Ultraviolet lamp for domestic use: choice of features

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The lives of people, plants and animals are in close contact with the sun. It emits radiation having special properties. Irreplaceable and vital considered ultraviolet. At its lack begin extremely undesirable processes in the body, and calibrated quantity can cure severe illnesses.

Therefore, the ultraviolet lamp for home use need a lot. In this article, let's talk about how to choose it. What we consider particularly UV rays and their need for the human body.

Acquainted with species uv-lamps, their characteristics, give guidance on the selection of a suitable embodiment for domestic use.

The content of the article:

  • Why need a UV?
  • The main varieties of UV lamps
    • View # 1 - quartz-emitting devices
    • View # 2 - germicidal ultraviolet emitters
    • View # 3 - amalgam-type devices
  • What to look for when choosing a device?
    • Type of home UV lamp
    • A method of fastening devices
    • Power UV emitter
  • The most popular models of UV lamps
    • №1 - Various modifications of the brand Sun
    • №2 - compact radiators Crystal
    • №3 - bactericidal recyclers series RZT and ORBB
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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Why need a UV?

Called ultraviolet radiation invisible to the human, in the area between the x-ray and visible spectrum. The lengths of its component waves in the range between 10 and 400 nanometers.

Physics ultraviolet spectrum is conventionally divided in the near and far, as well as distinguish three types of constituent beams. With radiation refers to a tight, with relatively prolonged exposure to it can kill living cells.

In nature, it almost does not occur, except in the mountains. But it may be obtained in vitro. B radiation is considered average for the stiffness.

That it affects people in the middle of a hot summer day. When immoderate use can cause damage. And finally, the most gentle and helpful - rays of type A. They can even cure people from some diseases.

Ultraviolet has been widely used in medicine and other fields. First of all, because in his presence in the body produces vitamin D, necessary for normal development of the child and adult health. This element makes the bones stronger, strengthens the immune system and allows the body to properly absorb a number of essential trace elements.

In addition, doctors have proven that under the action of ultraviolet light is synthesized in the brain of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. That's why we love sunny days and falls into a kind of depression, when the sky is overcast. In addition, the ultraviolet light is used in medicine as a bactericide, antimioticheskoe and mutagenic agent. It is known and therapeutic effect of radiation.

The emission of the ultraviolet spectrum

The emission of the ultraviolet spectrum uniform. Physicists are three groups make up its rays. The most dangerous for the living rays of G, the most stringent emission

Aimed at a specific site is strictly metered-rays provide a good therapeutic effect in a number of diseases. There is a new industry - laser biomedicine, which uses ultraviolet light. It is used for the diagnosis of diseases and for the control of state bodies after operations.

The widespread use of UV rays found in cosmetics, where it is most often used for tanning and combat certain skin problems.

ultraviolet emitter

Irradiation with UV hard in order to disinfect the premises for decades has been successfully used in medicine. Such events can be carried out and at home

Do not underestimate the deficit ultraviolet. When he appeared, the person suffers from vitamin deficiency, reduced immunity and diagnose faults in the functioning of the nervous system.

Formed the tendency to depression and mental instability. Considering all these factors, for those wishing to have developed and produced domestic variants of UV lamps of different purposes. Let's get acquainted with them closer.

The main varieties of UV lamps

Practice shows that in most cases for home purchase ultraviolet emitters for the purpose of disinfection. It is proved, that harsh rays in the range of 100 to 320 nm effectively kill microorganisms.

They kill bacteria and mold spores, even those who are not active in a dormant state. The radiation kills the eggs ekzoparazitov, dust mites, and insects.

UV lamps for plants

Available special ultraviolet lamps for the normal growth of plants suffering from lack of sunlight

It should be understood that the destruction occurs only within reach of the rays, which, unfortunately, can not penetrate very deeply into the wall or upholstery. different durations of exposure required for combating microorganisms. The worst of it is transferred rods and cocci. Maximum UV resistant protozoa, spore-forming bacteria and fungi.

