How to clean the boiler yourself

  • How to understand that the boiler needs cleaning?
  • A few words about magnesium anodes
  • How to disassemble and remove the boiler correctly
  • How and how to clean off the scum TEN
  • How to wash the tank?

If you are one of those rare, in our time, economic men, then you do not need to tell how to clean the boiler from scale in the home, you already know it! This article is for those who up to this point have not been too puzzled with such problems, it is now decided to save money on the call of a specialist.

But, it's better late than never! Therefore, we highly approve of your zeal and specifically describe this simple process for you in detail.

How to understand that the boiler needs cleaning?

First, you should know that preventive cleaning of the water heater should be carried out at least once a year. If you clean it once every six months, then for the device it's even better! And if he is better, then your pocket, you know. After all, buying a new electric heater or other parts, as well as paying for a replacement specialist, is very expensive.

Secondly, there are various methods designed to improve the quality of water and soften it, in order to clean the boiler it was not necessary so often. These include:

  • Filters for mechanical cleaning at the inlet
  • Filters for ionic or sorption cleaning
  • Magnetic water transducers
  • Cationic additives and other regents

But, and these funds do not purify the water by 100%, and it will still be necessary to clean mechanically. True, less often.

But, if you just did not know this and the boiler is in operation for a long time, then you, for sure, began to notice such signs, which directly indicate that an urgent "time" has come:

  • You have noticed that the consumption of electricity has increased noticeably. After all, a layer of scale, only 1 mm increases the consumption of light by 10%, but the annual layer of 10 mm, for all 70%!
  • You began to notice that the tank was heating up very slowly. This, too, because that the shadow formed a large "coat greatly hampering heat emission. In addition, the boiler in this case is much more intensive than necessary, and thereby shortens its operational resource.
  • Some noise or hissing is heard from the boiler.
  • If there is a magnesium anode, and it looks much thinner, then you need to clean immediately.

A few words about magnesium anodes

Many for some reason believe that the magnesium anode is just a panacea. Say, if you put it, then cleaning the boiler yourself is no longer required. Such opinions can often be heard not only from the local Kulibins, but even from plumbers!

But, from the truth this opinion is very far. Magnesium anode is designed to protect the tank from corrosion! And converts solid salt deposits into soft ones. That is, you simply will be easier to clean them. But they will, in any case, be formed.

How to disassemble and remove the boiler correctly

It all depends on where it hanging from you. If the bathtub and its valves are above the bathtub itself, then you do not need to remove it. Pull out the heater's heater only. If the toilet above the tank or kitchen, you need to remove.

Therefore, we will describe the process completely, including the removal:

  1. Through the tap we drain the hot water to the end
  2. Disconnect the device from the network
  3. We cover the supply of cold water into it
  4. In the hot water outlet, the tube is unscrewed, and a flexible hose is attached to this place. The end of it should be lowered into a bath, a bucket or a toilet bowl, depending on the location of the boiler.
  5. We turn off the cold water pipe. The drain will take about half an hour.
  6. Decorative hood is removed, for which the screws are first unscrewed, and then the indicator terminals.
  7. We remove grounding and wires. Here we can advise you to photograph them in advance, so that later, during the collection, nothing to confuse, and you could check with the starting position.
  8. The bath is covered with a large piece of cloth.
  9. Now, fully prepared for cleaning the tank - remove and place it in a bath, pre-wired. This will protect it from scratches and chips. You need to put it up with taps.
  10. Loosen the clamp and remove the thermostat. If you notice that the rubber seals are covered with a layer of scale, and because of this it is not removed, you need to knock them gently.

How and how to clean off the scum TEN

When you pull it out, you will be very surprised. Many after such manipulation are impressed and forever refuse to drink tap water.

The heater is so shaggy and stuck, and dirty particles of a rusty coating fall out of the tank.

But, good, TEN, unlike the kidneys, it's pretty easy to clean. If the deposits on it are very dense, you can suppress them with pliers and tapping, knocking down completely. The remains can be cleaned with a knife.

And very little residue - some acid. Or a solution of lemon, or acetic acid, diluted water. Soak the heater for a day or less, and then rinse very well. If you leave the acid on the metal, this will provoke the development of violent corrosion.

Proportion: 2 bags of lemon juice per 2 liters of water. That is, this is a fairly strong solution comes out.

By the way, do not forget, under the noise, to replace the magnesium anode. If you see that it has greatly diminished in size, then it's time.

How to clean a dry TEN

Dry TEN, it's not metal or copper, but just ceramic. His cleaning is no different from the usual. Just be careful. Naturally, it is not worth pounding with pliers.

How to wash the tank?

The tank is also very polluted. Shine a flashlight. If you see noticeable layers of scale, mucus and other nonsense, then you will not get by with ordinary rinsing from the hose.

On sale there are various cleaning agents for cleaning the tanks, best of all, use them. You can rinse with citric acid, but the concentration should be higher. Therefore, most likely, the finished product will come out cheaper.

It is not necessary to clean it mechanically, because the walls of the tank are very susceptible to scratching and the slightest damage will lead to the development of rust. And the water, over time, will flow rusty ...

Well, now you know how to clean the water heater from scale. And you can assume that you earned as much as a plumber takes for such a service. After all, to save - it's like what to earn!

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