How to wash the multicooker inside and out: the basic rules of care

  • We wash the bowl of the multicooker
  • Clear the bottom of the multicooker
  • We wash the cover of the multicooker
  • How to wash the moisture collector
  • This thing is quite new in the kitchen of Russian hostesses, and many have a question: how to clean the multicooker from fat?

    At first, you should wait until the device has completely cooled down, without having forgotten to disconnect it from the mains beforehand. Carefully remove all removable parts that need to be washed. Each model includes the following parts:

    • cap;
    • bowl;
    • steam valve;
    • moisture collector;
    • heater plate.

    Individual parts are removable, others are non-removable. Some parts should be washed after each use, others should not be cleaned often. The main rule is that after washing it is necessary to wipe all the parts dry. In detail we consider how to clean the multicooker and its individual elements.

    We launder the bowl of the multicooker

    . This is a removable container for cooking, where the cooking takes place. Inside it is coated with non-stick formulations, which, if improperly handled, can be easily damaged. Therefore, the bowl should be washed carefully, it is advisable not to use the dishwasher or choose a neat mode of washing.

    For hand washing, do not use hard metal brushes and sponges that can scratch and damage the coating. The bowl must be washed using a neutral dish detergent. You can rub the bowl a little from the inside with a soft sponge or cloth. Liquid gels can be used to remove stubborn foods, which effectively remove excess fat without harming the non-stick coating. A clean bowl, especially its outer part, must always be wiped dry after washing.


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    Clean the bottom of the multi-cooker

    Food that is left in the bowl into which the bowl is installed can be cooked. Therefore, before putting it in place, it is necessary to clean the bottom of the multicooker by removing the crumbs. Then wipe the walls with a damp cloth. At the end, wipe dry to eliminate the appearance of fungus.

    The heating element should be kept clean. To remove the fat and soot, you can use baking soda. To do this, wet cloth should be dipped in soda and wipe the heating element with it. Finishing the cleaning should be wiped dry with a clean cloth.

    We launder the cover of the multicooker

    . To wash the cover, you must first remove it. Unfortunately, some models feature a non-removable cover. Using gel for dishes, using a soft microfiber is cleaned from soot and fat. Wipe dry and fasten back.

    To clean the non-removable cover is much more difficult. We will have to spend more time and skill to get to the rubberized part. To wash it, apply steam mode. At the bottom of the bowl is poured a glass of water, to which is added lemon juice. For 15 minutes, the slow cooker is turned on in the “Steaming” mode. In this way of cleaning, you can not only clean from fat and scale, but also remove the unpleasant smell in the slow cooker. Then the multicooker washes in quite uncomfortable conditions. Its body is wrapped in a plastic bag, the lid remains outside. By tilting the housing, you can clean the inside of the cover from dirt and condensation. It is necessary to act carefully and correctly, without wetting the opening unit!

    The cover is cleaned with a simple dishwashing gel. Make sure that the water does not flow inside the plastic bag and does not fall on the case.


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    How to wash the water collection unit

    The water collection unit is designed to collect the moisture that occurs on the multicooker lid during its operation. Water trap remove after each cooking. It should be freed from water and rinsed.

    My Steam Valve

    An extra steam comes out through it, so often it is not worth washing it. It will be correct from time to time to rinse it under running water. Do not forget to ensure that the holes inside are not clogged. Otherwise, the milk and porridge will always run off. It is easy to clean the steam valve with a simple, degreasing dishwashing detergent.

    How to clean the case.

    The case is wiped inside and outside with a damp cloth or sponge.

    If water enters the enclosure, de-energize the instrument. Then you need to twist the multicooker in different directions, holding the electronic unit on top. Wipe all parts with a dry cloth or hair dryer.

    After a general cleaning, the multicookers turn it on at least every other day. A clean multicooker should be stored with the lid open. Now you know how to launder a slow cooker from fat using traditional methods.

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