However, if properly pick up the exposure time can be completely disinfected room. This will require an average of 20 minutes. During this time, you can get rid of pathogens, mold and fungal spores, etc.

UV lamp for gel nail polish

For quick and effective drying of various kinds of nail varnish gel using special UV lamps

The operating principle of standard UV lamps is very simple. It is filled with gaseous mercury flask. At its ends fixed electrodes.

When voltage is applied to an electric arc, which vaporizes mercury that becomes a source of intense light energy between them. More information on mercury-containing lamps, we brought here.

Depending on the design of the device vary its characteristics.

View # 1 - quartz-emitting devices

Flask for these lamps are made of quartz, which has a direct impact on the quality of the radiation. They emit rays in the "hard" UV range 205-315 nm. For this reason, quartz devices provide effective disinfecting effects.

They cope very well with all known bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, single-celled algae, spores of different species of mold and fungi.

sterilizing lamp

Open-type UV lamp can be compact. Such devices are very well decontaminate clothing, shoes and other items

One must know that uv-waves having a length of less than 257 nm activates the ozone formation process which is considered the strongest oxidizer. Through this process UV disinfection operates with ozone, which makes it possible to destroy the microorganisms quickly and effectively.

However, these lamps have a significant drawback. Their impact is not only dangerous for pathogenic microorganisms, but also for all living cells. This means that in the process of disinfection of animals, people and plants should be removed from the scope of the lamp. Given the name of the device, the decontamination procedure they called Kvartsevanie.

It is used for disinfection of hospital wards, operating rooms, catering facilities, production facilities, etc. simultaneous the use of ozonation helps to prevent the development of pathogenic microflora and decay, to preserve freshness longer in warehouses or stores. Such lamps may be used for therapeutic purposes.

View # 2 - germicidal ultraviolet emitters

The main difference from the above-described device - the material of the flask. At bactericidal lamps it is made of glass uviol. This material is well delay wave "hard" range, so that ozone is formed when the equipment. Thus, disinfection is only due to the effect of soft radiation safer.

bactericidal lamps

Uviol glass, which is made from the bulb germicidal lamps, fully retains the hard radiation. For this reason, the device is less effective

Such devices do not pose much of a threat to humans and animals, but the time and exposure to pathogens should be significantly increased. Such devices are recommended for use in the home.

In hospitals and similar institutions, they can be operated continuously. Thus it is necessary to close a particular lamp cover which will direct illumination upwards.

It is necessary for the protection of visitors and employees. Germicidal lamps are completely safe for the respiratory system, because it does not emit ozone, but potentially harmful to the cornea of ​​the eye.

Prolonged exposure to it can cause burns that eventually will give visual impairment. For this reason, it is desirable when the device is to use special glasses to protect the eyes.

View # 3 - amalgam-type devices

Advanced, and therefore safer to use UV lamps. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the mercury inside the bulb may not be present in the liquid, and in a bound state. It is part of a solid amalgam covering the inner surface of the lamp.

Amalgam is an alloy of indium and bismuth, with the addition of mercury. During heating, the latter begins to evaporate and thus radiate ultraviolet light.

Amalgam UV lamp

Inside the lamp type ultraviolet amalgam is an alloy containing mercury. Due to the fact that the material is connected, the device is completely safe, even after damage to the bulb

During operation, the amalgam of devices such as possible allocation of ozone, which makes them safe. A bactericidal effect is very high. Design features such lamps make them safer in the case of neglect.

If the bulb is cold, for any reason, will be broken, you can just throw in the nearest dumpster.

In case things get damaged lamp burning integrity. From it come the mercury vapor as they hot amalgam. However, their number is minimal and will not cause harm to them.

