Mechanical Bench Scales

Adult athlete, standing on mechanical floor scales, is able to simply crush the mechanism. Standard devices for a person's weight not exceeding 140 kg are calculated( typical weight of a competing bodybuilder).This is the limit of the majority of floor scales. A trained athlete weighs more. Arnold Schwarzenegger reached 125 kg, and the champion is not the largest of the athletes and did not specifically seek to gain weight. Olympia Standards are now focusing on feet.

Why do you need the floor mechanical scales

Body weight, measured by mechanical scales, an individual attribute. This quality is not fundamental, today it is fashionable to be in fit. What primarily concerns the constancy of its own body weight.

In fashion electronics. Meanwhile, using customized floor scales mechanical, home will be able to more accurately monitor the weight. The primitive spring gives a hundred points of handicap to smart strain gauges, if the device is configured, an indisputable fact. How does the floor mechanical household scales?

Device of floor mechanical scales

Under the mobile platform, a body housing itself is covered:

  1. Four fixed legs that perceive the weight placed on the platform, which serve as a support for the levers( shoulders).
  2. Four metal arms connected in pairs with letters U.
  3. A horizontal plate on which the shoulders rest( the base of the letter U).
  4. Sensitive spring sealed to a horizontal plate.
  5. Yoke with an arrow and a dial that tracks the spring tension.

The principle of the scales: when the load( person, object) is placed on the platform, the plane begins to fall down. In the corners are metal protrusions with grooves. Each one moving down enters the corresponding niche of the shoulder. The design starts to go down. Each of the shoulders with one end rests on a fixed leg, the opposite end moves. This causes the horizontal plate to slightly deviate with the spring attached. Measurement occurs.

Supplied weight stacks on four shoulders. This is due to the pair-wise connection: the ends of the front ones are attached to the middle of the rear ones, which, in turn, are supported at one end on the plate. Two letters U are obtained, in the tops of which there are motionless legs, at the bases there is a platform with a spring. There is a mechanical summation of the weighed mass.

Measuring spring forms the heart of the balance. Stretching is proportional to the mass measured by the device. If this does not happen, as in cheap mechanical scales, deviations in indications begin. As the mass grows, the device lies more, or, conversely, approaches the truth. Interested in the golden mean, when on the testimony it is possible to introduce a single amendment. For example, take away from the testimony of 3 kg. Zero expose a gear regulator, but accurate readings are rarely observed( the arrow moves away from the true mass).

In order to correct the measurement results, a trimmer screw is inserted into the floor mechanical scales, twisting which the user shifts the readings up or down. Then it is possible to normalize the measurements. Good mechanical scales when removing the load returns to zero. If the error progresses with increasing weight, it means that the spring is faulty, it is impossible to fix it.

Scale floor mechanical scales are divided into kilograms, at least 500 grams. There are models with an LCD screen, where the spring deflection is measured by a special sensor. In the latter case, the accuracy of the floor mechanical scales is set by the manufacturer - tenths or hundredths of a kilogram. With such scales readings much easier to read.


More often, problems are caused by exceeding the maximum allowed mass. The device of mechanical scales is such that the bearing parts made of metal are damaged mainly without failure of the spring or the dial with the dial.

For example, shoulders, base, bend. Then the mechanical scales are dealt with as accurately as possible, the cause of the breakdown is eliminated by returning the parts to their original shape. Hammer and faithful eye will help.

Note that the details can not be corrected in place. The bent shoulder is removed from the floor scale, defects are eliminated on the anvil or in a vice. So repair of floor mechanical scales with own hands is made.

Varieties of mechanical scales

The principle of operation of the vagi is the same, but the models give different accuracy.

Medicine and Sport

The current level of civilization's development is such that mechanical scales dominate in any field. With the help of devices, cars, heavy equipment, even the proportions of ingredients in pharmaceuticals are weighed.

Floor medical mechanical scales are extremely accurate. With the help of precision and coarse trim scales, indications are obtained that do not differ from the actual mass of a person in excess of 50 grams. Accuracy is essential for the rehabilitation of patients, the observation of clinical cases.

The essence lies in the two trim scales. The weight is released by the arresting device during weighing, and the movement of the weight achieves balance. After the action, a similar process is repeated for the exact scale. Indications are read from both lines of floor mechanical medical scales and summarized.

Modern medical scales are installed in sports facilities, sanatoriums and similar places. More often, they are already equipped with a special LCD display and are able to connect to a personal computer. Nevertheless, the base is identical to the old and reliable floor scales for medical purposes. For new models, the weighing limit is shifted to 200 kg compared to the 150 standard ones. Power consumption is 15 W, a portable battery is included in the package.

The weight of the floor-standing mechanical medical scales of the modern sense is three times lower than the old models. What is considered a plus when it comes to transportation. Power is supplied from the AC network of a standard purpose 220 V. The kit includes a special adapter for an output voltage of 5 V.

Combined devices are found. For example, scales with a height meter mechanical floor. Can calculate whether there is overweight. Doctors know the approximate formula: height( cm) - weight( kg) = 100. Anyone can estimate the excess right on the spot.


They resemble mechanical floor medical trading scales. Not for nothing - a gram of loss threatens shortage. Weigh on the scales trading products are far from cheap. For example, meat. With an average price of 300 rubles per kilogram, every 10 grams is pulled by 3 rubles. It requires much greater accuracy than with patients.

The difference between the scales of mechanical floor trading in a wide and spacious( 4 times the area and more) platform. The surface is made of durable steel and extremely smooth. This allows the loaders to put in there heavy bales without undue strain. Naturally, the transverse strength( rolling) is much higher. Weighing can carcasses, bags of product.

Mechanical commodity floor scales are used in covered markets and are provided to merchants by the administration. For a fee or free. For example, livestock breeders, shipping the carcass, on the spot can determine how much to claim for the goods. It is also convenient for wholesale buyers; you do not need to walk and collect a kilogram of centners of meat for a wedding or other celebration.

Other scales

Floor scales mechanical industrial differ by a large size. The measured mass begins with centners, reaching hundreds of tons. There are relatively small instances. For example, up to two tons. These are applied in the markets. Mostly industrial scales stand on:

  • large factories;
  • customs;
  • transportation control points;
  • warehouses.

This type of mechanical scale is not exhausted. Pharmaceutical and jewelry scales are widely known. They are classic bowls with a rocker. The load is put on the first, the second is what is being weighed.

Such is the vast world of weights.

Mechanical Bench Scales

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