Why does the refrigerator not turn on and how to fix it?

  • Signs and causes of failure
  • Why does the refrigerator not turn on after defrosting?
  • . Types of breakdowns and ways to eliminate.

. Today, modern houses and apartments have a large number of home appliances, including the refrigerator. However, sadly, sometimes the highest quality and well-known copies fail. Today is not a rare case when the refrigerator does not turn on.

Signs and Causes of Breakdown

Knowing all the subtleties of the refrigerator, it can be easily repaired with your own hands. There are a large number of factors due to which the refrigerator is not turned on. These features include the following cases: the

  • light is on, the light is on, but the motor is not working, there are strange clicks. This usually indicates a compressor failure. As a rule, the refrigerator starts clicking without switching on, since the compressor does not work, it needs to be replaced. These clicks publish start-up relay, responsible for the functioning of the engine. Sometimes the refrigerator turns on and then turns off.
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  • lights up, the motor does not turn off. If there are no specific clicks, however there is similarity with the previous signs, then there is a high probability that the thermostat, which is responsible for determining the temperature level in the unit, has failed. The control does not receive signals about the high temperature in the chamber, so the refrigerator does not work.
  • motor and light bulb do not work. This usually indicates a problem with the mains voltage or a faulty plug.

Having summarized, we can say that these signs are not always informative, since there is not much difference in these signs( the light is on or not, the motor is working or not working, there are clicks or they are missing).It does not work out to finally say why the refrigerator does not start. In this case, you must have a decent experience, as well as a set of tools, or call an experienced master who can instantly find the real cause of failure.

Why the refrigerator does not turn on after defrosting?

Defrost and wash the refrigerator only after disconnecting it from the mains. Despite the excellent insulation, it is extremely dangerous to wash the refrigerator, which works from the outlet. If the refrigerator stops turning on after defrosting, first of all, you need to check that the plug is properly inserted into the outlet. Not the best option to give money to the master because of a simple carelessness.

The real causes of a unit breakdown are as follows:

  • electrical wire break;
  • fault plug or power outlet;
  • oxidation or breakage of one of the contacts;
  • thermostat malfunction;
  • temperature sensor failure;
  • control unit failure.

A professional can see and eliminate any of these reasons. The refrigerator is not a complicated unit, but repair requires special tools and skill. In general, when the refrigerator stopped working after defrosting, but you do not have the skills and tools, it is recommended to call the master.

Damage types and remedies

A motor failure is considered a more difficult malfunction. When the light is on when the door is opened, but the refrigerator does not turn on, you need to listen to how the thermostat works and the compressor is noisy. If clicks are heard, you can almost say with confidence that the compressor is faulty.

Not less significant failure is the failure of the thermostat. When it is the cause of a malfunction of household appliances, it is very likely that the gas left the bellows. When there is no click when the thermostat is turned on, it is quite possible that there is no contact, which means that the reason for not turning on is a failure of the thermostat.

In this situation, you need to find 2 wires that are connected to the thermostat, then remove each from the terminal. Then these wires must be closed together. This method allows to check the health of the device. If the refrigerator is working, it is necessary to replace the thermostat. When this does not work, you can do a defrost button test( if there is one).

In normal operation of the defrost button, you need to make a test of the other parts of the refrigerator that are powered from the mains. You can do this with an ohmmeter. Such a test should be subjected to a protective and starting relay. Often they are placed in one case. If it finds an open circuit, replace the defective item. When there are no defects for these items, it is quite possible that the electrical circuitry of household appliances is what could only be repaired by a professional.

The next reason that the refrigerator does not turn on may be a snag with the network. When the problem lies in it, then the owner is lucky. In order for the refrigerator to work normally, a voltage in the interval from 200 to 240 V is necessary. If the indicator is not in this segment, emergency shutdown of household appliances occurs. This is particularly relevant for today's refrigerators, as they are sometimes not included even with small changes.

Many people completely forget to check the network, so they think why the refrigerator does not start, and this often leads to significant malfunctions and breakdowns. So, when the light does not light up in the refrigerator, first of all, you need to check the functioning of the electrical outlet. For example, you can turn on the refrigerator using a different outlet, which is working.

When there are no defects on all items, the reason, apparently, is in the electrical circuit of the unit, the repair of which does not make sense on its own.

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