How to choose a kitchen scale

The Talk of the Town has become an apothecary's tool, consists of two bowls: for cargo and ingredients. Today we recommend buying kitchen scales, not mechanical, as in Themis’s hands, but electronic, giving the culinary professional acceptable accuracy when weighing food. Being interested in what kitchen scales it is better to buy, you will see that the difference is small, insignificant.

Kitchen Scales

Why do we need kitchen scales

It is easy to understand whether you are not deceived in the store. There are cases when even in the original packaging of the goods is not enough. Just come home and weigh the purchased products. Find out where to buy the product is not worth it.

Note! Miniature kitchen scales fit in a package bag. Take directly to the supermarket and check the goods.

An experienced hostess knows what and how to do, there are cases when you want to pass on the recipe by inheritance. Daughter, daughter, etc. Kitchen scales will help determine the dosage of ingredients with a gram level. The difficulty arises in the study of new recipes. You don’t have to do it by eye, just take a kitchen scale and weigh exactly as indicated. If the technique is foreign, especially for this case, the models contain the option of switching to another measure, generally accepted in the world community. For example, pounds.

Finally, kitchen scales will help to keep to a diet. Doctors( nutritionists) prescribed a daily amount of calories, which is controlled by cooking. And eat as much as you need. Especially for losing weight, selected kitchen scales are supplemented by an integrated information base, along with the mass indicate the energy value of the products.

Scales Polaris PKS 0521

Other models allow weighing, volume determination. The function is limited in features. In Polaris PKS 0521, made in the form of an electric kettle without a lid, there is a button to switch between flour, milk, butter, and water. This is necessary for the correct determination of the volume, although in addition a scale with frequent risks is applied on the side wall. Add, vegetable oils are endowed with individual specific gravity, strongly doubt the accuracy of the measurements. However, this is enough for cooking.

Varieties of kitchen scales

We do not recommend to take mechanical kitchen scales, the error is great. In electronic, with proper load leveling, the accuracy reaches 1 gram. The difference is enough in most cases.

  1. In the kitchen scale the bowl is made of any shape. More than that, Polaris has been played out. The company produces "pitchers", "cups" and other unusual designs. Sale of kitchen wall scales. As for Yandex Market, there are three types of parameters in groups of parameters: spoons, platforms and bowls. We add that sometimes the containers are removed from the kitchen scale, it is convenient. Easily turns the device into a platform where you put the glass and other devices.

    Weighing flour

  2. Sometimes it turns out - we want to mix 3-5 ingredients. But while they were getting flour out of the cabinet, the kitchen scales turned off automatically to save energy. The first ingredient has already been added. Continue to work as if nothing had happened - after switching on the kitchen scale will be reset to zero, being on the platform will lose weight in the eyes of the device. Add flour, focusing on the recipe. Use intentionally. Add the first ingredient to the bowl, zero off the readings with a special button, add the second( easier than counting the total weight).If milk, for example, is already in a mug, put it on the scale, nullify the testimony, drink it and put an empty container on the platform. A negative value is equal to the mass of milk. This is the undocumented quality of electronic kitchen scales - weighed in a negative direction. In this case, reduce the ingredients to the specified mass. This is an undocumented property; we don’t bother to say how far the range extends to the negative side.
  3. The weighing weight limit shows how much to hoist food on the platform so that the device does not break. Exceeding the specified weight with a probability of 100% will lead to failure or loss of accuracy. A typical parameter value is 5 kg. There are models of a larger range. We believe that typical 5 kg for kitchen scales is enough.
  4. Bowl material, the table is different. Today, plastic, glass( tempered), steel are more common. In our opinion, plastic is better. Easy and cheap, and kitchen scales are not a plate to constantly wash and clean( advertised plus glassware).Better when buying, make sure that there are no buttons. Simple, smooth, touch control panel. Without gaps. Go for it. As for the shape, the outlines are diverse. Good kitchen scales are round. Convenient for storage, fit in the bag.

    Calories Calculated Scales

  5. Selected scales can count calories. Decide for yourself whether the desired quality.
  6. The shelf life of the scales try to put a minimum of 1-2 years. The step is aimed at the desire to avoid responsibility in case of breakdown of the device. In practice, kitchen scales will work much longer. The specific period depends on the operating conditions.

A couple of nuances of

When observing Sinbo SKS 4513 kitchen scales, you will notice that the readings are torn. This kind of real-time mode is not happy. For example, a video jumps when a 50 g weight is placed on a platform. From our point of view, Maxwell models look much better, where an acceptable time( a couple of seconds) is measured, then an indicator appears on the display, indicating that the weight of the load has been estimated. No further throwing. Although the bay leaf, for example, gives amendments. The breath of air due to the windage of the spice changes readings to a fraction of a gram. Then Maxwell kitchen scales will begin to work out variations of turbulences.

One can judge from the display whether the measurements have been completed.

Batteries for kitchen scales:

  • AA batteries( finger type).
  • AAA( mizinchikovye) batteries.
  • "Tablets" by 1.5 V.

Price is important. In stores like FixPrice, sometimes there are batteries at an attractive price. It is better to evaluate the aspect in advance and choose a kitchen scale in accordance with the lowest expenses.

Finally, on the counter the price range is immense. It will not be a mistake to buy cheap kitchen scales. Firstly, manufacturers throw a lot behind a big name, and secondly, kitchen scales are a commodity where quality plays a minor role. The central electronic unit performs the simplest calculations, and the load cells are basically the same. Let's say more - inexpensive kitchen scales are not a pity to throw away in case of failure.

