How to make a lazy husband to help around the house

The usual story for all modern families. A man, coming from work, comfortably falls apart at a TV or computer and turns off. Houses unwashed dishes, lessons not done, and a bunch of different things.

Men often complain that some time after marriage, they no longer recognize their wives. It would seem that he married a beautiful princess, and she turned into a witch, always irritable and tired. Bathrobes or non-sexy tracksuits appear instead of seductive outfits. Well-groomed beauty turns into a bitchy little woman with an unpleasant shrill voice.

The most interesting thing is that the man does not even think about who he has become. How to keep tenderness and radiant mood when you see in front of you a sloth imposing itself in a chair. Romance disappears, irritation appears and so endlessly. Not every woman will be able to inspire her man to feats. This is a whole science. So that the family does not have scandals, you just need to apply a female trick.

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Usually performing women's chores, men are confident that they are committing heroic deeds. And on the face they have a martyr's expression, did he marry for this? This is how the entire male population thinks. And how many do not explain to them that times have changed, the wife will still remain a housewife.

Of course, the woman was and will be the keeper of the home, no one argues with this. But when both people work in the family and come home equally tired, why all household chores should fall on the women's shoulders. It is fair to divide the duties for two. Men have their own excuses for this, why they should do women's work when they are full of men's affairs. Under these cases is meant once a year to hammer a nail or move furniture. Explain to the husband that the dishes, for example, need to be washed every day, and the floors twice a week. Refer to the remnants of his conscience, saying that you too get tired in the service.

The most important female weapon is the praise of

. Even if the husband simply washed the plate behind him, do not feel sorry for the words of approval. After all, he for this rose from the sofa, reached the kitchen and himself, notice himself, removed for himself. After all, you do not bother to say thanks to him. Hint to him with female slyness, that you appreciate help, even in such trifles. Rest assured, he will continue to try to do something more significant. The main thing is not to disregard his labor impulses. Seeing that his hard work does not impress you at all, he will quickly return to his lying position.

Be Wiser

Do not turn into a wife-saw, who day after day torments the poor hard worker with eternal reminders. Treat everything with humor. If the husband has forgotten about his promise to wash the dishes, serve dinner in a saucepan, and, smiling, tell me what you have, you'll have to hand. When asking for help around the house, avoid the commanding tone. Do not tell your husband that he is obliged, and that you are tired of repeating the same thing ten times. Do slyly, start the request with the words: "Honey, you will not help me, please. .." and let yourself be helped by the helpless look. It will be difficult for a man to refuse a weak little woman.

Speak straight about

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Don't forget that men never get hints. Instead of constant sighs about unfinished repairs, say so directly. Do not download it with a bunch of information, start with one request. For example, that would be nice to change the wallpaper in the bedroom next weekend. Discuss with your husband options, make it clear that his opinion is of great importance to you. A man is more willing to get down to business if he thinks that they cannot cope without him.

Do not charge yourself with all

And most importantly. Never do for another person what he is able to do himself. If you asked for something several times, and then gave up and did it yourself, be prepared for the fact that it will be like this all the time. A man will quickly understand that it is better to endure your grumbling than to distract yourself from an interesting program. Why should he bother if you do it yourself. Well, the wife will be an hour unhappy, then again, everything will be fine. Favorite should firmly grasp that no one will perform his duties.

Remember, happiness in the family depends on female wisdom. Any scandal can be prevented if you learn to use your charm and tact.

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