Daewoo Refrigerator: Top 8 best models, reviews, tips on choosing

Range of household refrigerating appliances is so great, that has become a problem. To make the right choice, you need to become a real expert to learn how to clearly define priorities and find the tools according to the needs of the family.

Good decision - fridge Daewoo. This high-quality Korean equipment at the right price. We see what offers manufacturer and how to choose the model.

The content of the article:

  • Daewoo - «big Universe" technology
  • A detailed review of the lineup
    • Equipment with one or two cameras
    • Wide refrigerators side-by-side
    • French door with spacious chambers
  • Top 8 best Fridge Daewoo
    • Model # 8: Daewoo FR-052AIXR
    • Model # 7: Daewoo FR-051AR
    • Model # 6: Daewoo FRN-X22H4CSI
    • Model # 5: Daewoo FN-T650NPB
    • Model # 4: Daewoo FRN-X22B4CW
    • Model # 3: Daewoo FRN-X22B5CSI
    • Model # 2: Daewoo FRN-X22B5CW
    • Model # 1: Daewoo FRN-X22F5CW
  • Tips for choosing the right model
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Daewoo - «big Universe" technology

Founder of the group - Kim Wu Chun. He started work as a street vendor of newspapers, but ambition and entrepreneurial talent he had a truly cosmic. Therefore, a huge industrial concern has been named Daewoo - «big universe."

business units are now sold to different owners, Kim and Wu Chun is awaiting trial on charges of deliberate accounting errors. The businessman has surrendered himself, claiming that he was innocent and ready to prove it.

His brainchild of Daewoo Electronics successfully developed as a separate project and produces high-quality appliances.

Exhibition stand Daewoo Electronics

The company is considered one of the best producers. Home appliances and electronics brand Daewoo Electronics recommend buyers who are looking for a model of good quality at a reasonable price

At the heart of Daewoo Electronics philosophy is the belief that the devices should not cause damage to the ecology. Brand refrigerators - is the choice of people who think not only about their own comfort, but also for the welfare of the environment.

One of the innovations, which are used in the manufacture of the equipment manufacturer of cameras, - Nano-Silver. The coating with silver ions having anti microbial properties.

A detailed review of the lineup

Refrigeration equipment diverse. There are models of any size and volume (59 liters). No problem, you can find a suitable option for the home, garden, office, business or store. The main thing is to decide on their own priorities, to understand the specifics of each type.

Equipment with one or two cameras

Daewoo manufactures refrigerators of different types and purposes:

  • single-chamber;
  • with top and bottom freezer;
  • french door;
  • side-by-side.

Models with one door, which does not require separate freezer compartment, called a single-chamber. This does not necessarily mean that there is no place to store finished products and billets.

In some refrigerators have low temperature compartments for frozen food. They can become a good alternative to the two-chamber models.

Single chamber refrigerator freezer

Compact devices are often inserted into the furnishings. They do not stand out against the headset, do not break the unity of style interior

The advantages of such features should include:

  1. Functionality. If you want to keep a little frozen food compartment fit design with a low temperature zone.
  2. density. Refrigerators with one compartment are usually smaller than the model with two doors. They take up little space, making them ideal for small kitchens. This is a good solution for malogabaritok and lodges.
  3. cost of. Here the advantage on the side of the single-chamber units.

Disadvantages too. Since no separate freezer, a deep cooling separation of warm air enters at each opening of the door.

This leads to the formation of frost, and very quickly appears thick layer of ice. Often have to be defrosted, wash the camera. Time spent on care pay off: in these coolers is rarely an unpleasant odor.

Daewoo model in the interior

Silver refrigerator looks good in combination with a light or bright finish and furniture. Lower position of the freezer, water dispenser, system of protection against bacteria - characteristic worthy of attention

Daewoo Electronics produces a model without the low temperature zones. They are cooled but not frozen semi-finished products.

