Kitchen Scales with Calorie Counting

Nutritionists have invented many diets. It is known that athletes eat as often as possible. Sometimes it comes up to 9 times a day, considering protein intake. Joe Vader urged to use only natural food. In his own phenomenal work on the basics of bodybuilding, the coach of champions explained this by the presence of preservatives in typical foods that destroy the intestinal microflora. Hiromi Shinya argues that even after a stomach operation, it is allowed to eat sushi by the rules of nutrition. Two ideologues from the West and the East echo each other, but the doctor from the Land of the Rising Sun relies on enzymes that perform a crucial function in the body. Culinary food processing part of the nutrients destroys. Consider how kitchen scales with calorie counting are related to the stated facts.

Basics of the

diet Initially, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are discovered. Then scientists came to a surprising fact. Nutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates - are unequal. The world has learned that the pasta Makfa made from whole wheat, durum. Therefore, the products are filled with slow carbohydrates, useful in training, gradually releasing the potential of food and giving the athlete energy.

Fats are not the same. Animal varieties tend to be deposited under the skin; butter and lard should not be eaten at night. And vegetable fats are used as a source of energy, useful to the body during the day. Prospectors have not calmed down and have opened a number of groups of irreplaceable fats from the Omega series, impacting on metabolism and providing muscle growth. Professional athletes can count calories, but they eat fish oil and exotic ingredients: linseed oil, black currant seed oil.

Surprise saved scientists squirrels. Consist of 25 amino acids, for a person a product is more useful, in composition resembling proteins of the body. Nutritionists advise categorically avoid eating meat. In ancient China, even the punishment was practiced: the sentenced was fed only with boiled meat. After some time, the doomed died in terrible agony. The damage to meat is noted by doctors and trainers, for example, Joe Vader. If you try, the replacement will find equivalent products from the plant world: beans, seeds, nuts.

Does not mean that potatoes or pasta are useless. Before a hard workout, the body will be filled with energy, which the athlete must quickly use up.

By the way, in the preparation of the diet, take into account a curious fact. If you do not consume animal fats at all, it causes premature graying of hair( like arsenic).The absence of an unknown component of science causes the destruction of the pigment with the ensuing consequences.

The discovery of vitamins humanity should be grateful not so much to Dr. Lind, thanks to which every sailor received:

  • nickname lemongrass;
  • dose of lemon in the ship’s ration;
  • complete disposal of scurvy in swimming,

as much as a Russian scientist who fed mice with proteins, fats and carbohydrates at the end of the XIX century, eliminating natural products, after which the experimental ones died. It became clear that counting calories does not provide the correct diet, necessary components( nutrients).The study provided prerequisites for the discovery of vitamin B. In countries where rice was consumed boiled, a general beriberi disease developed. Adding bran or rice husks to food cured the affected.

So from different sides, scientists moved to the discovery of vitamins. Known - the vast majority of these substances is destroyed during cooking. Finally, the mentioned Dr. Hiromi Shinya discovered the usefulness of enzymes. And today the world has learned that products considered useful are harmful.

  1. Tea, coffee.
  2. Milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt.
  3. Drinks.

Japanese light claims that in exorbitant amounts, any of the listed products is harmful.

We recommend that you start the path to healthy eating with the knowledge of how scales calculate calories. The daily diet does not exceed the measured indicators, depending on age, activity level, gender, weight. When the calories in food more, a person gets fatter.

Kitchen Scale for Calorie Counting

You will need to make a diet, and kitchen scales for counting calories will help to plan correctly. The principle of action of scales is based on modern achievements of electronics. Inside the kitchen scale for counting calories, a colossal nutritional reference book of 1000-2000 products is sewn up. The content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates is indicated on each index( food product), the caloric content is not forgotten.

The approach allows you to quickly find out how much certain nutrients are placed on the kitchen scale for counting calories. Naturally, it is at the same time possible to weigh a single product. The memorization function will allow you to record how much and what weighed in a week. Imagine: with the help of kitchen scales for counting calories, accounting and long-term planning of food consumption becomes possible.

Kitchen scales with a calorie counter have a fixed indicator of the maximum weighed mass. Exceed should not be to avoid product breakage. However, smart kitchen scales for counting calories will immediately warn if the limit is exceeded. Note: depending on the regions, the content of nutrients in products varies. This can not be taken into account by any amendments to the information base of kitchen scales for counting calories. Therefore, any food manufacturer delivers products for analysis to special laboratories( in addition to obtaining permits from Rospotrebnadzor).

Kitchen scales for counting calories, as a rule, give readings in kilocalories or kilojoules. Some models are able to operate with bread units( equivalent to 25 grams of bread) when it comes to carbohydrates. The concept introduced in everyday life by German doctors and is used in the calculation of the diet of patients with diabetes. Kitchen scales for counting calories will become indispensable helpers in the latter case.

Convenient if a function that takes into account the tare weight is available. Cereals on a kitchen scale for counting calories are placed in a bowl, plate, bag. A smart device will calculate the desired amount, it turns out a ready answer in grams.

Kitchen scales for counting calories are similar to the floor, 1000-2500 rubles. Of course, they make exceptions to the rules. The similarity is explained by the same methods of work. Everyone has probably heard of bio-weight. Devices calculate the total mass of the owner, the composition of body fat( external and internal).Such things are indispensable for an athlete, as well as kitchen scales with counting calories.

Kitchen Scale Device for Calorie Counting

Let's talk about what breaks down in a kitchen scale for counting calories. Electronic scales include printed circuit boards with a limited number of mounted elements, an LCD display, load cells and a case.

The listed components sometimes fail.

Load cells operate on a bridge circuit and need electric current for proper operation. The readings are measured by intellectual filling of printed circuit boards of kitchen scales for counting calories. Binary code is processed in accordance with the database and user settings. As a result, the values ​​of the measured parameters appear on the screen.

In addition to strain gauges, the rest cannot be repaired at home. It is better not to touch the LCD screen, so as not to disturb the orientation of the liquid crystals. The strain gauge is a standard plate of a sensitive material, deposited on a base of solid alloy. If necessary, try to replace the broken item, but it is unlikely to be found in the store. Most likely, you will have to take an alien strain gauge and adjust kitchen scales to count calories from scratch.

Repair scales for counting calories differs little from repair for the floor option.

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