Why does the powder remain in the washing machine tray after washing?

  • Unsuitable powder
  • Water supply
  • Malfunction in the filling valve

branch pipes are clogged Users of washing machines often encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon when powder remains in the compartment. As usual, they poured the powder, poured the conditioner, started the washing, and at the end of the program it turns out that the machine did not use the product, but it remained in the tray. There are three main reasons why this can happen:

  1. poor quality powder,
  2. problem with water supply,
  3. clogged with pipes.

But before checking these reasons, make sure that you did not make a mistake with the compartment where you put the laundry detergent? Perhaps you poured the powder in the tank for prewash, and the program of your machine it is not provided, then it is likely that after washing this powder will remain unused. You can also pour too much powder, and therefore it is not all washed out of the tray. Try washing again with less powder. If you are sure that you have placed the tool strictly according to the instructions, then pay attention to the following factors.


Powder If it so coincided that the powder from the new pack remained in the machine, most likely the problem lies in it. Poor composition, unsuitable for your model of washing machine, or perhaps fake. To make sure that this is the reason, repeat the wash with another tool that has already been tested. If it is all washed off - the solution is obvious: just do not use that powder anymore.

Water supply

The reason why the machine does not completely pick up the powder can be more serious, for example, the low water pressure. See how the water flows from the mixer. If the pressure is weaker than usual, most likely, it simply was not enough to fully wash the powder, so it remained in the tray. To solve this problem, contact the housing office for reasons or plumbing.

If everything is fine with the water pressure, check whether the water supply valve to the washing machine is fully open. Perhaps you or someone from your family members inadvertently touched the faucet( it is located where the hose of the washing machine is connected to the water supply).To fully supply the water, the tap must be turned parallel to the direction of flow of the water. After you make sure that everything is in order with the water supply, it remains to suspect a breakdown in the washing machine itself.

Fault in the inlet valve

A fine mesh inserted into the inlet valve of the machine from the hose side is a filter that can clog and do not let water through. Take it out and rinse thoroughly. Then try a test wash. The water supply valve may itself be damaged, in this case the water may not be fully supplied to the washing machine or not at all. When working properly, the valve opens, takes water into the washing machine and closes when the right amount of water has accumulated. If it fails, the amount of incoming water will be less than necessary.

nozzles are clogged in addition to the filter, the hoses that connect the water supply valve to the powder reservoir, as well as the nozzles themselves in this reservoir, can become clogged with dirt. In the case when the nozzle draining the powder into the washing machine's tank clogs, water remains in the powder compartment after washing.

If after cleaning the problem recurs after some time, you need to look for other reasons. Perhaps in your case, the fact that the powder is not washed off from the tray, lead to several of the above reasons. And only their complete elimination will allow the machine to work efficiently.

If you yourself could not fix the problem - contact the service center to specialists.

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