How to repair the remote control yourself?

  • Pressing the buttons - and no reaction
  • How to detect a malfunction
  • One part of the buttons work, the other - no
  • The commonly used buttons

do not work A large number of modern household appliances are controlled by remote control. Any of us is experiencing severe discomfort, if suddenly the remote control from a TV, air conditioner or other equipment, which we are used to remotely controlling, broke down. But there is no particular reason for concern if the remote control does not work, since most of these faults can be fixed if you make the repairs yourself. In the extreme case, if you still could not solve the problem, and the remote does not work, there is always a way out - to purchase a new remote control device.

You press the buttons - and no reaction

The complexity of repairing your own hands directly depends on the type of damage. It is often enough to simply clean the device of accumulated dirt, sometimes soldering elements is necessary.

Very often this problem occurs when you press the buttons, but no reaction occurs: the TV channels do not switch, the sound level does not change either. Why is the remote not working? In this case, the TV and the remote control device do not establish a connection. The cause of the problem may be the following:

  1. Full discharge of the batteries;
  2. Numerous drops on hard surfaces.

If the remote control device does not turn on due to discharged batteries, then repairs will not be required at all. In this case, you just need to change the batteries, and everything works again. If this is the second option, then fixing the remote control will be much more difficult. Most likely, in some places of soldering in the circuit of the device there was a break, because of this the device does not turn on.

How to detect a malfunction

What to do in the first place, when it is found that the remote does not work? To check the activity, you need a mobile phone. Activate the camera on your mobile device. Aim the remote control at the camera as if taking a picture, and try pressing any of the buttons. If the signal is present, then on the screen of the mobile device you will see a luminous dot. This suggests that the remote turns on, responds to commands.

If you didn’t see the signal, then the remote control doesn’t really work. It is necessary to disassemble the remote control device, examine the board and make repairs. Analysis is required to be done with great care in order to prevent damage to the case and not scratch it. First, take out the batteries and inspect the niche in which they are located. Having found out screws, unscrew them. Closed on the latch remote carefully opened with a screwdriver or plastic card.

For a better study of the board, small parts, you can use a magnifying glass. A person with experience in handling soldering equipment can make a quality repair. The most frequent damage to the board is the fallen off LED, the discharge of the battery's contact pad, and the damage to the crystal. Shake the board slightly, and if you hear a rustle, it means that the resonator has been damaged from the inside, and it must be replaced. The detail looks like a small box soldered to the board. In the market of radio components its price is low.

When the remote control device does not turn on, you first need to diagnose. Now you know how to check it for malfunction, and now it’s not hard to fix the remote. You can proceed directly to the repair.

One part of the buttons is working, the other is not.

. Why are some buttons turned on and the others are not? Sometimes it happens that the remote control gets dirty. Drinks are spilled on it, or it is in a room with high humidity, and oil sediment starts to condense inside the device. In this case, the remote control device can be easily fixed with your own hands.

  • Disassemble, remove the card and gently wipe with a cotton wool moistened with alcohol. Remove plaque.
  • For disinfection, rub the contact pads of the keys and the housing with alcohol. Do not wipe with pressure, so as not to disrupt contacts.

In the network you can find feedback from visitors who claim that after being treated with alcohol, the console stops functioning altogether, that is, it does not turn on. Yes, some Chinese samples can actually fail. To avoid such trouble, try a solution of water instead of alcohol with detergent for dishes. Dissolve the product in water, wet the sponge and gently wipe all the necessary parts.

Clean the spring contact. A heavily soiled spring is cleaned with sandpaper or the hard side of a sponge. After complete drying of parts, you can proceed to assembly. Thus, you do the repair yourself, and everything works as usual.

Often used buttons

In the remote control, which has long served its owner, by constantly pressing the most used buttons start to wear out. Rather, the conductive coating is abraded, and the device ceases to pick up the signal, in fact, it simply does not turn on. To solve the problem with the repair, if the remote control device does not work for this reason, you can do it yourself. Disassemble the unit and remove the rubber base. Glue the pieces of foil to the back of the buttons, it can be taken from chocolate, which has paper on one side and foil on the other. For gluing, use silicone glue or “Moment”.You can buy a special conductive adhesive, designed to ensure contact, but its cost is much higher.

In the stores of radio components there is an opportunity to purchase kits that include glue and coated buttons. Such repair kits contain everything you need to fix the remote control device that does not turn on, with your own hands. Just instead of worn out items, you need to put new ones on the glue. The device works better with new buttons.

A non-recoverable or lost remote control device can be replaced. You will come to the aid of universal remote controls. In case you purchase a new remote control, similar to the old one, there is no need to configure it.

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