Refrigerator bivalve

In 2010, in Krasnaya Presnya (Moscow) hosted a forum Samsung-2010, where they presented a stunning butterfly refrigerator with LED front panel display. The surfaces of both the door turned into displays that promote the well-known manufacturer. Executed in black tones, the device looked elegant. The left has gone in the freezer, right - refrigerator. LED interior lighting is almost not warm the air inside. a touch-type control panel which has been taken to the left panel resembled rather, a touch-screen. How much does a butterfly refrigerator, scary thought, but to call devices like the phrase wrong. When the door is standing side by side with the second, the system is called the Side-by-side!

Bivalve refrigerators side-by-side

Disadvantages bivalve refrigerators require large amounts of food. If there are no products include holiday mode! Said average amount of the refrigerator side-by-side is 500 - 800 liters. To fit a typical device such scope would have to make the device a height of 2 meters 30 centimeters. Not surprisingly, the size of refrigerators bivalve find fans among wealthy people.

DOUBLE refrigerator side-by-side

Due to high cost of the product will include all sorts of useful options:

  1. NoFrost system. Cooling convective type is present in both chambers. At each work the personal evaporator and fan. Two compressors, the number of refrigerant circulation circuit.
  2. Said cooling system is renowned for the absence of condensate in the chambers and shock drying products, refrigerators side-by-side are often equipped with humidity control option. It is in high demand in areas freshness.
  3. On the door there will be ice maker and a convenient place to host drinks. Special shelf for bottles present in refrigerators side-by-side.
  4. The exterior design of refrigerators bivalve simply gorgeous. It's bright colors, adjusted the shape and contours, balanced volumes.

Refrigerator side-by-side LG GW - B207

This is a wonderful example of refrigerators side-by-side. Clear smooth metal body with straight smooth matte angles sparkles under room light bulbs. Several colors, but gray attracts the eye, reminding clean steel. The rough side surfaces of paint, applied by spraying dry is a good electrical insulator in the event of incidents, scratch resistant. Note that the rear wall is fully covered metal shield, radiator condenser is not visible eyes. Dust does not penetrate inside, and do not settle on the coil, deteriorating modes of the refrigerator. As the air gets inside? We assume a system of forced ventilation, and entrances and exits are covered with special air filters.

Refrigerator side-by-side LG GW - B207

Left freezer slightly narrower than the right refrigeration, the amount of, respectively, 175 and 353 liters (total 527). NoFrost system prevails in both compartments, freezer is equipped with a quick-freeze function. It allows you to instantly convert the deposit of the mountain products. Forced convection of several air streams (Multi Air Flow) uniformly cools the entire volume, temperature field inside continuously. To avoid drying of the products in the compartments freshness zones plastic boxes supplied with special microscopic recesses to retain moisture. This maintains an optimum microclimate.

Shelves of tempered glass is easy to change position when a user has this need and maintain a serious load. Tray of eggs is rearranged in the right place, which is convenient. In the freezer there are molds for ice. Positively to affect the safety of products:

  • antibacterial seal on perimeter doors;
  • special silver coating the inner walls of both chambers.

Refrigerator side-by-side panels provided with LED and mechanical buttons, there is protection against children. Enough to hold 3 seconds to lock the controls at all. If the baby does not see through the trick, however. refrigerator compressor works surprisingly quiet, even I can not believe that a single. Model wears a consumption class A +, worth buying.

Opportunities refrigerator side-by-side

With a height of 190 cm under the refrigerator side-by-side looks giant. The model is equipped with a signal of the open door and is worth 40,000 rubles. There is a chance to find a cheaper, carefully inspect shops for refrigerators side-by-side.

Refrigerator side-by-side Liebherr SBSes 8283

The unit is provided with an external dispenser. When you install the refrigerator will have to connect to the water supply, but the ice cubes are formed, without opening the door. It is convenient for those who like cold drinks. low temperature water supply port in the dispenser duties. Please note, the product, like the previous one, is considered to be a sample of realizing the idea of ​​Full NoFrost, humidity remains low in the refrigerator and in the freezer. There are mesh trays to collect droplets.

The contact area of ​​the wet surface with Zone freshness regulated mechanically in the manner of a furnace valve. One way stronesh - becomes drier air, the opposite - the opposite effect is achieved.

Liebherr refrigerators is positioned as expensive equipment. In the model described side-by-side, in addition to the external dispenser noticeable touch control buttons with a plurality of functions. The panel is located at a height inaccessible to children. Immediately attracts sign off alarm open door. This is useful when you want to put or get a lot of products. Temperature in both chambers is exposed to a degree that is not typical for modern refrigerators. two independent refrigerant circulation circuit arranged for freezer and refrigerator. This alludes to the presence of a pair of powerful compressors. Refrigerator side-by-side SBSes 8283 falls into the category of consumption class A +.

Mounted shelves of tempered frosted glass to withstand a decent load. When washing products do not scratch - an extra plus. Handles at the door with an automatic fine-tuning, easy to open and close. Lighting inside the compartments LED, low energy consumption and not warm the atmosphere. Volumes of the refrigerating and freezing chambers are, respectively, 354 and 237 liters (591 in total). The cost of the product astronomical - over a hundred and fifty thousand, the highest class of the device.

The modern side-by-side

Note Liebherr technology, which is not available in these models: Smart Frost. In no refrigerator evaporator, and Freon circulates through multiple capillaries. Moreover, the system operates so that the refrigerant flow greater where higher temperatures. This completely prevents the formation of ice dams. thawing method of automatic drip.

Refrigerators side-by-side

Proceed to review the details. For example, articles are supplied Hitachi inverter compressors that produce less noise, and dispensers show indication of lack of water. Such refrigerators side-by-side need to refuel time to time. The control panel is located directly above the dispenser.

In refrigerators LG - three years of free service, including other products. Dispensers models side-by-side can be placed right where the freezer. There transferred control panel. line often equipped holiday function. Before activating do not forget to see what it is activated by pressing a button. Possible options.

For example, the freezer is turned off and the freezer continues to run. Required to remove all products from the right branch. There refrigerators side-by-side, where the temperature in the right chamber is increased, say, to 10 degrees Celsius, is still below room temperature. This saves owners from the terrible smell lurking owners after the holidays, when the refrigerator is turned off for good. Known alternatives, consult the instruction manual.

A leader in providing the information referred to LG. Pleased that the majority of products it is easy to download the manual. This South Korean firm is widely seen as an eccentric designer of its own products. That there are five-door refrigerators! Such is not present at a single firm. Refrigerators side-by-side is also provided with Hitachi-designed support.

Built-in refrigerators bivalve decorated of a furniture. The doors are made in the style of headset. Naturally, cases have to look high to hide the hulk as Electrolux ENX 4596 AOX. Choose!

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