Choosing a good convection oven for home

  • What is Convection?
  • Benefits of using aerogrill in the kitchen
  • What are aerogrills?
  • Tips for choosing high-quality aerogrill
  • Ranking of the best manufacturers of convector

In modern kitchens various household electronic assistants are used. They significantly save our time and energy that we spend on cooking. Such devices boil, fry and bake various dishes without our constant intervention or supervision. Convection oven - a device that takes care of preparing not only varied and tasty, but also healthy food. And how to choose a convection oven for the house in 2018 - read our article right now.

What is aerogril?

First of all, let's find out how the convection oven is built and why? By design, such a device is a huge pot with a fan. You put the food into the cooking tank, and then, thanks to the streams of hot air that circulate inside the appliance, the actual cooking takes place. This principle is very similar to cooking in the Russian stove, but there is no need to burn wood or coal, and the appliance itself will only take part of the kitchen table.

The pot or flask of the device is made of high-strength refractory glass. This solution allows the hostess to visually monitor the tab and the degree of readiness of products.

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The advantages of using convection oven in the kitchen
  1. First of all, the food prepared with the help of aerogrill retains all the beneficial properties, a set of vitamins and trace elements. Also, the device does not dry out water, which means that such dishes are better absorbed by the body.
  2. No harmful carcinogens and cholesterol, because you do not fry butter.
  3. You can cook diet meals, as well as food for allergy sufferers. Moreover, the ability of the device to reduce the allergenicity of certain foods has been scientifically proven.
  4. The device is easy to operate and use and is quite versatile. It is possible to cook food in any heat-resistant dishes. He can perform various technological processes of cooking products - fry, brass, bake and even smoke.
  5. Airgrill is cleaned very easily and quickly. Sometimes the device has a self-cleaning system, sometimes you need warm water, a kitchen sponge and a drop of detergent.
  6. During cooking, you will not hear the smell of frying, smoke or soot. A closed lid will reliably protect you and the kitchen surface from drops of fat.
  7. In general, aerogrill is a more economical device, especially when you consider that the use of one aerogrill can replace up to a dozen small kitchen devices.
  8. This is a safe device, a good convection oven is equipped with a stabilizer and protection against overheating.

As you can see, it is not only easy to use aerogrill in the kitchen, but also good for your health - both yours and your relatives. This is a reasonable and economical choice.

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buyers What are aerosol?

The simpler models of the device belong to class B and have only one convection velocity - the distribution of hot air inside the bulb.

More functional devices - class A, can change the speed of hot air. In such models there is a slow, medium and fast airflow.

As regards the aerogrill cover, there are two types of instrument:

  1. With hinged cover;
  2. With removable cover.

The first devices are more cumbersome, but any hostess will say that it is also necessary to find a spot for the removable lid during cooking, but this is not always convenient.

By the type of control of aerogrill, as well as any selected device, it happens with mechanical or electronic control. Mechanics - simple, inexpensive and reliable. Electronics - more modern and flexible in the settings. The absolute majority of class A models have electronic control.

Well, now is the time to move on to the most important question that concerns our readers - how to choose the convection oven?

Tips on the choice of high-quality convection ovensBut sometimes we have a question - why overpay? Should I take an advanced device or the budget model itself is quite enough? Now we will tell about it in more detail.
  • The main selection criterion is the volume of the grill vessel. The more food you are going to cook, the more volume the appliance pan should have. There are small aerogrills - 8-10 liters, average capacity - 10-12 liters, and the largest - 12 - 14 liters.
  • Power is also an important parameter to pay attention to. The higher the power, the less time will be spent on cooking. But electricity consumption will also increase. Although, as we said, the purchase and use of one aerogrill is more economical than using several instruments separately( oven, microwave, bread maker, etc.).
  • Various heating elements can be used inside the aerogrill - halogen or metal. The first are quickened to the required temperature, but serve less - only a year or two. Metal more durable and hardy, but will heat up a little longer.
  • Functionality. Often, the choice of the device depends on the set of options and "skills" that this or that model is equipped with. When making a purchase, pay attention to such useful and convenient functions of aerogrill as:
  1. Thermostat;
  2. Temperature Sensor;
  3. Heat support after cooking;
  4. Self-cleaning function;
  5. Regulation of the speed of air flow;
  6. Delayed start;
  7. Auto power off.

Also, keep in mind that simple and low-end models will successfully cope with processes such as baking, baking, cooking soups and stews. More advanced models can defrost, dry, sterilize, simmer, bake, fry, boil, rinse and even feature a smoking function.

Well, when the price of aerogrill includes everything needed for culinary experiments - grates, skewers, tongs, tongs, baking balls, skewers, expansion rings, steamers, lids, etc.

We have listed the most basic and important criteria that will help you with the choice of the actual effective assistant to the kitchen. And now, we want to say just a few words about the manufacturers of aerogrills.

Rating of the best manufacturers of conveying ovens

It should be noted that convection ovens are not the most common device in domestic markets. And for a long time only Hotter devices were found on store shelves. They are distinguished by the well thought-out device, durability and functionality. In the model range there are also low-end models( HX-1037 ECONOMY or HX-1037 CLASSIC) - with a timer, a capacity of 10 liters, a removable lid and a long service life, as well as models of the highest category( HX-1057 ELITE, HX-1057 PLATINUM,HX-1087 TIGER) - with a convection speed regulator, stabilizer and a wide range of operating modes.

One of the highest positions in the sales list is the aero grills of the brand Redmond .They are stylish, modern and affordable. For example, models RAG - 240, 241 and 242. they have a timer, temperature controller and self-cleaning function, they are equipped with halogen heating elements and have mechanical control.

We advise you to pay attention to aerogrills such as Supra AGS-1101( 11 liters, 1300 watts, thermostat, timer, halogen heater), VES AX 745( 11 liters, 1350 watts, thermostat, expansion ring, skewer included), MysteryMCO-1509( 12 l, 1200 watts, thermostat-regulator, delayed start) and Unit UCO 918( 12 l, 1300 watts, 6 automatic programs, timer, removable cover). It is difficult to say which aerogril is the best, because all models havedistinctive advantages and features. So - the choice is yours!

So you learned how to choose a convection oven for home in 2018.Feel free to go to the store for a purchase or give useful advice to someone who wants to buy a truly reliable and functional convection oven. Making the right decisions and successful culinary samples!

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