What does the UE error on the LG washing machine mean?

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If you have a LG washing machine in use, then sooner or later you may encounter an error like UE. It often occurs when the machine does not start the spinning process, after the water is drained, or monotonous scrolling of the drum is observed, without increasing the speed. In such cases, the washing machine stops the spinning or washing process and the display shows a UE error. In this case, this type of error can be of two types: UE and uE. It depends on the model of the washing machine. In this article, we'll explain whyerrorUEon the washing machineLG.

How to decode an error

First, it is necessary to distinguish between Ue and uE errors on the LG washing machine. The uE error is lit in the LG machine for a single reason, and it means that a load imbalance is detected and an attempt to solve the problem in the automatic mode failed. It is possible to solve this problem by yourself, by adding water to make the laundry more evenly distributed over the drum.

The code with an error Ue can occur in LG machines regularly, but this does not always indicate a malfunction. Infrequent errors appear just the opposite to inform the owner about the normal operation of the unit. However, in the event of this error in the process of spinning the laundry, with each washing, this means that the probability of breakage of the washing machine LG is high.


If you accidentally reset the machine or vice versa, the drum is not loaded, while the washing unit writes the code Ue on the display. AT In this case, the machine is not recommended to restart, it is more accurate not to do this, in order to avoid the failure of the software security. It is necessary to load, or vice versa, unload the laundry, after which the machine should start.

In some models, you can open the hatch yourself and place the laundry evenly, if the machine does not exit. Most things have different weights, and when pressed they can be distributed unevenly over the drum, which will entail unbalance, and the operation to be performed will be interrupted automatically, which the machine will notify you in the form of an error code Ue or uE on display unit.

It is also worth checking whether the washing machine has lost its balance, whether it was properly installed during installation. If it is uneven, you need to correct its position to a more even.

If nothing helps, then the probability of failure in the control system is high. In order to correct this problem, it is necessary to disconnect the unit from the network. And do it very carefully and wait about half an hour.


More detailed instructions on operation and maintenance can be obtained from the manual for the user. We hope this article helped you to understand the question of whyerrorUEon the washing machineLG. We recommend that you do not engage in self-repair if you do not have specific knowledge in this area. The best solution, in this situation - is to contact the service specialist.

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