Iron repair with your own hands: disassemble and repair

  • Defective power cord
  • The temperature controller has broken
  • Thermal fuse
  • The heating element is out of order
  • Steaming system

Such a nuisance as an iron breakdown can happen to anyone. You are going to do an elementary thing - to iron things, but the iron that is plugged into the outlet refuses to heat up. Quite often, you can repair irons yourself, especially as the cause of damage can be quite simple, often the mains lead is faulty. The first thing is to visually inspect the device for damage, and then begin to check each of the elements.

Defective power cord

The most common object of failure is the power cord, check it for mechanical damage and visible defects. If there are none, then for further research you will need a special tester that allows you to ring the cord to check the performance. If the cause of the breakdown really is a wire, then first it is worth shortening it. If this does not help, then the wire will have to be completely replaced with a new one.

Similarity tester can do it yourself, for this you will need a small wire, a battery and a light bulb. The wire is divided into pieces, one of them connects the cord to the battery, the other with a light bulb. The presence or absence of a signal is thus clearly determined - if the cord is working, the light comes on.


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Temperature controller has broken

The second most common cause of a malfunction is the temperature regulator, to determine whether it works, you also need a tester for dialing. If the cord is working, then the next step is to check the regulator. Disassembling the iron at this stage is not yet required to ring this element, you should use the contact group on the body of the product. To test, you can use the same tester that we have made our own.

Thermal fuse

To check the thermal fuse, you need to know how to disassemble the iron. Different models can be dealt with in different ways, for more details it is worth studying the instructions for use. Often, the disassembly is quite simple, it only requires a simple Phillips screwdriver. Thermal fuse disconnects the power circuit, if the temperature exceeds the permissible values, in case of breakage, the circuit remains disconnected forever.

To determine the performance of the fuse, we need all the same wire and tester, made by hand. If the cause of the fault lies in the fuse, then it should be replaced with a new one. You can also completely eliminate the fuse from the electrical circuit, in most cases, the need for this element is absent.


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The heating element

is out of order. Knowing how to disassemble the iron, you can easily check the heating element( TEH).If the cord is working, and all other elements of the system work correctly, the necessary indicators are lit, then the problem lies in the sole of the iron. If it is impossible to detach the heating element due to the design, then you will have to buy a new iron.

To determine the performance of the sole, you will again need a tester that you have collected with your own hands. If there is a suspicion that the heating element is working, it is possible to repair the product. Let's try to clean the contacts with sandpaper, in most cases, this technique helps to restore full performance. Poor wire is the main problem. Malfunction of the heating element suggests that the iron should be sent to a landfill, as repairs will cost more than buying new equipment.

Steaming System

If the iron works as a whole normally, but there are complaints about the steaming system, it is necessary to clean its internal cavities. It is necessary to take care of this cord, since harmful substances are included in the solution necessary for stripping. The solution is made quite simply, the ratio is one cup of vinegar to one liter of water. It is much easier to repair the iron with your own hands than it might seem at first glance, everyone can handle the procedure of cleaning the steaming system, this does not require special skills.


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The solution is poured into any suitable container in which you can put the iron with the sole down, saving the cord. The container is placed on the stove, it is necessary to bring the temperature of the solution to a boil, to complete cleaning, repeat the procedure several times. Try not to spoil the cord, then the procedure will be successful. To ensure the quality of the cleaning result, it is only necessary to connect the power cord and check how the steam system works. So simply enough to repair any part of the iron, be it a wire or important system elements.

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