Tips for choosing an inexpensive and high-quality washing machine

  • What to look for when choosing
  • What parameters to look for when choosing?
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A good washing machine saves our time and energy. In addition, things in this device are erased correctly, which means they last longer and look better at the same time. If you are faced with the need to buy this useful unit for yourself at home or to the country, then you probably want to know how to choose a washing machine in 2018 so that this purchase can be a profitable and productive acquisition. We have prepared for you a number of recommendations that should facilitate your choice of the most optimal and suitable for you model of laundry and home textile washing machines.

What to look for when choosing

Choosing a washing machine is a matter of responsibility. First of all, because it is quite an expensive pleasure. Even on the budget washing machine, the approximate price will be about 10 thousand rubles. Luxury technology will cost 8-10 times more expensive. Moreover, this is not a seasonal purchase, but a purchase for several years. Reliable, properly selected washing machine of good quality will easily serve you for 5-7 years, or even more. Unless, of course, you follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer. And it is about how to choose the right washing machine, so that its quality and efficiency will delight you and your family, we want to tell.


Always pay attention to the technical characteristics and parameters, they will help you choose the optimal model of the washing machine.

A variety of brands, models, features and even design can turn the head of even the most demanding customer. The range is so large that it is difficult to make a choice. But to focus only on the price and your material capabilities is not entirely reasonable, why pay for those functions that you will not use? To understand what to look for, you must first determine your needs - the amount of washing, the intensity, which things you will wash most often, what space you have, etc.

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What parameters to pay attention to when choosing?

Type of washing machine

Washing machines are built-in or stand-alone. If you started a repair in your kitchen and would like to hide household appliances behind a furniture facade, then choose an embedded washing machine. Such a device can be placed under the table top - if communications allow. The best models of this type of washing machines in 2018 named model MAUNFELD MBWM.148W ( 8 kg of laundry, full protection against leaks, block 1400 revolutions during the spin cycle and plastic drum) and Weissgauff WMI 6148D ( without drying laundry -up to 8 kg, spin - 1400 rpm, plastic tank, energy consumption class - A +++).

Freestanding are not inferior to the built-in models in quality or functionality. Moreover, some models look so stylish and attractive that it would be a pity to hide them behind a dull facade. For example, bright and sleek Gorenje Color W 65Z03R / S ( 6 kg wash, 1000 rpm, delayed start, energy class - A ++, 23 operating modes) or spectacular Samsung WW12K8412OX ( 12 kg wash, 1400 rev./ min, energy class: A +++, 14 modes, protection against water leaks, protection against children, various indication).

Download Types

There are models with vertical and front loading. With side loading, you will need a space where the door could open, and in close bathroom conditions this is not always possible. But the upper surface can be used as a shelf. In addition, such a machine, as a rule, has great functionality. Pay attention to LG F-1096ND3 ( 6 kg, 1000 turns, protection from children and from water leaks, intelligent washing) or Gorenje MV 75Z43 / S ( 7 kg, 1400 turns, A +++, the fastestmode takes only 17 minutes).The build quality, they are equally reliable and impeccable.

A washing machine with a vertical type of loading can not be used as a shelf. But it is more compact and easily fit into the most limited space. In addition, you will have the opportunity to add some thing right while the machine is running. Most often, customers pay attention to Electrolux EWT 1064 ILW ( 6 kg of washing, spinning at 1000 rpm, A +++ - energy consumption class, reliable protective measures - unbalance control, blocking, foam control) and Indesit ITW A 5851 W( 5 kg of washing, wringing out 800 revolutions, energy consumption class - A, 15 programs, protection from children and leaks, delay timer).

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Automatic washing machine dimensions

As a rule, the washing electronic assistant has a height of 85 cm, width is 60. You can buy a washing machine "under the sink" - then its height will not exceed 70 cm. The depth of the machine can be standard sizes - 50-60 cm, or narrow - 45-50 cm. There are even super-narrow ones - 35-40 cm. But you should understand that such devices will not be able to boast of large capacity. When choosing a suitable model, you need to make sure that the selected machine fits in size and passes through doorways. Siemens WS 10G160 ( 5 kg of linen, 1000 turns, reloading function, dimensions - width - 60, depth - 40, height - 85), Samsung WW65K42E08W ( 6.5 kg of washing, 1200turns, protection against leakage and imbalance, Diamond Cellular Drum, price - from 27,000 rubles), Indesit BWSA 61051 ( 6 kg - maximum load of the drum, 1000 turns - spin, choice of washing temperature, Push & Wash function, deletionodors, price - about 16 thousand rubles) Under the sink, you can safely install Сandy Aquamatic 2D1140-07 ( 4 kg, 1100 rpm, 70 cm height, delayed start, additional modes and protection from children).


