Why does the washing machine last longer than the set time?

  • Problems with the water supply system
  • Drainage failure
  • Constant water circulation
  • Defective alarm
  • Problems with the heating element or the temperature sensor

We have long been accustomed to such a technique as a washing machine machine, and do not attach special importance to its presence in the house. However, we immediately notice when it starts to work in an unusual mode or breaks. If the technician serves for a long time and regularly it still needs prevention, restoration of settings, etc. Many factors affect its operation. For example, often consumers observe a lingering process of washing in comparison with the usual time of program execution. Sometimes it happens that malfunctions occur in the part of feed outflows or drains, which affects the entire washing process. This just has a direct reason for why the washing machine is long erasing. Consider the main malfunctions, because of which the washing machine can be washed for a long time.

Problems with the water supply system

This is a very common reason, because of which there is a problem in the machine. Problems with the water supply system, causes a long wash cycle.

At first sight the machine works and any problems or malfunctions in the work are imperceptible. However, the slow rate of water supply directly affects the duration of washing. Therefore, in order to rule out the possibility of malfunctions, the following points should be checked.

  • Weak head. A frequent cause of poor pressure is a weak water supply. To do this, make sure that the water tap is untwisted before the end. The water supply should be the correct pressure, do not reduce it, as this will affect the duration of washing, and then cause excessive use of electricity.
  • Filter. Slow down the water supply, can clogged the filter. So, often it happens, because the water contains trace elements, which accumulate for a long time and create a barrier to proper water intake. Actually this is the main purpose of the filter, pre-clean the water. Therefore, sometimes it should be remembered and cleansed in a timely manner.
  • Water supply valve. This element of the washing machine can also fail. Therefore, it simply needs to be replaced.

Drainage failure

In this case, the washing machine is a long wash because of poor outflow of water. In practice, the reason for the slow removal of water from the drum is the clogging of such parts as:

  • Water filter.
  • The branch pipe.
  • Hoses.

Solve this problem by cleaning the specified parts from debris.

The water filter is easy to clean. To do this, you need to arm the tool to easily unscrew the filter. Remove, remove clogs and rinse under running water. Do all the parts in place and screw tight.

The branch pipe is harder to clean. First disconnect the equipment from the mains. Then it should be turned in such a way that the drainage compartment was at the top. Further, it is necessary to unscrew (loosen) the clamp connecting the pipe itself and the pump. Remove the nozzle and clean it from clogging.

The easiest way to clean the hoses. They are easy to dismantle and also easy to clean from blockage, if such was.

Constant water circulation

This problem is directly related to the incorrect installation of the equipment itself. It's not a matter of just connecting the equipment to the network and connecting the hoses with the water pipe. It is very important to properly connect the drain hose to the sewer at the right angle. The actual illiteracy of their connection causes a problem when the water is typed into the drum and immediately gets on the stack. This is exactly one of the answers to the question why the washing machine erases longer than the set time.

Installation or re-installation of drain hoses does not require special skills. Just follow the instructions and set them at the appropriate height. In extreme cases, if you can not cope, it is better to call a specialist. This is guaranteed to relieve you of the inconvenience and problems in the operation of the washing machine.

Defective alarm

Automatic sensor - which controls the water level. With its help, the required level of water is reached and its fence stops.

But if the warning is out of order, then it does not give a signal about sufficient water level. Thus, it constantly enters the drum and then merges into the sewer. There is a constant circulation of water. Under such circumstances, laundry can not be washed or will last for several hours. If it is determined that this particular device has failed, then it must be replaced to restore the work of the washing machine.

Problems with the heating element or the temperature sensor

The tubular electric heater, of course, serves to heat the water to the temperature set by the program. Actually, if it malfunctions, then at first it can heat the water for a long time and this slows down the whole process of washing, and in time it, in general, can break down and cease to warm. If there are problems with TEN, then it must be replaced.

Another important element in the heating system is the thermal sensor. It is responsible for determining the water temperature and transferring this information to the control board. The control module processes the information received and determines how long it takes to heat the water to the desired temperature. If the temperature sensor incorrectly detects the temperature, the control module can set a longer time before the water is heated. This actually can cause washing for longer than the set time. If it turns out that the thermostat is faulty, then the output is one - its replacement.

We have considered the reasons for such a common malfunction as washing for longer than the set time. Revealed reasons, will help to quickly eliminate them in case of occurrence. The good news is that it is necessary to exert minimal effort to bring the equipment into service without the intervention of a master. And when it comes to, for example, the replacement of parts, it is obvious that without a specialist can not do, he will quickly cope with such simple tasks.

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