How to choose the best narrow washing machine

  • Features of narrow washing machines
  • Pros and cons of
  • selection rules Review of the characteristics of the best models

The actual question for those who have limited space, but the need for washing does not become less - how to choose the best narrow washing machine.

We are used to the fact that a washing machine is a volumetric unit, but demand creates supply. Modern manufacturers produce options that are placed in any place where you will be conveniently located household appliances. Below we will provide several important criteria that will help you for the optimal choice of technology.

Features of narrow washing machines

First, we will focus on two options of equipment that are offered: with vertical loading and with frontal. The difference between them in the method of loading the laundry: either the drum opens from the top or the front.

A top-loading machine cannot be installed, for example, under a sink in the kitchen or bathroom. In most cases, the drum in a standard-sized washing machine, and you can load a large amount of laundry - up to ten kilograms. Front-loading options vary in drum size - from three to four to five kilograms.

However, the size of the drum affects the consumption of detergents: the smaller the drum, the less detergent and conditioner you spend. Often, along with the volume decreases and the number of functions available to the user. But it also affects the positive side - the cost of the unit decreases. Most modern brands of home appliances produce small versions in separate batches, so the choice is quite wide.

Pros and cons

As in any version of technology, non-standard-sized washing machines have their pros and cons. Among the advantages:

  • Dimensions - in fact, the reason why most often choose these options.
  • Low consumption of laundry detergents: the smaller the drum, the less laundry detergent is required.
  • Price - reduced technology options cost significantly less than full-scale ones.
  • Wide choice: you can choose between different brands, since almost all large corporations now produce smaller models.

The drawbacks of narrow models are the following:

  • Drum volume: what is a plus for equipment placement can be a significant problem for the washing process - bulky items may not fit in the machine.
  • Lack of part of functions - often it is impossible to include all the functions available for large versions( for example, drying clothes) in small units.

Selection Rules

There are a number of tips that can be given when choosing a narrow washing machine. Below are the parameters, focusing on which, you can buy the best option:

  • Download Type. The article examined the advantages and disadvantages of the vertical and frontal options, so the first thing you should do is decide what suits you best.
  • Select the washing class: the cost of the machine depends on this. However, the washing class( from A to G) affects not only the quality of washing, but also the expenditure of electricity. The higher the class, the more economical the device works.
  • The number of revolutions per minute. The greater the revolutions, the more efficient the spin will be. The maximum number of revolutions in modern models is from 1000 to 2000 per minute. However, it is worth noting that, due to the small dimensions in a narrow washing machine, the quality of the spin is somewhat lower, since the reduced drum has a smaller radius of action.
    Economy class cars are usually not able to adjust the speed, and there is only one default mode.
  • The material from which the laundry tub is created. This is also considered an important criterion, as stainless steel lasts longer, and composite materials reduce the level of noise during operation: therefore it depends on you what is more important to you, silence or long service life.
  • Connection method. Connection method. The most profitable way is when the machine is connected only to cold water - this can be saved due to the fact that cold water is cheaper than hot water. In addition, the heating element warms the cold water evenly.
  • The number of programs is also an important argument. Almost all options have a delicate wash or soak program, but the set of options depends on the model.
  • Noise. Only the equipment with asynchronous drive, sound insulation with the help of a special material that isolates the case from the inside can be completely silent.
  • Leakproof. This feature is not found in every model. All washing machines are divided into the following options: without protection function, with partial protection and with full protection.
  • Drying linen. Modern models of machines with built-in drying function will cost more. It is assumed that the use of this function will give the buyer additional comfort, but a minus of drying is that the laundry after it is wrinkled more.

Review of the characteristics of the best models of

Before you buy equipment, you need to understand the characteristics of the proposed range.

The following are the parameters of the models of the most popular brands: variants of devices with vertical and front loading.

. The best vertical models.

. Vertical loading has a significant advantage over frontal washing, due to the fact that opening the lid saves space and the user can add to the contents of the drum even during the washing process. The following models are offered.

Candy CTH 1076

This model is popular with customers due to the successful combination of features and dimensions. Despite the machine’s depth of 40 centimeters, up to five kilograms of linen can be put in the tank, which can be run in several stages.
Wide Candy functionality is simple and easy to manage. Another advantage is the ability to wash well even in cold water. The disadvantage of this option is service: it is difficult to find the necessary spare parts.

Ariston MVTF 601 H C CIS

The company offers several versions of small-sized equipment, and among them are MVTF 601 H C CIS.Although the unit is only 40 centimeters wide, it works almost silently and has a wide choice of programs - eighteen options, including washing children's clothes and Aqua saver.
Children's clothes using additional rinsing washes the detergent more thoroughly, and the Aqua saver mode allows you to wash with minimal electricity and water.

Bosch WOT24255OE

This model differs from the Bosch brand by a very low level of vibration, therefore, the operation of the device is almost imperceptible. As well as the unit includes a variety of different programs - including for silk and wool. This option can hold up to six and a half kilos of linen.

Best front-loading

Front-loading is a classic version of a washing machine, in which washing is carried out through a round door at the end. Now we look at the most popular models of narrow washing machines.

AEG L 85470 SL

The undoubted leader in the range of devices is the AEG L 85470 SL, which can hold up to six kilograms of linen, with sizes of only 40 centimeters. In addition, this option is ahead of all competitors in terms of energy saving( class A), and has many choices of programs for washing.

Indesit IWUB 4105

The IWUB 4105 model has standard sizes - 60 x 33 x85 cm. Spaciousness - 4 kilograms, it can quite squeeze at speeds up to 1000 rev / min, many washing modes are available.

Ariston ARUSL 105

Four kilograms can hold the ARUSL 105 from Hotpoint-Ariston, with a depth of only 33 centimeters. The size does not affect the quality of the spin, and the unit accelerates to 1000 revolutions per minute. The speed is adjustable. Special features include steam treatment, improved rinsing, temperature selection and delicate wash.

Atlant 35M101

Model 35M101 with a drum depth of 33 centimeters supports the functions of washing sports shoes and clothing, express wash and prewash. In addition, the Atlant 35M101 is low noise.

LG F-1296SD3

The size of this model is only 36 centimeters, and is capable of washing up to four kilograms of laundry. Another advantage of this option is the spin speed, reaching up to 1200 revolutions per minute, as well as energy consumption of class A +.
Minus machines of this brand is a high price, which, however, is justified by good performance.

Bosch WLG 24060

Bosch offers a model WLG 24060 with a 40 cm depth and a capacity of up to 5 kilograms of linen. The device includes all the basic functionality with a wide choice of programs.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC The

Electronics DWD-CV701 PC from Daewoo occupies a minimum of space, not only because of its size, but also because it can be laid on the wall. Despite the fact that this model holds only 3.5 kilograms of linen, it has six programs and reduced power consumption.

Samsung WW4100K

Samsung offers customers the models WW4100K.With a depth of 45 cm, the device holds up to 8 kilograms of linen.
The special advantages of the functional of this model are the deep cleaning of the fabric using steam. It not only cleans, but also produces an antibacterial effect.

Knowing the basic characteristics, you can choose the best narrow washing machine, and the compact unit that best suits you will delight you with excellent work for many years.

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