Air ionizer with their hands

Question economy today affects different spheres of life. Household appliances should buy at the store and may take additional guarantees. Sometimes it is worth to rely on their own resources and to make family life more beautiful and healthier. Each person make ionizer own hands, we need only to want. As for the question of time, skills and learning. If the matter is resolved with respect to the purchase of the ionizer, it is necessary to understand whether the device is needed.

Whether to buy and use an ionizer

It should answer yes to this question. Noticed that hospitals are sessions ionization of air, when the time physicians do not accept patients. Due to the air ionizer, decompose molecules carrying colds and viruses transmitted by airborne droplets. Research carried out by laboratories revealed improvement immunity in humans and reducing the risk of disease ARI and 30% regularly ionizing air at home. Doctors prescribe aeroionotherapy patients to improve health, rarely interfere with limitation of this treatment (for children up to 3 years).

Do not assume that a home-made air ionizer will be worse than purchased in the store. theory studies have been conducted. Ionizers made his own, in the sense of not differ from those made at the factory, the difference in cost assets (1,000 rubles), elapsed time and manual work (in factories ionizers are technological lines). If you fail to make the air ionizer yourself, you can buy a ready-made and modern, that will fit into your home decor.

Why air ionizer in the house:

  • Fighting Disease, ionizers have anti-infective effect, it is important for families with children of different ages, in kindergartens and schools, offices and so on.
  • Strengthening the immune system, it is necessary to the young children of whose health does not have the strength to birth, is useful for the elderly.
  • Smoothing lesions inflammations, air ionization demonstrates a positive effect on chronic diseases.

Household Air Ionizer for home helps to recover faster and protects the body from disease (the risk of catching cold is constantly available). For children ionization of air is useful because there is prevention of rubella, measles and other diseases. Make sure that children do not play and were not present in the room during operation techniques. In addition to health maintenance, the air ionizer combats dust smokers (stops hover in the air and settles), eliminates the unpleasant odors.

What will it take to build the air ionizer

Ionizer with humidifierMore and more people prefer not to buy air ionizer and collect yourself, meet in a house or apartment purchased and homemade devices running about the same. Ionizer can make a true ham radio, although the device can collect and woman. Consider what materials are needed for the assembly of an ionizer according to the type of device:

  1. home;
  2. car.

Home homemade air ionizer collect even beginners. It requires a minimum set:

  • 2 plastic container from the toy surprises in chocolate eggs type ¬ęKinder Surprise".
  • 2 conductor diameter of 0.5 mm with a fork.
  • Fork, if the wire was found without her.
  • Insulation for wires.
  • Tailoring scissors.
  • Needle sewing.

Not necessarily use 2 oval container, take much more. If you have to first experience should start with a small chance of failure of the first experiment is great. Option would be simple, energy efficient and cheap. In contrast, the next ionizer, this option is extremely easy and fast to assemble.

To make the car ionizer, require only a high-voltage converter and the inverter generator. As the generator is allowed to choose any version ever said tip. There is the old generator integral timer series "555", a simple, do not spoil and do not slow down the work of the ionizer.

Assembling ionizer air with his hands

Build your own handsIt is time to learn how to make the air ionizer. You should start with the first ionizer - you can make with her son as a homework assignment on the labor class. First gather the necessary materials to build, not to be distracted in the process of searching for the right parts and tools.

Putting it simple homemade Air Ionizer for the home:

  1. In a plastic container with a needle, do a small hole. However, barely perceptible small holes is insufficient, it is better with a needle to create a significant opening rotation.
  2. Take thin conductors and dissolve one conductor.
  3. Through plastic containers miss the conductors to one core is positive "+", in another container - negative "-".
  4. Insulate the wires.
  5. Connect the wires together only after the conductor insulation.
  6. Plug design to network and enjoy.
  7. If necessary, connect the wiring with a fork and then connect the homemade ionizer.

Surely there is already carried out with a fork from the old art broken, for example. If you have to use a fork separately from wires, disassemble the fork. When the plug is pulled down, you see contacts signed. It only remains to connect the wire to the fork and continue production of the ionizer. But remember that this ionizer is easy to break, make for him a box or a shelf, remove of the reach of children and pets.

Detail for the assembly of the ionizerThe next version of the ionizer for car a little more complicated, it is necessary to be careful and focused approach. To start, take power supply from the old art, e.g., from the PC. Be carefully pull out, or rather, vypayat transformer. To get easier, heat the ferrite with a lighter (do not trust the work of the children!), Then a needle separate the halves from each other, so as not to spread out and not broken. Old winding submit to the scrap, must use a new one: the primary (14 turns) and a secondary (600 rpm). 2-3, set between the winding insulation layer (stationery tape), every 100 revolutions, i.e. while the secondary winding do not forget to put 5-6 layers of insulation. Connect the timer to the transformer, connect them to the voltage multiplier (KTS106 gather of diodes and condensers to 10 kW 3300 pF). Now slide the output wires to a voltage multiplier of 2.5-3 cm, and connect to the network - the peculiar smell of ozone prompt allegiance to experiment.

varieties of ionizers

If you do not want to tinkering with his own hands ionizer, select handy in the shop. The choice can be difficult because of the variety of excellent models. Two main types of apparatus for its intended purpose:

  • aeroionizers;
  • ions generator.

The main and professional classification of air ionizers is the list:

  1. classical or efflyuvialny ionizer;
  2. crown;
  3. hydrodynamic;
  4. radioisotope;
  5. thermionic;
  6. photoelectric.

The common man and the buyer understand the classification of "Chandelier" and compact (mini) ionizer. The first model is a large-sized, located either on the wall or on the ceiling, not to occupy valuable space in the room. "Chandelier" is suitable for large areas, but should be given a lot of effort to harvest, will have to collect dust often with the floor, walls and furniture, machine needles, which are many. The second model, as the name suggests, small dimensions, is carried from room to room, they are very safe for domestic use, if the children home.

air ionizersThere combined models ionizers in small apartments, ionizers are allocated in the combined treatment or humidification function. Thanks to ionizers air purifier in addition to the saturation charged ions, are cleaned from dust, particles of colds and viruses. The level of humidity in the room will help maintain the ionizer, humidifier, which is especially useful in winter, when the cold season is in full swing. Combined ionizers easily affect the decomposition of molecules that keep odors and smoke.

Air ionizers are apartment, office, car, suitable for the whole house. The difference allows to choose the right power supply for ionizer. Choose ionizer of built-in filters, which seem high-quality and productive. Filters ionizers are no less important than the apparatus for the saturation of air clean and free ions. There are coal, water, and the combined photocatalytic (HEPA). Do not forget to take breaks at work.

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