Refrigerator repair their own hands

After seeing a bunch of Youtube videos that tell how to properly carry out the repair of household refrigerators, found a common disadvantage: do not show the correct operation of freon refills. Instructions Use a gas station at all touched by. That there is the phrase about the connection to the high and low pressure, if one pipe on the compressor? Decided to set aside the stupidity, otherwise you will not name snatches scenes where never shown the process from start to finish, we can write better based on the book A. Rodina about refrigerators. At least in the publication of the material presented is simple and logical, there are no valves Schrader lokringov. Refrigerator repair their own hands will require an understanding of action, not scraps of knowledge with beautiful inlays names.

refrigerator repair

Fill the refrigerator freon own hands

The main types of failures relate refrigerant circuit. Leaked refrigerant refrigerator no longer freeze. Whirlpool is little different from the others. Take the trouble to find out the refrigerator unit to carry out repairs. Fearing terms compressor, filter drier, inside there is nothing.

Appointment of the Schrader valve

When it comes to master, first check the refrigerant circulation system for leaks. How to make? The leak detector is set up to look for Freon, the contents spilled, how to look? Clear. Circuit fill with air, creating a pressure. Theoretically consider the air containing impurities freon second component substantially eliminated master completely (expensive) meager system comprises residues. Obtain the desired mixture.

How to keep the inside? It needs a Schrader valve. Connected to the service pipe of the compressor. According to reports, Schrader valve is a nipple. The only difference is limited good tolerance of low temperatures. There is a second difference, mention below. Passing Schrader valve, air is injected into the compressor. Came the leak detector. Discovered cracks are localized, sealed. Conduct vacuuming, refilling.

The air pressure of the refrigerant circuit is:

  1. Aluminum tubes - 15 atm.
  2. Copper tubes - 25 atm.

Schrader valve

venting, nitrogen purge cooler freon loop

Modern CFCs do not harm the environment, it decided to drop the excess, empty outline of the window. Observing precautions. You need to capture the needle. Apparatus covering vise filter drier, after the clamping screw operate puncture copper. Node comes into disrepair, refrigerant charge, it decided to replace the new one. We derive the hose out, open the gate, waiting for pitting too much pressure. Term of operation of the refrigerator more than in the refrigerant circuit, a prudent owner should know the order of the charge.

Next, the nitrogen purge. Dry gas helps to remove any remaining moisture, cleaning the system. Since worn Schrader valve, the gas inlet is open. Yield - a filter-dryer through the capture needle. Make sure that the pressure of the nitrogen cylinder below 6 atmospheres. Noticing exceeded, use a reduction gear:

  • Blow out cooling unit for a while;
  • close the valve needle capture;
  • cut the filter drier in the region of the capillary tube;
  • blow again.

Please note, when you conduct the dismantling of the old filter-drier, the refrigerant circuit is not retained for longer than 15 minutes autopsy. Purging is over - take a blowtorch, lokringi, place a new filter drier. Applying isobutane, please be a three-layer filter dehydration - a proven way to extend the life of the refrigerator.

Setting the refrigerator

Distinctive features of the Schrader valve

Surprising lack of human an article describing the device the Schrader valve. Some pundits bring confusion by offering to put the nipple cars. Charming, why buy expensive available in the garage. Shoveled a mountain of information, put the first Runet explanation of why you need a Schrader valve. Unlike the pin great when creating a vacuum outside, it swings open, relieving the pressure. You can connect the gas cylinder - will take place inside - the vacuum pump for pumping the contents of the refrigerant circuit. Changes direction without any problems.

Refrigeration craftsmen fact seems so obvious, explain the amazing ability to forget the gas station to be able to create pressure in the system and vacuum. Just the service pipe fitted with a valve Schroeder, then the process goes on increasing. It remains seated, popping ears. Said check valve... And it is not quite the opposite, to be more precise, it is not. Disappear questions afflicting earlier, repair of refrigerators Biryusa seem easy to understand the man.

Refill freon refrigerator through manifold

Another charming feature reviews and dealer advertising becomes gas stations, often running counter mutually, completely misses tell you how it works. The first question - why two pressure gauges? One measures the vacuum is actually reading below zero, as we shall see. The second - a little different from the first.

Manifold for charging freon refrigerator

Filling station - the universal device is used, tucking conditioners. Common to use two connections:

  1. high pressure side compressor.
  2. a low pressure side of the compressor.

The process differs from the method use to repair refrigerators Nord master. The need for refilling of new articles is determined by measuring the temperature difference between two points when the valve is opened the filling system. Two pressure gauges filling station set. Handy when filling freon left. Low pressure gauge. How to connect the gas station:

  1. The left pipe goes to the valve compressor Schrader service pipe.
  2. Middle pipe connected to the cylinder of Freon, gas cylinder.
  3. Right pipe connected to a vacuum pump.

Cranes workstation closed, locked valves, the filling cylinder, the cylinder. Ready to evacuate air.

Note. Believe punctured filter drier is replaced by a new one. Nitrogen was used to purge the second Schrader valve mounted on a filter dryer. Atmospheric pressure, the pump removed.

Open both valves filling station includes a vacuum pump. After a fixed time of reading the low-pressure manometer (left) should fall to a minimum (-30). You can turn off the pump. Close the right valve, the branch is no longer needed. Note: vacuuming process lasts 15 - 30 minutes, eliminating nitrogen purge. Good enough to completely remove the moisture. Will stand old freon compressor oil (wait process closure).

Control of fueling mass guided, said tag refrigerator. Inscribed by a different type of refrigerant - look for more information on the Internet. Filling cylinder is equipped with tags material weight, the store will have to weigh the canister in the attached state, after the opening of the gate to wait patiently: the desired weight of the refrigerant fill circuit. Then the valves overlap.

And what about the Schrader valve? Freon pressure on both sides of the slam shut valve stops releasing, apply to the closed state. It was time to pinch the service pipe, cut a Schrader valve, solder crack. Often, people are interested in the question the following plan: some who came refrigerant remained in the refueling hose... It's really not considered a problem, not discussed in the literature. We believe filling mass on the label contains the refrigerator including losses.

Some information about finding leaks of freon in refrigerators

Leak detectors, each tuned to a mark of Freon. Do not attempt to discover other damage. I would like to say some combine nitrogen purge with the search for leaks, it is wrong. They said that the air is injected into the system 15 - 25 atm, nitrogen is not more than 6. Consequently, leakage power will be different in such conditions. Saving technological operations can backfire when filled Freon two weeks safely drained. On this occasion, note well: after refueling performed test run cooler without the pinch of the service pipe. left pressure gauge must fall to zero.

After the leak detector works once again perform his duties. In this case, better to be safe than to overlook when the fix is ​​made of the refrigerator with their own hands. We hope readers will no longer try to unscrew the valve nipple Schroeder, playing off the air, just begin to use the item for its intended purpose.

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