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  • How to decipher errors in machines with an EVO-II system without an displaythe process of working errors. They identify malfunctions and display the error codes of the Ariston washing machine on the display. Which in turn provides the user and the master with the convenience of finding a fault and finding their method of elimination. This system program is provided for in the products of INDESIT COMPANY, before renaming this company had the name MERLONI Elettdomestici. The most popular models of washing machines from this company are called Indesit and Ariston.

    How to decipher errors in machines with the EVO-II system without display

    In inexpensive devices manufactured under the brand Indesit and Ariston, there is no display as such. Already in such cases on these models, the error is displayed by highlighting and displaying many combinations of LEDs, each value displays only 1 well error. They are assigned data to the value:

    • timer is assigned the value KH1;
    • superwash in charge of KH2;
    • quick wash denotes КН3;
    • behind the quick wash button is fixed an indicator denoting KH4;The
    • indicator responsible for spinning clothes means LED 4.

    Due to the fact that some of them are lit and some are not, you can fix the error that occurred.

    In the design of devices that have displays provided, it is much easier to understand the error number. On them they are displayed in the form of a code consisting of Latin letters and numbers.

    List of EVO-II errors and their interpretation

    Only KH4 is displayed - this symbolizes the occurrence of an error number F01 .It is displayed when the wiring system is short-circuited in the circuit section, which leads to the control of the washing machine engine. First, before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to completely check the device for the presence of water on the contacts of the controller's fields, which are connected to the drive motor of the machine with the help of a harness. If, after carrying out this manipulation, the error remains, it is necessary to check with a multimeter what exactly failed and make a replacement.

    KN3 highlighted, which indicates the error F02 , it tells you that there is no signal about the rotation of the electric motor on the commander. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary: ​​

    • first of all, make sure that the rotor is not jammed, which can be caused by the jamming of the bearings on the drum.
    • Ensure the correctness and integrity of the connection of the command device and motor.
    • With a multimeter, make measurements of the generator winding, in working condition, it should produce in the region from 115 to 170 ohms( readings differ due to the applicable different trailers).
    • In case of faults, replace the defective parts.

    Display on the panel of indicators KH3 and KH4 signals the error F03 , namely that a heating element has stuck or the temperature sensor has failed. First of all, you need to make sure that the sensor is connected to the controller. If, however, the correctness of the connection is necessary to measure the resistance, it should be about 20 ohms.

    In the case when only KH2 is lit on the display, this indicates an error F04 , which in turn indicates the failure of the water sensor. In order to eliminate this fault, first of all, it is necessary to check the integrity of the wires going from the controller to the sensor, as well as to make sure that it works. In case the failure could not be eliminated, then it is necessary to replace the above-mentioned parts in sequence.

    The illumination of KN2 and KH4 tells us about the error F05 , which is associated with a malfunction of the drain pump or water level sensor. In order to fix this problem you need:

    • Verify proper connection and wire integrity from the pump to the controller;
    • Ensure the flow of electricity to the drain pump during its intended activation;
    • Disconnecting the washing machine from the mains supply to the pump 220 V, then make sure that it works;
    • Perform a health check of the sensor responsible for determining the water level, and ensure the integrity of its connection with the controller;
    • It is necessary to make sure that there are blockages in the filter and drain hose, in case of confirmation of clogging, clean it.

    KN2 and KN3 are on, this indicates an error F06 , which indicates a problem with the buttons. First of all, you must make sure that the contact between the dashboard and the control unit is checked, after which you will verify that the buttons are working. If the error has not disappeared, then a gradual replacement of the dashboard and the command unit is made.

    The blinking of KH2, KH3 and KH4 signals the occurrence of the error F07 , which reports that the heating element of the machine( PET) does not heat the water. As in all the cases described above, verify the integrity of the connection of the above elements, and then make a check whether the water in the machine heats up. If there are no faults with wires, replace the heating element.

    When KN1 is displayed on your display, this indicates an error. F08 is a sticking of the heating element relay when running in the washing machine's tank. The sensor responsible for determining the water level failed. It is necessary to test the element and the heating relay in turn, if a malfunction of one of the above parts was detected, its replacement is required.

    KH1 and KH4 display error F09 , which tells you about the memory failure of the device. In order to eliminate this error, it is necessary to re-flash or replace the chip.

    KN1 and KN3 are responsible for displaying the error F10 , namely the lack of contact with the water level sensor. Before replacing a part, it is necessary to check the integrity of the electrical wiring going to it. In case the wiring and sensor are in good condition, it is necessary to replace the controller.

    F11 error is displayed on the dashboard as KH1, KH3 and KH 4 indicators. The error is caused by a lack of electricity in the pump, this could be caused by a break in the wires. Checking the pump for performance should be done with a multimeter. To do this, apply the probes to the pump and on the screen of the device monitor the resistance. The working device should produce a result in the region of 200 Ohms, in case of non-compliance with this value, it will be necessary to replace the pump with a similar new unit.

    KN1 and KN2 indicate the error F12 ​​ indicates a problem in the signal flow from the controller to the display module. In the event of a breakdown, as in all cases, we check the integrity of the wiring, and then perform a phased replacement.

    KH1, KH2 and KH4 - F13 - this error marks a fault in the control circuit which is responsible for the operation of drying the laundry. The first step is to verify that the temperature sensor is connected to the controller. If everything is in order with the contacts, you need to check the integrity of the above elements, and replace them as necessary.

    KH1, KH2, KH3 and KH4 - F14 - lights up when the drying process does not want to start. The first step is to check the connection of the heating element, which is responsible for the above process with the main controller of the machine. If necessary, replace one of the system elements.

    КН1, КН2, КН3 and КН4 - F15 - also indicates problems with the process of drying clothes. This error indicates a malfunction of the heating element; only a complete replacement of this element will help here.

    All indicators are off - F16 - an error indicates a malfunction of the washing drum. However, such errors often occur with models that have a vertical load of laundry.

    LED4 and КН4 - F17 - the error indicates a malfunction with the drum door, there are two options for the development of events - the first option is that the lid may not be tightly closed. And the second option implies that the supply of voltage to the door lock of the machine is stopped. The following measures should be taken: first check the integrity of the contact fields that connect the controller and the lock on the door of the machine, also check the circuit for voltage. Check the integrity of the system microswitch with the door closed. If necessary, replace the above elements.

    LED4 and КН3 - F18 - an error marks a malfunction in the connection of the processor, which controls the motor of the machine with the controller. It is also necessary to check the integrity of the contact fields, in case of malfunction, replace these elements.

    Conclusion of

    In this article, we explained the basic error codes of the Ariston washing machine, taught you how to identify them correctly and instilled the basic methods for eliminating them. However, remember that any repair should be approached with a cool head, if you are not confident in your skills or strength, we recommend that you turn to professionals.

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