Dishwasher does not dry dishes and does not heat water

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Any malfunction in the dishwasher, even the most complex and unpleasant, has a clear cause of breakage that can be fixed. The most common problem is when the dishwasher does not dry the dishes and does not heat the water , or does it, but is very bad without bringing the desired result.

However, if you opened the dishwasher door, and see in front of you a clean dish, on which there is a small amount of water, you should not worry, everything is in order with the machine. The thing is that most machines have a condensation drying system, which is not quite perfect. Since the evaporated water settles on the walls of the chamber, which are mainly made of metal( it cools with the same speed as the inner lining).

Causes of malfunction

When it happened, so the dishwasher does not dry the dishes, besides it has washed it badly, it can already be accurately ascertained that a serious breakdown has occurred, due to which the functionality of the system has been violated. In dishwashers that have a condensation drying system installed, there are the following failures:

  • failure of the heater - if it fails, the element will not heat the water, which means the dishes will not wash and dry;
  • temperature sensor malfunction - this device regulates the efficiency of the heater, giving it a command to start drying. If it breaks, the process of draining the dishes will not start. Sometimes the machine may stop at the stage of washing dishes due to a sensor malfunction;
  • faulty dishwasher control module relay.

However, as for machines with a turbo dryer system, the cause of a breakdown can be hidden in the ventilation system, which inflates the air through the dishwashing chamber. In this case, all the dishes will be quite wet.

How to troubleshoot

Below, we will look at ways to replace parts, as for the heater and temperature sensor, then in case of their breakdown, only a complete replacement of their components will help. Further detail about each of the elements:

  1. in almost all Bosch dishwashers and models from other manufacturers Teng are located in the lower part of the structure at the very base. To dismantle it, you need to turn the unit on its side and remove the pallet. You can check its performance using a multimeter. If it is necessary to replace the heater, it is desirable to use a new and original part;The
  2. temperature sensor is located in the opening of the chamber, which is designed to discharge water. Be careful, in some models, this camera also has a sensor that measures the purity of the water. Replacing the temperature sensor will not cause any difficulties, it will be necessary to pull the wires out of it, and install a new one in place of the old one. Next, you need to check the performance of the dishwasher.

Now consider the failure of the ventilation system and the control relay: the

  1. relay is located on the control board, which is hidden in the door of the dishwasher. Having disassembled the door, you will find there are two such elements, to replace the relay, you will need the skill of using a soldering iron. However, if you are afraid of damage to the board or you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to turn to the master, this repair is not expensive;
  2. with a ventilation system is becoming more and more difficult, since it cannot be repaired, only a complete replacement of the unit will help you. Determining that it has stopped working quite easily is that you will not hear the characteristic sound during the draining process. In all models, the fan is placed differently, it all depends on the design of the dishwasher. You will have to disassemble a small part of the machine to find out where the system is located, if you are not afraid of it then go ahead. But in cases of which it is better to contact the master, who knows the whole design of the unit.

We considered the main reasons why the dishwasher does not dry dishes, in some cases, you may need direct intervention by the master, as the breakdown may be more serious than you thought.

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