Choosing a flow-through main water filter - 6 tips


  1. №1.Is a filter really necessary?
  2. №2.What is the main filter better than others?
  3. №3.The basic principles of the main filter
  4. №4.Types of main filters
  5. №5.Types of cartridges for the main filter
  6. № 6.Manufacturers of main water filters

We know from school that water is the source of life, but experience gained over the years suggests that ordinary tap water can be a source of major health problems and cause breakdowns in household appliances. The thing is that it often comes to us, consumers, of extremely unsatisfactory quality. The reasons for this mass: from inappropriate water treatment to worn rusted pipes. It remains to hope that in the future the situation will change drastically, but for now it is necessary to solve this problem independently, and here all sorts of filters come to the rescue. We understand how to choose a flow main water filter, a device that allows for the most thorough water purification and provides high throughput.

№1.Is a filter really necessary?

Water filter is needed in most cases. If we are talking about an apartment building , outdated pipes can be the cause of water pollution. Water from wells, which is often used in country houses and cottages, may be overly mineralized or not meet drinking water standards according to other criteria - it all depends on where the groundwater is located.

When asked if really needs the filter, and if so, which one, only laboratory analysis of can answer. Tap water may be unnecessarily harsh, from which hair, leather and household appliances will suffer, in particular a washing machine, a boiler and a kettle. It may contain pesticides and pathogens, the dangers of which, perhaps, even not worth talking. Water may contain some trace elements in an increased amount, which, if used regularly, can cause specific diseases. In addition, water can smell bad, have an unpleasant taste and even color.

In order for filtration to bring the desired results, you must first recognize the enemy by sight, so experts recommend starting with checking the water at least for basic indicators. It may turn out that, for example, there is no need to soften the water at all, and then spending on analysis in the future will more than pay off.

№2.What is the main filter better than others?

The problem of polluted water is so large that humanity has invented a lot of different devices for its purification. We will not go into details, but among the the most popular filtration systems, the today use these:

  • jug-type filters and dispensaries do not belong to flow-through filters - they pour a certain amount of water, which over time is cleaned with integrated cartridges. This solution is only suitable for water purification for drinking and cooking, since the volume of vessels, as a rule, does not exceed 3-4 liters;
  • filter nozzle on the crane allows you to purify water from large mechanical impurities, improve its organoleptic qualities. The filter is suitable if the water has a satisfactory quality, meets the standards, but it just wants to improve a little. Such a filter is easy to install, you can even take it with you on trips, but it cannot cope with serious pollution, has low productivity and requires frequent replacement of cartridges;
  • filter "near the sink" is also simple to install, connects to the water supply using a special adapter and provides an average level of cleaning, eliminating water from coarse dirt and unpleasant odor;
  • stationary filter "under the sink" is installed under the sink, allows you to clean the water from mechanical impurities, chlorine, heavy metals, eliminate odors and tastes. This is a very popular system, it is easy to maintain, requires replacement of cartridges every 5-6 months, but the cost of its arrangement is higher than the previously listed options. This solution has some drawbacks. The filter will not cope with the most serious pollution, it has limitations in terms of performance and cannot be installed on pipes with hot water.

If any of the listed filters allows you to purify water to an acceptable quality, you are very lucky. But if you are not lucky, then you should not be upset, because there are flow-through main filters , which are in fact a miniature water treatment plant.

The main filter is built into the water supply system of an apartment or house, crashes into the water mains and creates a serious barrier to the water entering the apartment that passes through the filter system and is cleaned of mechanical impurities, harmful elements and compounds. The filter can be put on hot and cold water , and since it will stand at the entrance, purified water will flow from all the taps.

Flow-through main water filter is commonly used in houses that have their own water supply( well or well), but recently a similar system is often installed in in multi-apartment buildings where water pipes are severely worn. Such filters allow to solve several problems at once:

  • water purification from harmful impurities, chlorine and microorganisms;
  • improving the taste of water and ridding it of metallic and other flavors;
  • softening, because hard water adversely affects the skin and hair, leads to the rapid deterioration of some household appliances;
  • preservation of sanitary equipment in good condition. Regular( non-mainstream) filters clean water only at one consumption point, and through the remaining pipes in the apartment it runs silted and contaminated with particles of rust and other debris, which gradually leads to blockages and breakdowns. With the main filter, this problem disappears.

The main advantages of the main filters include:

  • high cleaning efficiency;
  • high performance( filter cleans 20-50 liters of water per minute);
  • variability. Depending on what you need to clean the water, you can use different cartridges;
  • the ability to purify water for all points of water intake with one filter;
  • durability provided proper operation.

Among the shortcomings of the , we note only the difficulty of installation - we need the help of specialists. The main filter can be serviced independently, but if a blockage occurs, you can hardly do without a professional. The cost of trunk systems, of course, is higher than that of simpler filters, but it is not transcendental.

№3.The basic principles of the main filter

As the main filter is installed when the water pipe “enters” into an apartment, it allows to purify water for all points of the water intake. The main filter is the multistage cleaning , and the assignment of all cleaning stages can be determined independently, collecting the optimal system in specific conditions.

