Carbon hood: forms, reviews, how to choose a hood with carbon filter

Get rid of the annoying scents that spread throughout the house / apartment in the process of cooking in the kitchen, will help not only the total ventilation.

A great help in such a situation would be a coal extractor - it effectively cleanse the air saturated aromas of fried chicken, garlic sauce and flavored with a sweet fragrance to bake chocolate biscuit. What else can the equipment and how it is arranged - will talk about this in our article.

Also discuss the device of this type kitchen hood, will focus on the intricacies of choice, consider the features of the plant and give helpful advice on equipment maintenance.

The content of the article:

  • The apparatus and especially the coal extract
    • And if the charcoal filter is needed?
    • Types and extracts the device without removal
    • The principle of operation of the equipment
  • Rules for the choice of coal extraction
  • How to install the equipment?
  • Features care coal extract
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The apparatus and especially the coal extract

The Coal extracts can be found conflicting views - from total respect to the total contempt. Opponents believe that no filter is not able to cope intrusive cooking aromas. Yes, and maintenance of the device with carbon filters will cost a pretty penny. To crush these beliefs will help closer acquaintance with this technique.

And if the charcoal filter is needed?

Normal thing in the kitchen - a powerful hood to the ductwork. That it is able to quickly remove exhaust air from the room, preventing its spread to adjacent rooms provided the correct choice of power.

But the air is not necessary to evacuate from the kitchen - it can be cleaned using a device with a fine filter.

Fine purification using activated carbon filter

Fine purification with charcoal-filtered to remove all impurities from the exhaust air, which eliminates the foreign odor

It is against the hood with carbon filters rebelling many skeptics, believing that she could not cope with the task. And all the arguments to the contrary is nothing else like advertising.

In fact, this hood has repeatedly proven that it has the right to be not only in private homes and apartments, but and professional kitchens of restaurants, cafes and other premises, where it is necessary to effectively clean exhaust air from impurities.

Moreover, the device is perfectly removes odors, but it is also easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. And, all this, if desired, it is easy to do on your own - no drilling and no need to worry.

The absence of internal doors

Very few people like it, when the flavors of roasted potatoes with bacon apply not only to the 1st floor, but also the rise in the 2nd thanks to the particular layout of the room and lack of interior doors

Another advantage - a wide range of prices. Hoods, avoid a room from a variety of flavors, designed as a user with very modest, and the fastidious and quite wealthy owners.

Furthermore, the air purification function of contaminants without removing it from the premises may be conventional hood with duct - in many models of mid-range there is an additional mode work. This recirculation - with a single click, she transferred to the air cleaning mode without removal from the room.

Also, without such a device would have to be difficult in places where difficult to establish the usual hood, is evacuating waste air into the ventilation shaft. Especially when this mine is simply gone, and the smell somehow have to get rid of.

The shape and location of the installation ugolnoyvytyazhki

The shape and position of the hood without removal of the exhaust air is dependent on the manufacturer's imagination and even allows you to realize the most daring design decisions

Types and extracts the device without removal

Hood, cleaning the exhaust air, different from the usual presence of additional fine filter. And in some cases, the lack of air. These devices produce the same company that extracts and evacuation model. Moreover, in one drawing may be directly Mode 2 - outlet and air purification.

Fine filters

Fine filters made usually of refractory material capable of withstanding high temperatures and contain absorbent component - coal

Such a device consists of the following parts:

  • a housing in which the main operating components are placed;
  • Control panel - it may be pushbutton or touch;
  • motor responsible for operation of the unit;
  • filters coarse and fine cleaning - they may be 2 or more;
  • plug for connection to the network;
  • lamps lighting;
  • possible presence of air, if a model has an evacuation operation.

Depending on the model, this hood can have a different look, a different number of modes work will be different amount of speed, power, and quality performance of its main functions.

Also, the unit cost can be anywhere from a few thousand to 20-40 thousand rubles and more.