If you buy a kitchen scale with a removable bowl, you get a good salad bowl. We remind you that the plastic intended for contact with food products is marked with a fork and cup. Look for the picture, or do not use the container for the specified purpose. Rarely a bowl of kitchen scales made of glass. The material is heavy, relatively expensive, the need for the product is not felt. Look for a compromise between price and quality.

We hope that we helped to choose a kitchen scale. The main thing is to understand that the device is inexpensive, therefore, it is not worth to find fault with the properties.

Typical kitchen scales

Kitchen scales allow homemade recipe to measure up to grams, help to learn without fear of new and new dishes. A typical device came at a price, for example, at Maxwell for 800 rubles. Pounds, grams, kilograms or ounces are set on the scale, which will allow you to flexibly operate with the ingredients when cooking.

Classic kitchen scales

Before you buy an electronic kitchen scales easier to look through the instructions. Most manufacturers post information to the network.

Once tried, few people refuse. Modern technologies will allow to know the weight with an accuracy of 1 gram, which makes it easy to measure and weigh 15 leaves of bay leaf. Let's open the author's secret: when working with this kind of spices, put the ingredients in the bowl in the middle, wait patiently for the kitchen scales to count. In Maxwell, the end of the operation is signaled on the display by a triangle with bullet points at the vertices.

What is important for kitchen scales:

  1. The device housing design is protected from accidental ingress of moisture. For example, those affected above Maxwell touch control panel, not the usual film with the keys, but hard plastic. These kitchen scales are activated by the touch of a hand. Illumination lights up, it is clear that you can use.

    Scales with zeroing scale

  2. For kitchen scales, we consider the presence of the option of zeroing the scale. For example, we put a glass, we deduce on an initial mark and we fill 100 grams of flour. It works with liquids. We use the standard bowl of kitchen scales or replace it with another vessel.
  3. Convenient when kitchen scales are turned off automatically. At Maxwell, this happens after 5 minutes of inactivity. When kitchen scales can keep batteries, it's great.
  4. It is desirable that the legs were rubberized. The kitchen does not need equipment to slide. Modern scales are built on strain gauges, located in the legs, rubber is not used in floor models. With kitchenware in a different way. The weighed weight does not exceed 5 kg, the elastic forces of the compressed rubber do not play a decisive role.
  5. It is recommended to take steel products on information portals; in the case of kitchen scales, we vote for plastic. Easy to clean, food products are not in direct contact with the polymer. Therefore, the advantages of modern materials are manifested in full. It is possible to store plastic kitchen scales anywhere.

    Scales with measure switching

  6. Sometimes switching of measures is required. Exquisite recipes today come from the west, where they are accustomed to count in pounds and ounces. As a result, the work of the cook on the design of a new recipe is made easier if the required units are put on the scale. It is possible to immediately switch between pounds and grams with the button and record the result in already familiar measures. This will allow to adapt the foreign cuisine for Russian realities. Conveniently, believe me! Of course, the possibility of "free" treatment should be checked in the store. Batteries included. More often in kitchen scales AAA batteries( little battery batteries) are used at 1.5 V. The source of energy depends largely on the design.
  7. We are sure that only electronic scales are worth buying. In practice, it has been verified that mechanical for a similar price poorly( with insufficient accuracy) shows even a previously known mass. About units of grams of speech is not. If you took a mechanical kitchen scale, know that the correctness of the readings strongly depends on how the products are centered on the bowl. It is inconvenient to use - it is impossible to reset the scale for the used container, forget about ounces and pounds.
  8. The weighing limit of an average kitchen scale is 5 kg. Some models cover the specified range. Look for suitable kitchen scales on the Yandex Market by filling in the appropriate parameter. We do not recommend overloading the purchase. Load cells will not suffer, but the mechanical part will fail.

We recommend taking electronic scales, and you should not chase the price. Check the goods is simple. Go to the next supermarket, take a pack of 150 grams of cookies and weigh in the presence of a consultant. The difference in readings should not exceed a couple of grams.

If the difference is greater:

  • Cheated in a supermarket with a weight of cookies.
  • Scales lie shamelessly, you should choose scales of another brand.

Do I need to take kitchen scales with calorie counting

People often try to lose weight today. It is useful to choose the right products.

Calorie-based kitchen scales have a predefined information base with tables of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories. Some models may have their own numbers. Such models are used in conjunction with floor weights that can count fat body weight. As a result of weighing the person, in addition to testimony, gives recommendations on the consumption of calories. Use this number when cooking. The calorie content of the products has already been entered, it remains to summarize the readings of the kitchen scales with a pencil. Cooked food is divided into portions, each eats measured.

Kitchen Scale with

Calorie Count

It becomes easier to follow a diet, control the result with floor scales( often called "bio" for the ability to measure biometric parameters).We believe that the action will contribute to the development of the correct training program. There are nuances. For example, bodybuilders when cooking chicken try to remove the skin, in the poultry covers contains the lion's share of fat that is useless for pumping animals. White meat from the breast is considered valuable. It is clear that the simplest kitchen scales with counting calories will not reflect such subtleties. In this case, the option of entering user data into the database is useful. Calorie foods are easy to take from the internet.

Kitchen scales with counting calories are more expensive.

How to choose an

kitchen scale You'll have to choose from the criteria of the design features of the platform and the bowl when it comes to the form factor kitchen scales. We choose the first - it is more convenient to store. A bowl is needed when the container is removable. Then the scales easily turn into a platform that is convenient to store.

There are spoon-scales, scoops in which the typed product is immediately evaluated for gravity. In practice, it is shown that you can weigh units of grams. The authors do not understand the purpose of this technique too well.

Finally, we are voting for functional equipment to less clutter up the kitchen. It happens, spoon scales are needed, but desktop ones are not. Which kitchen scale is better to buy - decide on your own!

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