Wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka: selection, sticking and painting


  1. Advantages and disadvantages of Serpyanka wallpaper
  2. How to choose Serpyanka wallpaper?
  3. How to pokleit wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka?
  4. Painting and care
  5. In conclusion,

Serpyanka-based wallpaper is a relatively new finishing material that can be very interesting for everyone to create a unique interior, because it has an unusual texture and naturalness. These wallpapers fit perfectly into classic interiors and, if desired, even can be painted .But, unfortunately, today this type of finish is not very common, so many do not know , what are the main advantages of serpyanka wallpaper, how to choose and stick it on .

These wallpapers consist of of two layers of : the first one is non-woven cellulose web and the second one is foamed cellulose. This composition explains the main properties and advantages of such a finish.

Advantages and disadvantages of Serpyanka

wallpaper Serpyanka wallpapers have with many advantages of , among which are:

  • high strength, which allows such wallpaper not to deform and not stretch during pasting, and to keep the original appearance for a long time, we will reheat it.
  • resistance to sunlight ;
  • the ability to "breathe" and allow air to pass through; therefore, the indoor climate will always be healthy, and there will be no condensation on the walls, even if the humidity in the room rises;
  • a huge assortment of , which includes more than fifty different textures and drawings, so everyone can choose the appropriate option, corresponding to the design ideas;
  • is natural and environmentally friendly , therefore households will not have allergies;
  • ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • wear resistance;
  • Serpyanka-based wallpapers can be additionally painted, so you can end up giving a room a unique look by choosing the desired texture and tint;
  • perfectly fit into any type of interior.

The disadvantages of are not very numerous in this type of coating, but they still exist:

  • serpyanka-based wallpapers are absolutely non-waterproof , but this minus is easy to fix if you cover the wallpaper with a paint and varnish composition on top. It is worth paying attention that he also let the air through, otherwise the most important advantage of this type of finish will be nullified;
  • wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka is not very common , so finding them is not so easy, but in most large building stores they are still found, and in the range;
  • is the high cost of the , which derives from rather modest supply in the market. However, this type of finish is very durable, so the cost of buying pays off.

How to choose wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka?

When choosing wallpaper based serpyanka it is necessary to pay attention to the width and length of wallpaper :

  • products with parameters 1.07 * 26 m are more suitable for professional decoration, and only experts with experience can cope with them. Also, such wallpaper is convenient to use in spacious rooms - the installation process will be as fast as possible;
  • wallpaper with parameters 0.53 * 10 m is a standard for private consumers. Almost anyone can handle this wallpaper, even a beginner. In addition, this type of finish is great for small spaces.

Serpyanka-based wallpapers are mainly sold to with colorless , so they can be painted in any desired shade. However, the colored wallpaper can be found on sale: in this case, the wall decoration process is reduced, and you do not need to buy more paint. If the choice fell on the last option, then the should consider not only their own preferences in terms of the color of the , but also the features of the room .

  • So, if the room is small or dark , then it is naturally better to choose wallpaper of light and warm colors.
  • There is a lot more options for the spacious rooms, but if the room is too large, then you can give it the proper comfort with the help of dark saturated colors.
  • also needs to take into account the direction of the light and the level of natural lighting in the room: for the room, whose windows face north, choose wallpaper of warm shades, and for southern rooms - cool colors.

Due attention must also be paid to packaging of the product: it must be complete in order to create adequate protection for the material, because wallpaper based on serpyanka is afraid of direct ingress of moisture. Well, if the manufacturer applies the wallpapering instructions to the wallpaper, which lists all the nuances and peculiarities of working with this finishing material. In addition, the availability of certificates of quality and safety is a guarantee of the product durability and the fact that it is actually made from natural materials.

Although wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka is not very common in the domestic market yet, unscrupulous manufacturers already offer products of inappropriate quality. Before buying it is better to read reviews about a specific manufacturer. In addition, the too low price should also alert the .For reference: at the moment, the average cost per square meter of wallpaper based serpyanka is $ 4.

This type of wallpaper can be used by in both residential and public areas of .Perfectly they are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, where they are glued not only to the walls, but also to the ceiling. It is allowed to use them in the hallways, but they are not suitable for the kitchen and the bathroom. Wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka today can also be found in the decoration of offices, restaurants, shops.

How to glue wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka?

The installation of this type of finish is almost the same as the gluing of paper wallpaper, i.e. A person without special training and with minimal experience will be able to cope with this task. So, before starting the installation, make sure that all the necessary tools are available:

  • wallpaper and glue;
  • capacity for breeding glue;
  • brush for applying glue;
  • knife or scissors;
  • pencil and tape measure;
  • laser level;
  • roller or brush to smooth glued strips of wallpaper.

As with the installation of any other type of wallpaper, in this case can not do without preparatory work .The surface of the walls should be devoid of large cracks, scratches, flaws, although small defects on the wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka can hide. To bring the walls in order, it will be necessary to putty or plaster them, then sand it, you can vacuum it.

The next step is applying a primer : you can use special formulations or dissolve glue for wallpaper.

Now you can go to wallpaper cutting .Since this material, as a rule, has a certain texture, and not a pattern, problems with the combination of the picture should not arise. Experts advise to immediately cut the required number of strips. To do this, measure the height of the walls and add 4-5 cm on the allowances. So that then there are no annoying surprises, it is better to take measurements every 30-50 cm: the walls can have different heights, especially in old houses. Then, according to measurements, it is necessary to cut a certain number of strips of wallpaper.

For your own convenience, you can pre- mark the wall : the width of the wallpaper is laid out from the corner, and a vertical line is drawn using a level. Those who glue the wallpaper for the first time are advised to apply markings along the entire perimeter of the walls in order to achieve the highest quality result. Before sticking, it is better to remove sockets and switches.

Now you can proceed to the preparation of glue .You can choose any composition designed for heavy types of wallpaper. Prepare the solution according to the instructions on the package. Glue is applied to the wallpaper, and on the wall, unless otherwise stated in the instructions for the finishing material. First, the glue is applied to the canvas and left for a few minutes to soak, then the glue is applied to the wall. After that, you can begin to glue the wallpaper to the wall, smoothing the roller from top to bottom and from the center to the edges. Wipe excess glue with a sponge or cloth. The next strip is glued back to the previous one. Unnecessary pieces of wallpaper cut from the top and bottom with a knife. Do not forget to cut holes in place of sockets and switches.

Painting and care

Wallpaper on the basis of serpyanka can be painted .First you need to wait until the wallpaper is dry, and prepare the paint. You can use latex, acrylic and dispersion formulations, choosing any color at its discretion. Painting the walls pasted over with such wallpaper is no different from painting any other surface. It is enough to prepare the paint and gently using a roller and brush to apply on the walls in two layers. By the way, you can use a couple of colors in painting or even create some kind of drawing.

The maintenance of the behind serpyanka-based wallpapers is as simple as possible: sometimes you need to wipe them with a dry cloth. If you additionally applied a moisture-resistant lacquer to the wallpaper, you can also use a damp cloth when cleaning. Small spots can be eliminated with an eraser.

In conclusion,

Serpyanka-based wallpaper is a rather rare type of finish at the moment, so they are able to create a unique interior in the room. These wallpapers are environmentally friendly, natural, they are able to "breathe", and to create the interior of your dreams, the walls can eventually be painted in any shade. It remains only to choose and properly glue the wallpaper, and they will long please you with their appearance.

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