The coarse filter, also known as fat, carefully set before the coal in the apparatus, the cleaning air in the kitchen from impurities and odors

Unites Air purification device one - the presence of additional carbon filter and the ability to operate without the evacuation of the exhaust air. A material of the body, its design, color and other features may seem like a model of the exhaust devices of the same manufacturer.

image gallery

Photo of

Intricate form of coal extraction

equipment material with a carbon filter can be anything - from a heat-resistant plastic to highly durable glass

Glossy White color drawing

the device color can be selected according to their preferences, thanks to a generous selection of many famous and less well-known manufacturers

Island hood with a recycling function

Even ordinary island extractor may have recirculation function - when it has capacity for additional carbon filter

Touch control hood operation

Management of coal extracts can be push-button or touch - it all depends on the user's preference

Intricate form of coal extraction

Intricate form of coal extraction

Glossy White color drawing

Glossy White color drawing

Island hood with a recycling function

Island hood with a recycling function

Touch control hood operation

Touch control hood operation

The principle of operation of the equipment

Equipment with Hepa filters operates on a recycle. It does not require special mounting channels for discharging waste air with impurities and minute particles of grease and grime.

The essence of this extract is that it draws in contaminated air into his body. On the way there the grease filter, which are larger particles of grease, soot and other impurities in the exhaust air.

Grease filter needs to be cleaned regularly

Grease filter needs to be cleaned regularly, if you stretch regularly use. It is important to wash it when dirty

Then comes the turn of the fine filter in which the air from the post-treatment of the smaller particles. In some models, there is one carbon filter, which is more delicate cleaning of the air passing through the first fat and carbon filters.

After cleaning the air back into the room. A new portion of the exhaust back into the equipment falls.

It turns out that the main role in the coal unit act as a filter. They differ in appearance - are cluster systems and carbon pads. Most often, each drawing model uses a carbon filter, but there are also universal, suitable for many devices.

Shape, size and weight of carbon filters

The appearance, shape, weight and size of the carbon filters is very different from each other and depend on the drawing pattern

Carbon filter made of different materials. It can be disposable or reusable accessory. The main component of operating it acts absorbent material - activated carbon. He is:

  • stone;
  • peat;
  • coconut;
  • impregnated.

And the shape of the filter depends on the model and design of the hood. It can be round, rectangular, concave, flat or in the form of a cassette in a couple of centimeters.

The service life of carbon filter depends on the frequency and duration of the hoods incorporating its work. The more frequently this occurs, the more often it will have to change the filter. Indeed, when the coal is filled with fat soot and other impurities, the exhaust air is hardly passes through a dirty filter. Accordingly, further purification is not possible without replacement or restoration of the coal accessory.

Universal carbon filter

You may want to buy a generic carbon filter. The desired shape and size of it is given by the most ordinary scissors. The main thing is that the quality of work drawing its installation not affected

To slightly extend the performance of the carbon filter installed in the hood, manufacturers recommend turning the equipment simultaneously with the food preparation process.

A turn off only 5 minutes after turning off plates / oven.

Charcoal absorber absorbs odors

Working 3-5 minutes after the end of the cooking process, extractor allows excess moisture to evaporate, which prevents rapid wear of the absorbent carbon

Rules for the choice of coal extraction

Equipment to qualitatively carry out their functions to clean the air by different smells, last a long time and did not bring additional problems, you need to take responsibility for the selection stage hoods. It is the chosen model and its features and will depend on the quality of life and the atmosphere in the room to be ventilated.

Selection of coal extraction

Do not buy the first favorite hood - you need to carefully examine its technical specifications and to compare them with the required parameters, suitable for your kitchen

Among the options extracts coal easy to get confused. Select the desired model may not be so simple - they are all so different.

It is important to focus on the following characteristics:

  • number of modes;
  • the required number of rates;
  • capacity of the device;
  • noise;
  • the size;
  • The cost of changing the carbon filter and accessibility;
  • the cost of the hood.