As a rule, you can choose a good washer with a capacity from 3.5 to 14 kg. This indicator is relevant for dry cotton linen. If you decide to wash wool, yarn, synthetic winterizer or other highly absorbent materials - load a washer slightly less than the top acceptable limit. You have a big family and you wash frequently and in many ways - take a closer look at such models as Hotpoint-Ariston RZ 1047 W ( 10 kg - drum capacity, 1400 turns during spinning, A +++, reliable protection, timer,delayed start, price - about 45 thousand rubles., Samsung WW12K8412OW ( 12 kg of washing, Swirl Drum drum, Eco drum cleaning, energy consumption class - A +++, priced at about 70 thousand rubles), Asko W8844 XL W( 11 kg of washing, energy consumption class - A ++, spin - up to 1400 rpm, saving individual programs, low noise, price - from 90thousand rubles) and LG FH-495BDS2 ( 12 kg load, energy consumption class - A +++, spin up to 1400 rpm, you can choose spin speed or completely cancel, high level of protection, price - from 50 thousand rubles).

Additional Features

  • Performance classes. Lettering symbols show us the effectiveness of washing and spinning, drying clothes, as well as energy consumption. Choose a model whose classes are not lower than A - in this case, you will get a productive, practical appliance, because only such an appliance can ensure the quality of washing and a reasonable power consumption. However, washing machines with a drying function, as a rule, have a B-class energy efficiency, but high power, which means it is a more economical option. Which washing machine to choose - productive or economical - depends on your capabilities.
  • Spin speed: 400 to 2000 revolutions per minute. For high-quality removal of fluid, it is better that the washing machine wring out at a speed of 800-1200 rpm.
  • Reliability. Another important factor. Ask how the water leakage protection system is implemented in the model you like. Perhaps this is just a sealed enclosure? And maybe an intelligent shutdown system? In the best models you can find both ways to protect against water leaks. This is the most stable security system. And if children live in your house, then the child protection mode will be a reasonable precautionary measure - a safe lock on the washing machine from accidental pressing.
  • Management. What do you prefer - reliable mechanics or stylish, modern electronics. As a rule, the mechanical type of control is found in older and simpler models, while the presence of an electronic display - which is very convenient - is the lot of more modern and multifunctional machines for washing. We choose what is more convenient for us. And yet, in many high-quality devices implemented intelligent control. It allows the device to self-dose the detergent and the amount of water, select the optimal parameters for washing and spinning, depending on the mode of operation, as well as remember the user settings entered earlier. This useful ability of the device not only allows you to effectively wash your things, but also helps to reduce energy costs and the consumption of detergent.
  • The material from which the instrument tank is made. The main load during the working process falls on the tank. Therefore, the “endurance” of the whole machine as a whole directly depends on its reliability and durability. Also, this indicator determines the noise level of the device during operation. Let's look at the most popular materials used in the manufacture of the tank for a washing machine:
  1. stainless steel - strong and durable, but the most "noisy";
  2. plastic is a cheaper material compared to the previous one. In addition, slightly reduces the noise level and will reduce energy consumption. Models from the middle price segment, which compare favorably in terms of quality, are most often equipped with plastic tanks made of durable and resistant composite materials.


Well, if the back wall of the drum is hilly, not smooth. Thus, the efficiency of interaction between the laundry and the laundry detergent is increased.


Although this criterion is a pricing factor, there are still some nuances. It makes no sense to overpay for a huge number of functions or modes, if you do not plan to intensively use your device - for example, installed it in the country. Absolutely all models — both budget and those whose price is significantly higher — are equipped with basic work programs — washing at various temperatures, a certain number of turns during spinning, washing various types of fabric, etc.

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But we advise you to pay attention to the following features of the model:

  • quick wash;
  • drain without pressing;
  • intensive wash;
  • child protection;
  • half load;
  • delayed start;
  • washing shoes or outerwear;
  • washing children's clothes.

This saves time when the washing machine has at its disposal a huge number of pre-configured modes for all sorts of needs! There is an opinion that the more modes - the higher the likelihood of “glitches” and failures, but you should understand that a high-quality and multifunctional device of an authoritative manufacturer will please you with a stable and productive wash.

Let's sum up

We told you how to choose a washing machine in 2018 so that its technical characteristics and quality of performance provide you with a mountain of clean and fresh linen every day. What will be the decisive factor for you - price, functional range, brand or capacity - you decide, we just took the liberty to recommend the most popular, discussed and frequently purchased models of washing machines. Sometimes, it is precisely the mention of a particular model in an advertisement or rating that determines our choice, but we are confident that now you will not allow yourself to be confused and will buy a washer thoughtfully and carefully. Our review article has come to an end, but we promise to keep you updated on all the new products and improvements to washing machines for the home.

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