How to replace the filler and drain hose of the dishwasher

The purchase of a dishwasher is a joyful event for every woman. This modern unit is sure to become your faithful assistant in everyday life, will save not only your precious time, but also the cost of water supply. And indeed, using a dishwasher you can significantly reduce the cost of water, since such devices are the most economical and convenient to use. Now you can immediately wash all dirty dishes quickly, and you don’t have to do it yourself. The main thing to ensure that the drain hose for dishwasher always remained in good condition.

Unfortunately, household appliances are not eternal, and each appliance has its own specific resource, after which it inevitably goes down. However, significantly extend the life of their kitchen, and not only helpers can, if you carefully monitor their condition and properly care. The more complex the unit, the more care and additional funds it requires, but if you regularly check the performance of individual elements of the machine, then you can do without expensive repairs.

  • Types of hoses for dishwasher
  • How best to prepare for such a repair?
  • What is Aqua Stop?
  • Connecting to the sewage system
  • How to extend the life of your dishwasher

Types of hoses for the dishwasher

Strange as it may sound, the modern range of dishwashers is more reliably protected from leaks than the same washing machines. As a rule, all dishwashers are equipped with two hoses: drain and flood, and usually the manufacturer gives these products a good guarantee. In view of this, the failure of such accessories is quite a rare phenomenon. However, no one is immune from accidental damage, the result of which could be a broken hose. Also, many consumers faced situations where the filler hose for the dishwasher was simply not included or was too short to properly connect the device.

In any case, you may need a drain hose for a dishwasher at the most inappropriate moment, so you need to clearly understand how to make your choice and installation correctly. If you began to notice that it was not safe to use your dishwasher, then replacing the hose is simply necessary. You can understand this by leaks that will be inevitable in such a situation. Unlike replacing internal parts, changing the hose is not a difficult task, and absolutely everyone can handle it.

How to better prepare for this repair?

First you need to disconnect the unit from the network, sewage and water supply. Now our task is to push the machine to the free space, first laying there cellophane or rags, which will be necessary so that the remaining water in the device does not spread on the floor. No repair is complete without high-quality tools, in this case, you will need reliable pliers and screwdrivers. It goes without saying that you should already have the hoses ready - the drain and filler hose for the dishwasher. To choose the right length, measure the required distance, and remember that these elements should not be set to stretch.

Today you can buy hoses with the most different lengths from one and a half to five meters, but the most optimal are products of two or two and a half meters. Another important point: any drain or filling hose for the dishwasher must be equipped with a technical data sheet, where all its main parameters will be indicated. These include the permissible water supply pressure, temperature, and so on. Today, these hoses are most often made of PVC with fittings and a cap nut. In addition, modern elements for draining or filling water can be equipped with a special Aqua Stop valve that prevents leakage.

What is Aqua Stop?

Today, buying a variety of household appliances, or components for it, you can hear from the seller the phrase Aqua Stop, which is often applied to washing machines and dishwashers. Aqua stop itself is an ordinary hose that is placed in a special casing with a device that blocks the water during an accident. This system is triggered at the time of a hose rupture or leakage, which helps to protect the housing from the flood. Modern dishwashers from many manufacturers are initially equipped with an aqua-stop system, so you don’t have to buy it separately.

How to understand that this device worked? If your dishwasher stopped in the process of work and does not want to pump water in any way, then you should check the hose. To do this, turn off the water and unscrew the aquastop: if the valve behind the nut is pressed tightly, and you can not see any gaps, then most likely the aquastop has worked. In such a situation, it is necessary to change the hose, and every consumer will be able to cope with this task, since there is nothing complicated about it.

As a rule, to replace the drain or filler hose of an aquastop, you just need to turn off the water and unscrew it, and screw the new one into the place of the faulty one. If you choose an electromagnetic system, then in this case it will also be necessary to connect a wiring recognition sensor. Aquastop hoses are not useless, as the vast majority of users believe today. It will reliably protect your dishwasher from leaks and prevent flooding, which can be fraught with not only general cleaning in the kitchen, but also costly repairs from the neighbors below.

Connecting to the sewage system

If the filler hoses for the dishwasher can be connected without any problems, then there may be problems with the drainage system. The most correct way to drain is to install a siphon through special valves that prevent the flow of water in the opposite direction. Drain hoses should be mounted on a wall or a special cabinet, about sixty centimeters high. Bend it is necessary so that the water without stagnation passed inside the device. Before connecting, it will not be superfluous to check the length of the hose, which should be enough so that it does not fit into the tension.

After you have completely connected the device, it is necessary to drive it to idle for the first time in order to check the reliability of all connections. In the process, you can determine the following:

  • How quickly water is poured into the unit.
  • Water heating quality.
  • Check the drying process.

Remember that the first cycle must necessarily include all detergents and additional products that are used for washing dishes. If you have not noticed any abnormalities and the drain hose for the dishwasher is working normally, then the device can be used normally without fear.

How to extend the life of your dishwasher

Such devices as a dishwasher can cost a lot of money, besides, we usually buy large appliances not for one year, so proper maintenance and parting is very important. If you do everything strictly according to the rules, then you can forget about repairing or replacing the machine for a long time.

  • Make sure that your dishwasher is properly loaded: dishes should not go beyond the bins, as this will interfere with the normal operation of the device.
  • Regularly, preferably once a week, you must wash the strainer. To do this, you will need to remove the bottom basket and unscrew the fasteners.
  • The same applies to the holes in the blades of the shower, be sure to check if there is debris or food debris.
  • It is necessary to clean the seal on the door every six months, for this purpose special detergents are used.
  • Do not forget to clean the machine using dishwasher, which will always keep your device in proper form.

Do not forget to choose also the correct mode of washing in order to efficiently wash certain types of dishes. In addition to the standard mode in such units there are programs of intensive washing, cycles for fragile dishes, quick washing and so on. The more precisely you follow the rules of operation, the longer you will be able to use your kitchen assistant. If you begin to notice that the device does not work as before, then you should contact a qualified master who can quickly determine the type of failure. Do not try to do the repair yourself, because it can lead to irreversible consequences.

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