For comparison, if broken bactericidal or quartz device, there is a real threat to health. Each of them contains about 3 g of liquid mercury, which ACCIDENTAL may be dangerous. For this reason, the whole mercury-containing lamps should be recycled in a special way. If the lamp is broken, the place where the spilled mercury is handled by experts.

Another advantage of the amalgam of devices is their durability. In comparison with similar period of their service at least twice as high. This is due to the fact that the flask, the inside covered with amalgam, do not lose the transparency. While the lamps with liquid mercury gradually covered by a dense little transparent coating, which significantly reduces their lifespan.

What to look for when choosing a device?

Before you decide to purchase the device, it is necessary to accurately determine whether or not it is so necessary. The purchase will be entirely justified if there is some evidence. The lamp can be used for disinfection of premises, water, common user items, etc.

It should be understood that this too carried away is not worth it, because life in the sterile conditions are very adverse effect on immunity, especially children.

Ultraviolet lamp

Before buying a UV lamp need to decide for what purpose it will be used. You have to understand that it should be used very carefully and only after consulting with a doctor

Therefore, doctors recommend reasonable to use the instrument in families with ill children often during seasonal diseases. The device is useful in the care of immobile patients, as it allows not only to fumigate the room, but also helps fight bedsores, odors, etc.

UV light is able to cure certain diseases, but in this case it is used only on doctor's advice.

Ultraviolet light helps with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, dermatitis of various origin, psoriasis, neuritis, rickets, flu and colds, in the treatment of ulcers and wounds hardhealed, gynecological problems.

Perhaps home use UV emitters in cosmetic purposes. This way you can get a nice tan and get rid of skin problems, dry coated with a special varnish nails.

In addition, the produced special lamps for water disinfection and devices that stimulate the growth of domestic plants. They all have specific features, which do not allow to use them for other purposes. Thus, the range of home UV lamps is very high.

Universal options among them quite a bit, so before you buy you need to know exactly for what purposes and how often to use the device.

Ultraviolet lamp

The UV lamp closed type - the safest option for the occupants. Scheme its actions shown in Fig. Air passes disinfected inside the container body

In addition, there are several factors that must taken into account when choosing.

Type of home UV lamp

To work at home manufacturers produce three types of equipment:

  • open lamp. Ultraviolet light from the source propagates unhindered. The use of such devices is limited to the characteristics of the lamp. More often than not they are included in the fixed time, animals and people are removed from the premises.
  • Closed device or recyclers. Air is supplied to the inside of the housing protected where disinfected, and then enters the room. These lamps are not dangerous to others, so they can operate in the presence of people.
  • specialized equipmentFor performing certain tasks. More often than not it comes with a set of nozzles, tubes.

Experts recommend choosing specialized equipment or closed, because they are the safest. Open the equipment requires constant monitoring and strict adherence to the rules of its use.

A method of fastening devices

The manufacturer offers to choose the right model of two basic options: fixed and mobile. In the first case it is provided for securing the device selected for that location. Movement is not planned.

Such devices can be fixed to the ceiling or the wall. The latter option is more in demand. A distinctive feature of stationary appliances - large capacity, allowing room to treat a large area.

ultraviolet emitter

More powerful, as a rule, devices with a stationary mount. They are mounted on the wall or on the ceiling so that when the cover the entire area of ​​the room

Most often in such execution produce closed-lamp recyclers. Mobile devices are less power, but they can be easily moved to another location.

It can be both closed and open lamp. The latter are particularly suitable for the disinfection of small spaces: a wardrobe, bathrooms and toilets, etc. Mobile devices are typically mounted on the floor or on a table, which is quite convenient.

And the floor models have more power and are quite capable to handle the room impressive size. Much of the specialized equipment related to mobile view. Relatively recently, there were some interesting models of UV emitters. This kind of hybrid lamp and a germicidal lamp with two two operating modes. They work as a lighting or disinfected room.

Power UV emitter

To ensure proper use of UV lamps it is important that its capacity will match the size of the room in which it will be used.

