What is Low Frost in the refrigerator

In the terminology of household appliances, even an experienced master can get confused, what can we say here about a regular, average user. All sorts of Low Frost, No Frost and Frost Free sound so similar, but mean completely different things. Let's try to figure out what Low Frost is in the fridge.


  • 1 Technology Description
  • 2 Purpose Low Frost
  • 3 How
    • 3.1 works The principle of cooling from Low Frost to video

Technology Description

The technology Low Frost works only in the freezer, it is not applied in the chiller, the template has already been applied, the pattern has been set by the same piece of set, the set has applied a factor, the set has been applied, the set has been applied in the freezer, in the refrigerating chamber it is used by the same thing, the pattern has applied a pattern, the pattern has been set by the same-low cold. "
The design of the refrigerator with this function was invented in such a way that the evaporator contours are placed along the entire perimeter of the freezer, although this cannot be seen with the naked eye through plastic.

Thanks to this technology in modern refrigerators the cooling of products occurs slowly, but at the same time. There are no warm areas in the chamber, the entire freezer is of the same temperature.

Purpose of Low Frost

If you don’t like to pack products into film, choose the “compromise” technology Low Frost

The following tasks are performed using Low Frost technology in the refrigerator:

  • eliminates the sudden changes in temperature due to uniform temperature distribution. This prevents the formation of condensation and the rapid development of frost;
  • between the walls of the chamber itself and the air inside it also has no sharp temperature drops;
  • products that are placed in the chamber are cooled from all sides at the same time and at the same speed. This allows you to keep food fresher after defrosting;
  • the process of defrosting and maintenance of the device should be carried out only once a year. In addition, the whole procedure will take no more than two hours, in contrast to the classic freezers with the Frost Free system.

Among the reasons to buy a Low Frost refrigerator is the low power consumption, maintaining the amount of internal space that is useful for products of natural humidity and increased compared to No Frost.

How does

work? The system works as follows:

  1. Double walls are built into the freezer, so the evaporator does not have tubes.
  2. The system delivers the refrigerant immediately to the evaporator space, and it is completely filled.
  3. The evaporator housing cools down slowly under the influence of the refrigerant, thereby gradually cooling the chamber.

The principle of cooling with Low Frost on video

The Low Frost system is very convenient and is still loved by many housewives, although it is considered outdated. Even a child can cope with its use and maintenance.

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