is 0.2-0.9.

    How to determine the failure of the sound?

    The refrigerator may be turned on and then immediately shut up if any element is not in order. In order to understand what the cause of the malfunction is, and which particular part of the refrigerator needs to be repaired, it is necessary to analyze the sound when it is turned on and off.

    If the device started up for a few seconds and a click was heard before shutdown, the motor itself worked louder usually - most likely, you will have to repair or change the compressor. Very much the reason for the quick disconnection of the refrigerator is the start-up relay through which the motor starts.

    If the usual work intervals are broken, you should pay attention to the electronic board. Often, when a breakdown occurs, it gives the wrong signals - the refrigerator turns on, but after working for only a few seconds, it turns off.

    Reasons for the quick disconnection of the refrigerator and the possibility of correcting themTo save expensive equipment, it is best to purchase additional means of protection and connect the device to a network source only through them, for example, a voltage stabilizer. Otherwise, the compressor, electronic control unit and other important parts of the refrigerator can not withstand interruptions and fail them, which would entail costly repairs.

    Problems with the

    control unit Any household appliance that has a control board becomes vulnerable due to this small but very important detail. If the program is violated, then the commands begin to arrive at various intervals. The motor turns on and off in a chaotic mode. The most likely cause of an electronic breakdown is electrical instability. In this case, the board must be reprogrammed or replaced. But it is better to provide the right to make such a repair specialist, especially since he has all the equipment for accurate diagnosis.


    has failed. This is the most expensive part of the refrigerator for replacement and repair. The compressor performs an important function - pumping out the freon in a gaseous state from the evaporator, feeds it under pressure to the condenser. The gas is compressed and cooled, condensing it to a liquid state. Through the capillary expander, the coolant again flows into the evaporator, where it absorbs heat.

    In order to understand whether a compressor is in good condition when the refrigerator is often turned off, you need to know the resistance of its windings - each pair of terminals. If the winding is damaged, or an inter-turn short-circuit occurs, the following often happens: the device turns on and continues to work, but already at increased load. Therefore, the compressor during operation is heated more than usual. The relay tries to facilitate the work of the motor, and therefore it works prematurely. In modern models, this part of the device is non-separable, therefore it must be completely replaced.

    The performance of the

    start-up relay is impaired.

    This part often fails due to physical wear or overheating during operation. The most innocuous breakdown, which is the reason why the refrigerator is turned off after a few seconds of work. To eliminate this malfunction is much cheaper than repairing the compressor itself or the control unit.

    If the device turns on and immediately turns off due to a relay, before changing this part, you can try to repair it. For this, it is worth checking the core of the solenoid. Popular wisdom is inexhaustible, so some craftsmen have invented to insert instead of a damaged core wire of appropriate size or an ordinary metal rod from a ballpoint pen. But this method is not always effective, since modern coil models have a different structure. A conductor in such a solenoid is in tablet form. That he can become a source, why the refrigerator turns off quickly if it burns.

    . If the equipment still stopped working, it is better to call an experienced master, who will make the diagnostics, and then make a quality repair. Specialists have in stock components of the highest class, especially since there are warranty obligations. An experienced master will quickly figure out why the device turns on and immediately turns off, and will professionally eliminate the cause of the breakdown.

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