In the Master immediately determine how many modes you need and how much money can be spent on the device. This may be only cleaning exhaust air or cleaning mode and evacuation mode. Number velocity affects noise and velocity of the exhaust air processing.

Calculation of power coal extraction

The correction factor of 1.3 at the required power per extraction needed to purchased the device did not work continuously at maximum capacity. This will prolong its useful life

Then will find the right equipment capacity. Here we need room area and ceiling height. To properly calculate the power, you need to multiply these two values ​​together, then multiply by a correction factor of 1.3 and multiply by the number of indoor air updates per hour - for the kitchen is 12. The resulting value will be required power.

As for the noise hood, the models for coal, as well as options for the duct, should adhere to the level of 40 dB. you can extend the range to a value of 50 dB, if none of the family members do not suffer from increased irritability. Well, if it is a model in which 3-5 speeds, whereas the maximum noise level will only occur when working at very high speed.

Noise level of the coal extract

If you like the model noise over 50 dB, it is better to abandon its purchase - 1-2 hours cooking in the kitchen with the included drawing turn into a headache, irritability and poor mood

When selecting the important role played by the size of the device to clean the air in the kitchen. Its width should be no less than the width of the plate. Ideally, the hood should be 10 cm wider than the plate. This ensures optimum cleaning waste air.

The cost of replacement carbon filters in the selection device is also important - particularly if the new costs about 2,500 rubles. It is worth to think about the advisability of purchasing this model.

You should also pay attention to the period of use of fine filter recommended by the manufacturer. This may be 2-3 months or 9-12 months. And in some cases, and 3 years, when it comes to accessories recoverable Long Life.

Moreover, not only the cost but also the availability of the required filter model in their region is important. After all, if it is to be replaced every 2 months, and wait for the delivery of a service center for 3-4 months, then there is clearly need to pay attention to the other drawing model.

When the equipment chosen meets all the criteria that are specific to each user, you can easily purchase your favorite model. The main thing to another and its price approaches.

Responsible approach to the choice of hoods

Only at a responsible approach to the selection of equipment it can be expected that the service life will be prolonged and problems with the smooth operation of the hood without removal does not arise

How to install the equipment?

When installing extraction of coal are all rules that apply when installing the equipment with the air. In addition, the place of the ventilation shaft being here will not have any value if the instrument is not an escape mode.

Firstly, it is important to sustain the height of the plate - at least 65 cm to the hood. Secondly, the need to plug the device to connect to the network. Third, depending on the design features of the model chosen, it is necessary to install it correctly.

It can be installation in a niche kitchen cabinets or installing a stand-alone device. The manufacturer's instructions will be described in detail how to install it.

Installation of coal extraction

Perhaps it is enough to drill a hole puncher and put special hooks of the mounting kit, coming complete with hood. Then securely fix by following the instructions

If this model with the air tap and carbon filters, besides the installation, also need connection to the ventilation system houses.

Thus the installation of coal extraction model will directly depend on its design and functional features. After installing and securing the box will put the carbon filter, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Install the charcoal filter

When installing the filter it is important to hear the click that will indicate the precise placement of the accessory in the workplace or in a special box

After installing the fine filter need to put the fat - a coarse filters, which are the first to take the brunt of the work in process.

When the installation is complete, you can enable the device to the mains and press the corresponding button on the control panel. So you can test the functionality of the hood that will testify to the correctness of all installation work.

Do you want to manually set the hood without removing the vent? In this case, go this link and read the detailed instructions for its installation.

Features care coal extract

Coal equipment for exhaust air cleaning need to conduct routine inspections and maintenance. As the contamination is necessary to remove the grease filter and clean it. To do this, use the same detergent as for dishwashing. It is important when servicing is required to extract it off from the mains.

Also, if in the course of routine inspection found that one of the bulbs burns out, it is necessary to acquire a similar model of the same power. Install it must also be only after the unit is switched off from the network.