The following elements may be present in the design of main filters:

  • mechanical cleaning filters , which allow you to rid the water of sand, clay, rust, silt and other insoluble impurities. Such filters can be called basic, they are included in almost any trunk system and can be represented by coarse and fine filters;
  • chemical filters allows you to get rid of iron or manganese, reduce hardness or solve other problems of water purification by passing a chemical reaction. Such filters are represented by special cartridges;
  • biological purification filters are represented by UV sterilizers.

The flow capacity of flow-through main filters is usually from 20 to 50 l / min or more, which is enough for normal operation in any apartment or house. Requirements are put forward and to the system pressure. Main filters can be with low( 0.1-0.2 bar) and high( 0.4-0.5 bar) hydro-loss. If you live on a high floor, where the pressure in the water supply is already low, then it is better to take the minimum loss of water from the filter. Additionally, you may need a main pump.

For more productive work, the system does not interfere with equipping the with an reducing valve, which reduces pressure fluctuations in the system and reduces water consumption. A check valve is also needed - it will prevent backflow of water.

When choosing a main filter, it is also worth considering the pipe diameter, the maximum operating temperature and the number of existing water intake points.

№4.Types of

main filters In order to ensure proper water purification, a main filter is equipped with several filtration systems, and their selection will depend on how the water is polluted.

The following components may be included in the main filter:

  • strainer mainline filter, or coarse filter , eliminates mechanical impurities from water, which is especially important in homes with old utilities. The filter is represented by a grid of stainless steel or other material with a mesh size of 10 to 200 microns: the smaller the cell, the more debris the filter can hold up. Often, strainers are installed in the trunk system before the cartridge filters in order to reduce the load on them. The mesh, and sometimes there may be several, has an actual unlimited service life - it is enough to clean it sometimes. If all the cells are clogged so that they are not cleared, you will have to take a new mesh. There are backwash filters, also called self-flush filters. Screen filters may differ depending on where they are used in cold or hot water systems. For cold water, any filters are suitable, for hot water - only steel or special plastic;
  • disc mains filters, or fine filters, clean the mechanical impurities more thoroughly and use several technologies at once. These are blocks of compressed polymer discs with grooves, which, when compressed, form a grid that catches the smallest particles of dirt. Rinse such filters easier. Can also be used sorption cartridges and filters with ultraviolet radiation;
  • cartridge main filters provide the highest quality cleaning. They allow you to filter particles as small as 5 microns in size, can get rid of iron, chlorine, salts, microorganisms and saturate the water with oxygen - this is even more subtle and targeted purification. You can use several different cartridges at once. It is necessary to change cartridges more often than to clean nets and discs, but the cleaning quality here is an order of magnitude higher;
  • reverse osmosis filters is rarely used and allow through the passage of pressurized water through the outlet membrane to obtain pure distilled water. Such systems can be installed if the pressure in the water supply reaches 3-4 atmospheres.

By the number of cleaning steps, the main filters are divided into:

  • single-stage;
  • two-stage;
  • three-step.

Repeat, the choice depends on the quality of water.

№5.Types of cartridges for the main filter

Chemical water purification is achieved through the use of cartridges. They can be:

  • granulated with activated carbon .Allow to purify water from chlorine and heavy metals, act effectively, but have low throughput;
  • Briquetted carbon filters also make it possible to get rid of chlorine, a number of chemical compounds and microorganisms, have high throughput, but low efficiency;
  • polyphosphate filters allow you to soften the water and get rid of hardness salts by reacting them with sodium polyphosphate. Such a filter is necessary to protect the equipment from scale, it is better to install it directly in front of the place where the water supply to the equipment is;
  • filter type BA allows you to get rid of excess iron;
  • filter type BS reduces water hardness.

№6.Manufacturers of main water filters

When it is decided what and how we will purify the water, it is the turn of no less difficult choice - it is necessary to determine the manufacturer of the equipment. Trust better eminent companies, among which it is worth to highlight:

  • company "Geyser" produces filtration equipment that can be installed on hot and cold water supply. The manufacturer offers several ready-made systems designed for water treatment with a different purpose. There is, for example, a system to protect plumbing equipment. The company sells filters and cartridges of various types for mechanical and chemical treatment of water;
  • company "Aquaphor" manufactures trunk filters of small size, but the systems allow high-quality cleaning from mechanical impurities, chlorine, iron and salts of heavy metals. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which can withstand a wide range of temperatures, and plastic, which is designed to operate at a temperature of + 5. .. + 400C;
  • Artezian main filters are distinguished by a convenient cleaning system, more precisely, self-cleaning. Strainers are supplemented with a special string that vibrates under the action of water flow, preventing the contamination from lingering in the pores of the filter;
  • filters from Atoll provide high-quality cleaning and are performed in transparent housings. This is not only a plus to aesthetics, but also the opportunity to observe the cleaning process. The company has in its assortment filters for hot and cold water with a capacity of up to 60 l / min.

All these flow-through main filters /kupit/ protochnye-filtry /, as well as many other devices for water purification, can be purchased in the store LLC "Crystal".

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