Dimensions refrigerators may vary from 50 liter babies to full capacity from cameras 250 l. This is a good solution for families that do not store frozen food.

If we believe the technical documentation, single chamber devices without NTO maintained at a temperature of 0 to +10 ° C, but it is necessary to remember that the results obtained in the laboratory. In reality, the camera can be much warmer.

If you frequently open the door, the temperature rises considerably in the heat. Therefore, the refrigerator is not well suited for more or less long-term storage of perishable products.

Among the popular single-chamber models - FR-082AIXR (88 l), FN-15A2W (120 liters). Lovers of retro style like FN-103CM, FN-102CW.

It looks elegant refrigerator FN-15B2B (120 L) in black. Its sleek design will fit well in the interior unbanal ultra - high-tech or modern.

Refrigerator-baby FR-051AR

Mini model of 59 liters to give ideal. Buy it if you need somewhere to stay temporarily with the amenities in the hospital or in the hotel room. Such equipment is used to cool the beverage and is set in living rooms, verandas, in baths

Many buyers opt for dual chamber models. For this good reason. Firstly, the volume - an average family of 3-4 people can be difficult to manage-in refrigerators.

If the winter make vegetable or berry harvesting, it must be isolated freezer. Its volume is also important.

Second, long-term storage products. Some housewives are buying a lot of products and some of them are left in the refrigerator for several weeks, or even months, for example, a holiday or a reserve. It keeps them impossible without freezer.

RN173NR - luxury model

Retro refrigerators Daewoo - is a variant of "all in one": maximum functionality, current technology, stylish look. For most buyers convenient location bottom of the freezer. RN173NR Model Class A + practically faultless

Third, the variability of the location of the compartments. In single-chamber refrigerator freezer can be located only at the top because of the structural features of the devices, as in the double chamber - up or down. The buyer chooses a more convenient model for themselves.

As for the shortcomings that mark users, they are not associated with the number of cameras or compressors, and with the wrong choice of models. More often than not indicate a noisy job.

This is only one minus: two cameras consume more power than one. To reduce operating costs, you should choose a model of class A or A +.

Refrigerator Silver

Silver or black refrigerator suitable to be furnished in a modern style. Colors - practical. In such cases the models inconspicuous spot

From popular designs with top freezer is to provide the following:

  • FN-T650NPB with black glass door;
  • FGK-51CCG with LED-lighting;
  • FGK-56EFG dispenser with ice and water;
  • FGK-51EFG silver.

Among a bottom freezer refrigerator in great demand with RNV3610GCHS Neutra fresh system, RNV3610GCHB with glass door, RNV3310ECH silver. Fans retro selected RN173NR (red) and RN-174NB (blue).

Wide refrigerators side-by-side

Design reminiscent swing cabinets: they are also broad, and the doors open in opposite directions. The total amount can be up to 800 liters. Side-by-side - the best solution for a large family, which is often prepared and stored a lot of products.

Large refrigerator side-by-side

You can forget about the frequent defrosting. Production company applies defrosting technology Perfect No Frost. Energy consumption - the minimum (class A +)

The benefits should include the following characteristics:

  1. forced circulation. Due to the fan chamber are cooled evenly and quickly, and on the walls are not frost freezes.
  2. Variability of opening doors. Traditionally, the model disclosed in different directions. It is not always convenient, so the manufacturer has provided the opportunity pereveshivaniya doors. Both of them can be opened to the left or right.
  3. limiters. To not damage the door of the refrigerator furniture standing adjacent, they are provided with special clamps, adjusting the opening angle.
  4. Flud. The manufacturer sets the shelves of high-strength glass. So spills do not inconvenience, provided protection system.
  5. Turbo-cooling. Models equipped with this option, reduce product temperature it is 1.3 times faster than the other.

The obvious drawback - the large size. Side-by-side for malogabaritok not need a kitchen area of ​​at least 7 m2.

Another caveat: users complain about the noisy work units, and their claims are justified. External fans really make sounds. They are not particularly loud, but at night could attract attention.