Air purification Equipment has the features, consisting in the periodic change of carbon filters. The frequency of these manipulations is dependent on the device model, the frequency of use and the manufacturer's recommendations. It should at the same time service to inspect the grease filter and charcoal.

Replacing the charcoal filters

replacing the filter in the example of one of the drawing models - Removing a used carbon filter, located just behind the fat, and the installation of new, its reliable fixing and fastening back fat filter. All this manufacturer leads step by step. Filter installation rules are different in different models of hoods. It is important to read the instruction manual and follow the manufacturer's recommendations

The charcoal filter is located in the hood for the coarse filter.


  • purchase a replacement filter in the service center;
  • use a universal filter, giving it the desired size with scissors;
  • clean the old, if the restored model;
  • to make their own hands a charcoal filter;
  • replace the filler in the cassette filter model.

It all depends on the manufacturer's recommendations, the cost and availability of replacement carbon filters. So, if no problems with it, it is easier and more convenient to buy ready-made accessory. Otherwise, the problem will be solved on their own.

For the manufacture of the filter cartridge need sheet sintepon scissors and activated carbon granules or tablets.

You can make a filter with your hands

From the fibers must be cut blank, using as filter patterns used

Then, between 2 layers syntepon need to put a granular absorbent filler and carefully record all the cassette.

In some filter model tissue protective layer can be carefully removed and washed - it does not lose its properties after these procedures, and it can be reused.

The filter cassette can be replaced by filler

The filter cassette is sufficient to replace the filler, and after drying the washed fabric material paste it into place

On the possibilities of its filter model must be read in the instructions provided by the manufacturer. For example, there are wonderful charcoal filters that can last for 3 years. This restored Elica companies under the name of Long Life. As the pollution they are washed, dried and again put in place.

The duration of operation of different manufacturers and models of accessories may differ materially.

it is also directly related to the intensity of the use of coal extraction - the less often it is included, the longer the filter:

  • the company Elica, in addition to the filter Long Life, the average period of use is 2 months;
  • in Elikor, Falmec, Jetair - it is 3-4 months;
  • in Fabriano and Gaggenau - 6 months on average;
  • while the filters Krona Company and Bosch use duration is 12 months.

As for the cost, it ranges from 250 to 3000 rubles per one accessory. Therefore, it is important to take care of spare carbon filter, at the right time, he was on hand.

image gallery

Photo of

Remove the grease filter

Step 1 - replacing the carbon filter removing fat begins with - it is first drawn in any mode with recirculation

Grease filter should be washed

Step 2 - coarse filter should be washed in soapy water and dry it, and then it will be possible to replace it

Remove the charcoal filter

Step 3 - To remove the carbon filter, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. There may be 2 or more

Get out of the packaging the new filter

Step 4 - to get out of the package the new charcoal filter and put it is used instead. Then, put the dried fat and turn the unit into the network

Remove the grease filter

Remove the grease filter

Grease filter should be washed

Grease filter should be washed

Remove the charcoal filter

Remove the charcoal filter

Get out of the packaging the new filter

Get out of the packaging the new filter

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Sometimes it is easier to recover the carbon filter own than to buy him an adequate substitute. How can resuscitate fine filter will show a video clip:

Depending on the model extraction will be different, and the installation process in her charcoal filter. Moreover, it can operate as an air tap, and a recirculation mode, if the further supply charcoal filter:

On the choice of the optimal exhaust (part 1):

Tips for choosing a drawing (part 2):

Take a closer look with features extracts, able to work in recirculation mode, you can choose the best option for your kitchen. Especially because the price range is quite wide - there are both modest carbon model and costly for tens of thousands of rubles.

Excellent performance, ease of maintenance, the ability to install and replace the filter with your hands make drawing with particle filters welcome assistants to any kitchen.

Thinking about buying a hood with a charcoal filter and want to consult with our experts and other visitors to the site? Or are willing to share their experience of choice and operation of such equipment? Leave your questions, write reviews about the pros and cons of your model, add a photo of its coal extraction, include your opinion on this equipment beneath the article.

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