The manufacturer usually indicates the data sheet product so-called "coverage of the premises." This area, which is under the influence of the device. If no such information, the power of the device will be identified.

Ultraviolet lamp

It depends on the capacity of coverage area of ​​equipment and time of exposure. When choosing a UV lamp is required to be taken into account

On average for rooms up to 65 cubic meters. m is enough device capacity of 15 watts. This means that this lamp can safely acquire, if the area treated rooms is from 15 to 35 sq. m at a height of not more than 3 m. More powerful copies issuing 36 W, it is necessary to acquire the floor area of ​​100-125 cc. m at the standard height ceilings.

The most popular models of UV lamps

The range of UV emitters intended for home use, is quite broad. Domestic manufacturers produce high-quality, efficient and highly affordable by price. Consider a few of these devices.

№1 - Various modifications of the brand Sun

Under this brand produced quartz radiators of open type of various capacities. Most models are designed for the disinfection of surfaces and space, which is no larger than 15 square meters. m.

In addition, the device can be used for radiation therapy of adults and children over the age of three. Multifunctional devices, therefore it is considered universal.

Sun lamp

Ultraviolet emitter sun is very popular. This versatile device is able to disinfect the area and perform therapeutic procedures for which is completed with a set of special nozzles

The housing is equipped with a special protective shield that is used during medical procedures and is removed when the disinfection room. Depending on the model, the equipment is equipped with a set of special nozzles and tubes for various therapeutic procedures.

Since the device can be considered as the emitter open, it definitely comes with goggles and dosimetry, helping to ensure that the radiation dose is not exceeded.

Meet the Sun UV lamps:

№2 - compact radiators Crystal

Another example of a domestic production. It is a mobile device of small dimensions. Designed exclusively for the disinfection of space, the amount of which does not exceed 60 cubic meters. m.

These parameters correspond to the standard height of a room no larger than 20 square meters. m. The apparatus is an open-type lamp, and therefore requires a competent treatment.

UV lamp Crystal

Compact mobile UV lamp Crystal is very easy to use. It is important not to forget to remove it from coverage plants, animals and humans

At the time of the equipment of its coverage, be sure to remove the plants, animals and humans. Structurally the device is very simple. No timer and automatic shut-off system. For this reason, a user has to keep track of time of the apparatus.

If necessary, the UV lamp can be replaced by a standard fluorescent and then the equipment will operate as a normal lamp.

How does the germicidal lamp Crystal:

№3 - bactericidal recyclers series RZT and ORBB

This powerful closed-type device. Intended for air disinfection and purification. Devices equipped with a UV lamp, which is located inside a closed protective housing.

Recirculator bactericidal BactoSfera ORBB series

This powerful device can effectively clean the air in the room, not affecting the health of people nearby

Air is drawn into the apparatus under the action of the fan, after treatment is applied to the outside. With this device can operate in the presence of people, plants or animals that do not receive negative feedback.

Depending on the model of the device may additionally be equipped with retaining filter particles of dirt and dust. The equipment is mainly produced in the form of stationary devices wall mount, and ceiling occur options. In some cases, the device can be removed from the wall and place on the table.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Correctly choose an ultraviolet emitter for the house:

Ultraviolet light is needed in every living being. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain in sufficient quantities. In addition, UV-rays - a powerful weapon against a variety of microorganisms and pathogenic microflora. Therefore, many are thinking about purchasing household ultraviolet emitter.

Making a choice should not forget that you need to use the device very carefully. It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of doctors and do not overdo it. Large doses of ultraviolet radiation is very dangerous to all living things.

Want to share your experiences of using the UV lamp in the home? Write your opinion about the device - whether you are happy with this manufacturer and the quality of disinfection?

Or are you still only want to buy and you have any questions or doubts about the advisability of purchasing ultraviolet disinfecting device? Ask for advice from our experts in this article under the block - we will try to help you.

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