Model FRN-X22B5CW with an external display

Feature FRN-X22B5CW model - a special section for rapid cooling of cans. A 662 l - sufficient food storage and cooking. This unit is ideal for a large family

When installing side-by-side there can be problems if the kitchen installed underfloor heating. Zone, where there will be the device will have a qualitatively isolate - exchanger units located at the bottom and it should not be heated.

Popular models of the brand Daewoo - FRN-X22B5CSI, FRN-X22F5CW, FRN-X22H5CW, FRN-X22H4CSI, FRN-X22B4CW, FRN-X22B5CW.

French door with spacious chambers

Models of this type of steel demand after 2005 In appearance they resemble lockers with ice, which were once popular in France. Hence the unusual name.

The design is close to the side-by-side. However, there is a fundamental difference is that the freezer compartment is not vertically, but from below.

The device model french door

Useful volume offices french door longer than standard dual-chamber devices. However, they are inferior in spaciousness side-by-side with the same dimensions

Daewoo is supervmestitelnuyu model RF64EDG volume of 765 l with a large pull-freezer.

The device is extremely economical due Digital Smart Control rational energy consumption technology and LED-lighting. It is equipped with water and air purification systems. There dispenser. The doors can store a large number of bottles.

Top 8 best Fridge Daewoo

Many models, and if you believe the technical documentation, all of them are ideal. But there is also the opinion of people who celebrate the dignity, indicate the shortcomings. Introducing 8 refrigerators Daewoo, for that vote buyers.

Model # 8: Daewoo FR-052AIXR

Mobile baby compartment of 59 liters and a weight of 16 kg. Energy class A +. No low-temperature separation. Available in silver. Option to testify.

To control a miniature refrigeration unit is equipped with an electromechanical device, simple to use, decades in fact inspected.

The small width of assembly of 44 cm, a depth of 45.5 cm. Height made of metal and plastic casing 51.1 cm. You will need to be defrosted manually.

Model # 7: Daewoo FR-051AR

Model without freezer, instead arranged in the upper zone a small compartment with a temperature slightly lower than that of the main space. Dimensions and characteristics of the unit is close to the FR-052AIXR. White colour.

Managed by the electromechanical system, to which the positive properties is the simplicity and rare failures. The equipment is designed for small families, lovers of country of residence, offices of small businesses.

Model # 6: Daewoo FRN-X22H4CSI

The unit side-by-side is formed in silver. The total amount of the two-chamber model - 608 liters, of which freezer has to 228 liters. The height of the housing is 177 cm, depth occupies 73.5 cm, the width is 90.6 cm. Model weighs 109 kg.

Cooling both the freezer and refrigerator compartment is performed by No Frost system. This means that both cameras do not require defrosting, because thanks to the airflow created by the fan frost is not formed in them.

Refrigerator equipped with intelligent control, for monitoring the performance of the front surface has a display. Gapping door, turning off the power and exceeding the limiting temperature is accompanied by an audible signal.

Refrigerator configured in a silvery scale, used in the manufacture of metal, plastic, safety glass. Energy efficiency it has been categorized A +. A good choice for a large family.

Model # 5: Daewoo FN-T650NPB

Elegant black refrigerator separated from buddies freezer and a cooling chamber. Housing width 78.6 cm, height 177 cm. The unit is able to accommodate 492 liters and the freezer has to 163 liters. Refrigerator with such impressive size weighs 83 kg.

Model equipped with an electronic control type. There is a display that allows you to monitor the operating parameters of temperature. On the refrigerator door is not completely closed remind beep. Cooling is performed by No Frost system.

The unit performs a similar Supercooling and freezing. According to the aspects of energy saving equipment is assigned to class A +. Body is made of metal, fitted inside shelves of impact-resistant glass.

