Why does the belt fly off in the washing machine?

  • Diagnosing the Problem
  • Possible Causes of a Malfunction
  • How to Change a Belt on a Washing MachineUsing the belt, the drum pulley is connected to the engine. This design is used in all washing machines, and if the belt is stretched, flies or breaks, your machine will need immediate repair.

    Diagnosing Problems

    How to understand what the problem is in the belt? If the drum of the washing machine does not spin, but at the same time it rotates too easily with your hand, or if it turns weakly, making a scrape sound at the same time - most likely something is wrong with the belt. The reason may be another, but checking the belt is the simplest procedure that you can perform yourself without turning to the masters. When the belt flew off the first time, you can try to put it back on. Depending on the reason why this happened, the machine can continue normal work, and maybe not. But if the belt falls off again or even breaks, a replacement is definitely needed.

    Possible causes of failure

    • Worn belt. The most common reason why he can fly. If the belt is stretched, then during operation it flies off the drum or simply slips, making whistling sounds. Sometimes the belt breaks at the place of wear.
    • Violation of the pulley mount. The pulley can unwind, and because of this, the belt flies. Check fastening and tighten if necessary.
    • Loose engine mount. The engine may become loose over time, because of this, the belt tension decreases. Check how well the engine is fixed.
    • Deformation of the pulley or shaft. When the belt falls off, it can damage the pulley or the shaft itself. In this case, replacing the belt will not do, you have to change all the damaged parts. It happens that a pulley or shaft is initially of irregular shape due to a factory defect. If you find such a malfunction during the first operation, it is better to immediately give the car under warranty and require replacement.
    • Damage to the spider. The crosspiece connects the shaft with the tank, it can weaken or burst completely, which will create an imbalance and lead to the breakdown of the belt. Tighten the bolts or completely replace the crosspiece.
    • Incorrect belt or pulley installation. If you have already tried to repair these parts, you could be mistaken during assembly. Ask for help to the master.
    • Pulley or belt does not fit your car. With self-repair you could buy the wrong part.
    • Worn bearings. Because of this, the rotation of the drum becomes uneven, because of which the belt can fly. This fault may indicate a knock on the machine in spin mode.

    How to change the belt on a washing machine

    To independently change the belt of a washing machine, you must perform the following steps:

    1. Shut off the water and remove the washing machine from the outlet.
    2. Remove the mounting screws on the back of the machine and remove it.
    3. Remove the old belt: for this you need to pull it over you, at the same time turning the pulley with your hand.
    4. Put a new belt on the engine shaft.
    5. Gently pull the belt on the pulley, also rotating it with your hand.
    6. Check to see if the belt is even, correct it if necessary.
    7. Reinstall the back cover.
    8. Run a test wash to make sure the machine is working properly.

    Notice if the belt, wires, and other elements nearby have damaged the belt. It is advisable to diagnose and repair these faults along with belt replacement.

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