The refrigerator is cracking or clicking during operation: what to do?

  • Why is the refrigerator cracking?
  • Why does the fridge click?
  • Cracking the fridge and not working, what to do?

In a modern apartment or house a large amount of household appliances work for the benefit of their residents. But from time to time small and, unfortunately, big troubles happen with this very technique. And when entering the kitchen in the morning you discover that the refrigerator does not work. Unplug it from the outlet, turn it on again - you hear a click or crackle coming from its lower back. Why does the refrigerator click and why is it cracking?

Why is the refrigerator cracking?

Since the refrigerator is a complex device with many details and mechanisms, the crack and clicks are an integral part of its work. Let's arm ourselves with some knowledge and try to figure out why the refrigerator is cracking. We will determine the possible causes of crackles and clicks.

  1. Uneven surface. Make sure that the adjusting feet are not sunk and in good condition. To do this, look under the fridge. Pay attention to whether the refrigerator is in contact with other objects.
  2. Crack plastic parts. This happens with refrigerators that are in operation for a short time. All because of the temperature drop, but soon it should disappear. Whether it is Indesit, Atlant or Ariston - practically all manufacturers are subject to this problem at the initial stage of use.
  3. Compressor operation. This device maintains the necessary temperature in the refrigerator chamber. It should be clarified that the sound of his work is more like a hum, and the noise level is indicated by each manufacturer in the passport to the device.
  4. Coolant circulation through the tubes.
  5. Fan operation. The fan serves to remove unpleasant odors.

Why does the fridge click?

Since the compressor of the refrigerator is an actuator, it requires a control unit. Turns on its thermostat, or thermostat, when it reaches a certain temperature. Simply put, the thermostat works as a switch, it only works not by direct pressing, but remotely. Therefore, as with any switch it does it with a click. This is one of the reasons why the refrigerator clicks.

After the power up command, the compressor itself starts. Since this is an electric motor, equipment is needed for its start-up and protection against overheating. This function is assigned to the starting relay, which, when turned on, also clicks.

Having dealt with the design features and characteristics, we can conclude that the refrigerator clicks during operation and this is absolutely normal. And this is why the Indesit, Zanussi, Samsung or other popular manufacturers that are present on the market are cracking and we are not working yet.

At the beginning of the article a list of reasons why the refrigerator crackles was determined. At the same time, they do not affect the stable work. Yes, perhaps it gives users a certain discomfort during operation( door creaking, coolant gurgling, noise and compressor clicks).But still - the products do not deteriorate, and the cameras maintain the required temperature. What to do when in the refrigerator crackle and it does not work?

Crashing the refrigerator and not working, what to do?

To get started, do not panic and follow a certain verification algorithm:

  1. Check the electrical connection and possible visible damage. The reason may be a malfunction of the outlet, plug or cable and does not require complicated and expensive repairs.

Note: a refrigerator that is directly connected to a two-wire electrical network should be operated with a residual current device. This will protect against surges and power surges, which can lead to serious damage. In addition, the manufacturer is not liable for damage to the health of the user and his property, if these standards are not met.

  1. You are also able to check the adjustment feet and the evenness of the installation, the gaps from the walls and adjacent equipment. The gaps are necessary for ventilation, and that the refrigerator is at the required distance from heat sources.
  2. Check that the refrigerator door is tightly closed and the seals are not damaged. These problems will cause the compressor to work longer than it should and will reduce the operating life of the refrigerator.

Well, perhaps, everything that a regular user can find out on his own. If you are lucky and your refrigerator is creaking for one of the above reasons, the repair will not take a lot of manpower and equipment. In replacing a poor-quality outlet or an outdated compactor, a good master will help, and simply move the refrigerator to another place and even everyone’s power.

With all the other faults and breakdowns, everything is more complicated. Without the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to produce the necessary diagnostics is quite difficult. The same applies to the possible repair, replacement of damaged components and parts. The causes of faults may be many. Here are the main ones:

  • compressor engine failure;
  • thermostat malfunction;
  • failure of compressor starting equipment.

. If, after the inspection you have carried out, the refrigerator continues to operate improperly, contact an authorized service center for the servicing products of your chosen brand.

So remember - any refrigerator produces sounds during operation. The main thing is to understand why the refrigerator is cracking, creaking and clicking. Read the instructions for use, installation rules and be careful with your household appliances. Believe, it will serve long and reliably!

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