How to choose a drip coffee maker for home

  • Design and principle of operation
  • Varieties of filters
  • Pros and cons of drip coffee makers
  • What to look for when buying
  • Additional features

Coffee maker - an indispensable device in the kitchen for coffee lovers. The coffee maker significantly improves the quality of the drink and reduces the time for its preparation than the Turk, which you need to adapt to using. And instant coffee has a very different taste, and its composition is questionable. For non-professional use( for example, home or office) it is best to stop the choice on a drip coffee maker. It most quickly cooked a delicious espresso or American.

In this article, you will learn how to choose a drip-type coffee maker, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Device and principle of operation

Inside the drip coffee maker are built:

  • water tank;
  • heating elements;
  • cleaning filters;
  • tank for ground coffee;
  • vessel for the finished drink;
  • Some models are additionally equipped with a mechanism for grinding coffee beans.

The principle of operation of the drip type coffee maker is quite simple. It is necessary to connect the device to the electrical network, fill the appropriate tanks with water and ground coffee and press the start button. Water, having reached the boiling point and transformed into steam, will rise and settle on the walls. Then the drops fall into the filter with coffee, absorb it, and from there the drops of coffee fall into the cup. Therefore, the coffee maker is called drip.

Varieties of

filters The drip coffee maker has a filter, which is why it is also called a filtration coffee maker. Filters for coffee makers have the appearance of a cone and are disposable and reusable. One-time filter is most popular among users, as well absorbs harmful alkaloids. It is made of waterproof paper, and changes after each coffee preparation. Reusable filters are divided into three categories:

  • Nylon - made of plastic and nylon;It is necessary to change every 50 brewing cycles of coffee, however, it is recommended to do this a little more often, since a long-standing filter can start to spoil the taste of coffee.
  • Gold - made from the same materials as nylon, only additionally sprayed with titanium nitride, which gives a golden hue;The shelf life of this filter is higher than that of nylon.
  • Metal - made of stainless metal;most durable of all filters, but have a pronounced metallic taste after the first prepared drink, so users do not give them preference.

Pros and cons of drip coffee makers

The main advantages of drip coffee makers in the speed and ease of making coffee, as well as:

  • filtration;
  • heated drinks;
  • prepares up to two liters of good coffee in one cycle;
  • reasonable cost-a variety of models and manufacturers will allow you to select the device under the desired budget.

However, the coffee maker has a number of drawbacks:

  • not every user will find it convenient to constantly monitor the filters and change them, and if you do not do it in time, the coffee maker will stop working or break altogether;
  • it is possible to brew up to two liters of a drink at once, but it is not possible to prepare one portion of coffee;
  • appliance needs to be washed after each coffee preparation.

It is also worth noting that the volume of the tank for the finished drink is always less than stated. That is, if, for example, a volume of 2 liters is indicated, this means that only 1.8 liters can be used to avoid transfusions. In addition, the device has a minimum of liquid that should be in the tank - this is about 300–500 ml, otherwise the coffee maker simply will not turn on.

What to look for when buying

The most important parameter to pay attention to when buying is power. Unlike other household appliances, in a drip coffee maker the power is better to choose lower, in the range of 600-800 watts. This is due to the fact that the more powerful the coffee maker, the faster the water flows, which adversely affects the taste of coffee, because water does not have time to linger in the ground beans and absorb their taste. Below the recommended parameter, there is also no need to choose, because the water is heated too slowly, the taste of drinks also deteriorates. The device should be equipped with:

  • water level indicator;
  • retractable filter compartment;
  • notch in the case for storing the cord;
  • heating function;
  • coffee filters.

The beverage cup should be glass, not plastic;it is more durable, because when using a plastic cup, drinks will start to have a specific taste that, besides, is very harmful to the body;this capacity will have to periodically change. With a capacity of glass such a problem will not and will not need to be replaced.

The quality of the brewed coffee depends for the most part on the coffee beans and water. But it is also worth noting that the drip coffee maker is not suitable for professional use, that is, it can only make strong coffee, and for drinks like cappuccino or latte you need a completely different device.

Additional functions

Some models of the coffee maker have other functions that will simplify the work with the device:

  • removable water bowl will protect the device from water ingress into the electrical components of the device;
  • timer function or delayed start will allow you to pre-fill tanks with water and ground coffee and the drinks will be ready by the required time;
  • special sensor that tells the user when to change the filter and when to wash the device;
  • overflow protection system;
  • water filter will be useful to those who use water from the tap;
  • the ability to select the strength of the brewed coffee.

On some drip coffee makers, you can find the "anti-drop gate" function. This function will stop the flow of liquid if it notices that the beverage cup is not firmly in place. However, it is better to independently check whether the bowl is in the right position, as with frequent use of this function, delaying the coffee in the appliance can disrupt the operation of the device and lead to breakdown.

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