Why when spinning washing machine is very noisy

  • can't work forever. If your home assistant is more than 5 years old, the likelihood that it will fail will rapidly increase. If a machine, usually working quietly, suddenly begins to squeal and buzz like a fighter on take-off, you need to take urgent measures.

    The most frequent causes of extraneous noise

    There is nothing particularly complicated in the washing machine. Therefore, there are not so many places where malfunction can nest. It all depends on what stage of the washing there is an unusual noise and rattle. The reasons for which strong noise is heard may be as follows:

    • The bearing installed in the drum drive has become unusable.
    • The fastening bolts holding the tank during transport have not been removed.
    • Drive drive pulley.
    • The counterweights that hold the drum loose or crumbled.
    • Some small objects fell between the drum and the tank wall and got stuck there.
    • Drain pump broken.
    • The rubber seal located on the hatch cover has crumbled or does not fit.
    • Washer is not installed exactly.

    Bearings damaged.

    This is a rather difficult breakdown, and you will need some skills to repair it. But to find it easy. It is necessary to disconnect the "washer" from the network and spin the drum slightly pressing it. First turn clockwise, then against. If the course is intermittent, you can hear a whistle, a knock and a gnash - you can be sure that the point is in the bearings.

    You can detect the problem in another way. The fact is that a leaky stuffing box causes damage to the bearing. When it is damaged, the water gets further, the bearing rust and crumble. You can see this by unscrewing the back panel. In the middle of the tank when such a malfunction usually appear rusty drips.

    If the cause is found, correct it as soon as possible. The work of the washing machine with crumbled bearings ends with damage to the sleeve and the shaft on which the drum sits. All this only aggravates the problem and increases the cost of repairs.

    Shipping bolts

    For more gentle transportation, special fastening bolts are provided in the case of the washing machine. They fix damping springs and prevent the tank from hanging from side to side. If you do not remove the fasteners after installing the unit, the drum will rotate with a loud thud. What to do?

    Solve the problem is very simple. You just need to unscrew the mounting bolts. Noise, stop. They are located in the back of the machine. By the way, this is written in great detail in each installation and operation manual.

    pulley got loose When the washing machine hums, makes noise and snaps loudly as the drum rotates, it may be a matter of loosening the drive pulley. Check it out easily. Turn on the machine in test mode. If this is not the case, a handwash mode or any other mode is suitable, in which the drum rotates slowly. Listen carefully to the sound while looking at the drum. If every time you turn it you hear extraneous noise, or rather, a click, most likely, the pulley is to blame.

    Fix the situation easily. Remove the back panel, locate the mounting nut that holds the pulley in position. Using a wrench of a suitable size, eliminate the backlash by tightening the nut until it stops. If the spinning noise disappeared, then you did everything right. If not, we continue the search.


    These rather heavy elements of the washing machine hold the unit's tank in place during the spin cycle. They are designed to extinguish the centrifugal force and to counteract the swinging of the washer. If you hear a lot of noise or rather a crash when you spin the drum, check the counterweights. They are made of concrete, and it tends to collapse from old age.

    Unscrew the back panel of the washing machine and carefully inspect the counterweights, shake them. If fastenings are loose, they need to be tightened, tightly turning the corresponding bolts. If you find any of the counterweights cracks, it is better to replace it completely. If this is not done, then due to strong vibration, the counterweight may split and damage the interior of the unit. Then you have to repair a lot more.

    See also - Shock absorbers for washing machines: repair and do-it-yourself replacement

    Rubbish and foreign objects

    If you hear an unusual ringing, noise or gnash while washing or spinningthing. This often happens when the hostesses do not carefully check their pockets. Such items can be nuts, coins, paper clips, bra bones, metal buttons, and so on. What to do? How to eliminate extraneous noise?

    We'll have to tinker. In order to look into the tank, you need to get to the heater and unscrew it. Through the hole with the help of long tweezers or just with your fingers( if you can) get objects that emit a strange sound. Now you need to put the heater in place, not forgetting to clean and degrease the rubber seal. It can be lubricated, for example, with a liquid detergent.

    Sometimes a problem is solved much easier. Some models of "styralok" have a special sump in which the filter is installed. In this case, you just need to open the sump door. She, most often, is located in front. Now we just take out the filter and shake out everything that got into it.

    . Faulty

    pump. Sometimes when the washer is buzzing and noisy while draining water, the reason may be that the drain pump is damaged. You can try to correct the situation by cleaning the strainer. It is located on the front of the unit, behind a special cover.

    It is also necessary to make sure that the drain connection is clean. This is another reason why the machine began to make noise. Clean the nozzle, it is likely that the noise will disappear.

    If nothing helped and the unit still buzzes and rattles - it's bad. The drain pump is completely out of order and will have to be replaced. In order not to be mistaken, carefully listen to the operation of the unit. You can “suspect” the pump only when the “washer” is noisy only when water is being collected or when it is drained, while the rest of the time is quiet. The sound will be very similar to how a transformer is running.

    Rubber gasket

    It happens that during operation, and especially the spin, the washing machine whistles. In this case, you find on the cover or walls of the hatch rubber chips. Most likely, it's a seal. Most often this happens with low-priced models of "stiralok."

    Of course, it is best to replace the seal and find a new one that fits in size. But you can try to solve the problem with the advice of craftsmen. Take a small piece of sandpaper, insert it between the front wall and the sealing rubber. Now start any wash cycle with a length of at least half an hour. Underwear at the same time do not need to put. Sandpaper will help fit the gum in size. You just need to take it out and remove the rubber rubbish from the machine. To do this, run an extra rinse cycle, then clean all the filters.

    Improper installation of the

    washing machine Sometimes the answer to the question of why the housewife rattles and rattles during washing, especially during the spin cycle, is that it is simply installed incorrectly. It is not about the electrical part, but simply about its physical location. If the unit is not installed smoothly, then when rotating at high speeds, for example, when spinning, the centrifugal force will unbalance it. This leads to the following consequences:

    • there is a powerful vibration;
    • car body swaying or "jumping", moving from the spot;
    • heard a strong thud and the beat of the drum.

    To fix the situation, you do not need to repair anything. It is enough just to install the “washer” on the level, twisting the legs. The sound should disappear.

    If, after checking all the reasons described above, you still haven’t found the reason why the washing machine makes unusual sounds, it could be in the electric motor or the “wired” part of the unit. Here, without special skills can not do. It is best to call the master. Using a multimeter, he will carefully “ring out” all suspicious places and determine the cause of the non-statutory sounds.


    In order to invite the master to your house as seldom as possible, it is enough to follow the simple rules for operating the washing machine. This will not only prolong its service life, but also save you from unnecessary trouble. What are these rules?

    1. Do not overload the machine. It is better to put a little less linen in it than is necessary according to the instructions.
    2. Try to arrange washing no more than once a day. This will avoid additional load on the parts."Styralka" will have time to cool and dry well.
    3. Clean all possible filters regularly. You can also install additional water purifiers if necessary.
    4. Often clean the machine from limescale. Use for this special means and follow the instructions.
    5. If possible, rarely start the boiling program and spin mode at maximum speed. If you do this often, components and parts will fail much faster.
    6. Before you put things in the machine, do not forget to carefully examine the pockets and folds. Buttons and zippers should be buttoned, and use a special bag to wash bras. All these precautions will relieve you from "fishing out" small items from the bottom of the drum.

    And remember: with the repair of "housewife" tighten it is not necessary. If we brush off the problem at the initial stage, the matter can be aggravated and then the repair will be much more expensive.

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