Error 4E on the display of the Samsung washing machine

  • We eliminate error 4E on our own
  • Faults that require the intervention of an

specialist After you have collected all the dirty things in the house, put them in the drum, added powder and conditioner, started the washing process and wait for the work to start. However, the liquid does not enter the compartment and flaunts 4E on the screen in the Samsung washing machine. Such an error can occur both at the beginning of the washing process and at the time of the operation. Cases when the error occurs in the process of rinsing clothes.

Those models in which there is no display, the error 4Е in the Samsung washing machine is as follows: constantly burning temperature indicators. Among other things, an alarm occurs in the form of constantly flashing indicators for rinsing and spinning speeds. More information about the signal values ​​of errors, machines without displays, can be found on the manufacturer's website or in the manual that was included in the washing machine kit.

Error code 4E in the washing machine Samsung displays a problem at the stage of water intake. If the Samsung washing machine does not pick up the liquid within 2 minutes from the start, or it could not reach the required amount for the initial level in 10 minutes, the command device issues an alert and the operation stops or does not start at all.

We eliminate the error 4E on our own

  • First of all, you need to check the presence of water in the faucet, since it could simply be turned off and because of this you get an error 4E in the Samsung washing machine.
  • Then check the mechanism regulating the process of supplying fluid, which can be closed and simply does not supply water to the washing machine.
  • In the case of using a water hose, aquastop, you need to make sure that it does not have any mechanical defects. The hose may have been damaged, resulting in blockage of fluid entering the machine. Make sure this will help you signal element, which warns of a leak, if the system still worked, then its color will change to red. In this case, you just simply need to replace the hose.
  • Check the filter, made in the form of a small mesh, for blockage in it and clean it, if necessary. It is designed to clean water from particles of dirt, scale and breakaway rust in pipes. The filter is located at the point of connection of the hose and the machine, directly in front of the intake valve. You need to cut off the water supply to the machine, then unscrew the water supply hose and carefully remove the filter screen using pliers. Then gently, with a small needle, clean and rinse it under strong pressure. The second solution to the problem is a solution of citric acid, in which you need to put a filter for a period of 30 to 60 minutes, after which all the scale should dissolve and after rinsing, you will get a clean mesh.
  • If the error code 4E in the Samsung washing machine appears for the first time, you need to de-energize it for up to 15 minutes and then reconnect. The command device could fail, and the system could need to be rebooted to return to normal.
  • You will need to check the serviceability of the cables and contact fields that go to the inlet valve, which provides fluid injection into the Samsung washing machine. They could move away or oxidize, in order to eliminate this malfunction, it is necessary to bring them to their original position or to clean the contacts.
  • If the error E4 in the washing machine Samsung appears in the form of a set and instant water drain, you need to make sure the quality and correct installation of the drain into the sewer.

If during the conduct of all the above methods, the error 4E in the Samsung washing machine has not been eliminated, you will be best served by professionals who can easily identify the causes and fix the problem.

Malfunctions that require the intervention of an

specialist. Let's talk about malfunctions that are very difficult to fix with your own hands and will be better addressed to experts:

  1. The washing machine shows signs of inoperability, for example: there is no water intake. This can be caused by a fault in the intake valve, due to which the fluid supply is adjusted. If it fails, it does not open, and the water supply stops.
  2. During the washing or rinsing process, error 4E is issued - this may be caused by the inoperability of the command device, which is responsible for controlling the operation of the washing machine.
  3. After the start of the washing process, water is not supplied. This is due to the fact that the relay, which is designed to measure the flow of water has failed. The most common cause of this is:
  • its clogging;
  • damage or disconnection of the relay during transport or misuse.

To eliminate error 4E, it is necessary to clean or replace the pressostat pipe.

In this article, we reviewed the causes of the error 4E in the Samsung washing machine and the actions that should be taken in case of their occurrence. If you are not confident in your abilities, then we highly recommend you not to undertake repairs, and the best solution for you, in order not to damage anything else, will be to contact specialists who know their business.

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