Model # 4: Daewoo FRN-X22B4CW

Volume two-chamber model side-by-side with the lateral location of the freezer compartment. Dimensional data width / depth / height of 97.7 × 76.7 × 187 are in cm. Useful total volume is 620 liters, of which the freezer is given 240 l. Weight 98 kg of powerful equipment.

Managed by the model electronic device is mounted on the front panel display. Chamber cooled by No Frost system, defrosting is not needed. The freezer can be made superzamorozka. The unit will receive a grade of A + for energy efficiency.

Members emphasize the spaciousness, low noise and extremely convenient shelves of safety glass.

Model # 3: Daewoo FRN-X22B5CSI

Two-part model category of side-by-side is equipped with side freezer compartment. Dimensions are indicated in cm, their ratio of 90.6 × 73.5 × 177 width / depth / height. Several yielding predecessor in size, the refrigerator ahead of its capacity, is 622 liters, of which freezer employs 242 liters.

The unit includes a full set of technological advantages. Is cooled by the scheme No Frost, electronically controlled, there is a display mounted in the door.

Energy class A +. In the manufacture of used plastic, metal and heavy-duty glass varieties. Color - a nice silver.

Model # 2: Daewoo FRN-X22B5CW

Dual-chamber model of the classic white color is classified as side-by-side. The freezer compartment is arranged laterally. Size and data capacity are no different from the above unit.

Identical electronic control on access door mounted display. Cooling is performed using the fan, i.e. unfreezing of conduct is not necessary. Energy class A +, LED-lighting.

Model # 1: Daewoo FRN-X22F5CW

Side-by-side classic white. In 2017 he was re-designed, that was carried out without changing the specifications. Size does not differ from the previous two refrigerators, but loses them for useful interior space. It is only 608 liters, with the freezer volume of 228 l.

The model is equipped with all kinds of technological advances in the refrigeration sector. Cooled by both chambers of No Frost system, management made the electronic system, a display and a very handy device - the generator of ice. If possible, use energy sparingly assigned to Class A.

All are equipped with refrigerators work perfectly defrosting systems. The manufacturer took care of usability, antibacterial protection.

Model with a water dispenser and the ice

Pure ice water on a hot day is priceless. Refrigerator with dispenser roads, but the costs of paying off, because the owner does not have to specifically place the bottle in the freezer

Among the other advantages of users noted that the doors and drawers all models freely opened and sealed.

Tips for choosing the right model

To select a technique, you need to be clear about the purposes for which it will be used. It is primarily determined by the amount and types of foods that you plan to store.

FRS-T20 FAM with dispenser and ice maker

One of the most beautiful models with doors of black glass. Volume - 513 liters. There are e-government, there is a water dispenser, antibacterial coating, and other useful options

Should be guided on these criteria:

  1. The volume and dimensions. You need to soberly assess their needs and determine in advance with the space that will be allocated by the device.
  2. Freezer Location. Some housewives habit of taking a model with top compartment, but the lower are becoming more popular. Most people are easier to distribute the products in boxes than on the shelves.
  3. energy class. Almost all products are ultra-low Daewoo, but look at the data sheet and description liked the refrigerator is still worth it.
  4. Useful options. Superzamorozki function, touchscreen, ice box, dispenser, air purification system from bacteria - all of which can make life easier.

A family where not to eat meat, precooked and frozen vegetables, one-fit model without NTO.

And for those who love to cook and purchases products for the week ahead, you need a device bigger, more powerful, and always with a bulk freezer.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Fridge choose for many years. In order not to make mistakes and find the right, use the information provided by the buyer.

Video Presentation refrigeration units Deawoo variety of side-by-side with a detailed list of features and attractive aspects:

A few tips:

Refrigeration equipment Daewoo - is in any case a good choice, although it is always necessary to be safe and to compare the price, the characteristics of the liked model with analogues of other manufacturers.

When buying ask the seller questions, find out shortcomings of the instrument, study the technical documentation carefully. This will protect against mistakes, and you will be the model that fits best.

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