How to fold the shirt in the closet or in the suitcase

One or more shirts are in the wardrobe of almost any man, some wear them daily, as they oblige status and position at work, while others are only needed for special occasions. Most often, they are hung on hangers, so they least of all crumple, but sometimes you have to fold things, for example, because of the lack of space in the closet or if you need to put them in a suitcase. Therefore, it is important to know how to fold the shirt correctly so that it does not hesitate and looks beautiful.

A few tips

In order for a thing to look perfect after a dresser or a suitcase, and it didn’t need to be ironed for a long time, you need not only to keep in mind the scheme that makes it better to fold, but also to take into account some nuances:

  1. You do not need to fold the product immediately after ironing. Hot fabric is more susceptible to external influences, so folds can immediately appear on it, even if you fold it as neatly as possible. You should wait until the material has cooled, and only then proceed to the next stage.
  2. Most often shirts are sold with a cardboard inside, you can use this method in everyday life. If you no longer have the industrial packaging, in the product you can put any cut-to-size carton. This little trick will better protect him from bruising.
  3. If you have to go, you need to wrap an expensive piece of thin paper before putting it in a suitcase. This will protect the fabric not only from folds, but also from accidental stains.
  4. If you are often traveling, in addition to a suitcase, you can buy a carry bag - this is a special bag for shirts and suits.
  5. So that shirts are not creased in the closet, they can be stacked on top of each other, but they cannot be pressed down by other, heavier things. Otherwise, it’s impossible to quickly iron the thing, you have to spend time eliminating the folds.
  6. If the product is still a bit crumpled, even if you folded it correctly, you can give it a perfect look without using an iron. After taking a hot shower, it is enough to hang the thing on the hangers in the bathroom for 15 to 30 minutes. The steam left after the hot water will quickly smooth out the folds, and you will not have to spend time on it.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Many people believe that they do not need special knowledge to fold the shirt correctly, they simply put it in a closet or suitcase, folding it like other things, but in practice everything is not so easy. If you quickly fold a similar product without taking care of its safety, you can spend much more time to smooth it out later. When the fabric has cooled after ironing, you can begin to fold the thing.

The first method

This method is universal, it is suitable both to fold the shirts in the closet, and to put them in a suitcase. Laying pattern is as follows:

. ..
  1. First you need to prepare a flat surface, if it has dirt or sharp areas, you need to lay an unnecessary clean cloth on it. Then all buttons are fastened on the product, after which it is turned upside down. The fabric should be well smoothed with hands, so that folds are not formed at this stage.
  2. It is necessary to find an approximate middle between the edge of the collar and the seam of the sleeve, hold this point with one hand and the other at the bottom edge of the thing at the same level. The sleeve and part of the shirt should be bent along the formed line so that they are on the back.
  3. The sleeve was located diagonally to the back, so it must be positioned parallel to the curved edge. This is done so that the fabric does not wrinkle along the edge of the sleeve.
  4. Similarly, one should proceed with the opposite side of the shirt: bend the edge along the center of the shoulder and bend the sleeve parallel to the bend. After that, on the back of the shirt should be next to two sleeves.
  5. The main part is now necessary to bend three times. To do this, first bend the lower edge to about the middle, and then to the back of the upper part is bent.
  6. The shirt is folded correctly; now you can put it in a closet or suitcase.

Folded in this way, things must be placed in a closet or bag in a specific order. They fold towards each other, but the lower edge of the top is applied to the collar of the bottom shirt. So things are protected from deformation of the collar and folds.

The second way

There is another way that you can quickly fold a shirt with a long sleeve so that it does not wrinkle. However, it is a bit non-standard and is more suitable for a suitcase when you need to fold several shirts into it, but the free space does not allow. In addition, there is a chance that when moving things in a suitcase will move from the places where you put them and remember shirts.

To avoid this, it is allowed to roll shirts into a roll. However, this method does not work in all cases. Firstly, it is suitable if you need to fold polo shirts or things from natural delicate fabrics. They are less prone to wrinkling when twisted.

Secondly, before twisting, you must still fold the shirt in a certain way. To do this, you must perform the first 4 points, which are described in the first method. After that, the shirt must be turned from bottom to top to the collar. The roll should not be too tight, otherwise folds and sprains cannot be avoided. The resulting roll is laid down the collar, several shirts are placed in one row.

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