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pumping station Dzhileks pumping station is a Russian manufacturer and a manufacturer of a Russian manufacturer and a producer of a Russian company and a simple to work pattern and to make a household and it’s a simple man and it’s a producer and he and he and the people in the world will have enough to make it. Reliable and easy-to-repair equipment is becoming a leader in demand. Equally important is the adaptability to domestic conditions and price. In the production of using various equipment, materials manufacturing. Of the entire product line, pumping stations of Jilex Jumbo of various capacities are in greatest demand.

Design and principle of operation of the pump station

Any pumping station has the main and auxiliary equipment. The system includes:

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  • surface pump;
  • hydraulic tank;
  • automation system.

The equipment in question is capable of pumping turbid water, unlike models of well-known manufacturers. A self-priming pump with a built-in ejector raises water from a depth of up to 9 m. A filter is also installed on the top. Engine enhanced, automatic control of the inclusion, provides level control and pressure. Pump station Dzhileks is tight, the engine moisture-proof. Impeller body material:

  • stainless steel - "H";
  • cast iron - "W";
  • glass-filled propylene "P".

The pump suction piping is lowered into the water layer 30 cm above the bottom horizon. A non-return valve is installed on the pump nozzle and the pipe is always under the bay. The pump is turned on when there is insufficient pressure in the accumulator. Setting the pressure range occurs in the factory. The tank is membrane, two-chamber, the back pressure is created by air. As a result, the Jumbo pumping station provides water to several points, depending on the capacity.

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Advantages of Dzhileks station:

  • low starting currents;
  • there is no water hammer when the pump is turned on;
  • protection against voltage surges;
  • low mechanical loads;
  • dry run exception.

The disadvantage is complicated installation, and repair often requires complete disassembly of the pump. A powerful pump with a capacity of 70 l / min is noisy, users recommend making room noise insulation.

Varieties of water supply installations

All stations are distinguished by their maximum performance and installation pressure. Operating parameters differ from the maximum by 20-30%.It is important to know when choosing equipment.

Decipher the marking on the example of one installation - Jumbo 60/35 H-24 HC:

  • HC - pumping station;
  • series - Jumbo;
  • capacity - 60 l / min.
  • pumping distance of 35 m, or into a tank at a height of 3.5 m.
  • body - cast iron;
  • hydroaccumulator capacity - 24 liters.

The considered pump station Dzhileks is popular with summer residents. Installation is economical, consumes 600 watts. Its capacity is enough to provide a family of 4 people, the cost is about 6 thousand rubles. But water is not enough, if you need to organize watering the garden.

Pumping station Gilex Jumbo 70 50n 50n is a more powerful installation that meets the needs of the rural farmstead. This model is called Dzhileks DOM.The housing may be made of stainless steel, plastic or cast iron. Users claim fiberglass is no less a durable material. The house model is distinguished by a 50 liter battery tank, 1100 watts of increased power and a powerful controller that ensures the system’s operation.

Pumping station Jilex Jumbo 50/28 is small, ideal for organizing water supply for small families. But a weak pump cannot work for a long period, it is not intended for irrigation. The station costs only 3600 rubles.

Manufacturer provides users a large selection. This is mainly a type of Jumbo stations:

  • 75 n 5 n,
  • 75 n 24 n,
  • 70/50 n-50 with a horizontal tank and others.
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Difficulties in operating the equipment

The system assembled according to the rules will work reliably. And to perform the installation in accordance with the requirements, you need to study the instructions of the pump station Dzhileks. Recommendations for connecting the equipment will help a competent installation of the station:

  1. The suction pipe installed in the water intake should not touch the sand pillow, hang over it at a certain distance. The pipe to the pump rises smoothly, without sagging, in which air can accumulate.
  2. Ogolovok with ejector covered with a grid of sand. Top mounted check valve. All joints on the suction line must be sealed.
  3. The discharge pipe is connected to the receiver
  4. . The socket is installed, always with grounding.

Automation devices are set up at the factory stand, if necessary, change the parameters is better to contact the experts.

The Jileks pumping station instruction manual describes the main malfunctions and how to eliminate them.

If the pump is running and water does not flow, the reason is that air has entered the suction system. It is necessary to check whether the non-return valve is flowing and whether there is water in the well. Often the air is sucked through leaks in the joints.

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If water enters the system with jerks, the pump often turns on, it is possible that the membrane broke or the relay failed. Due to a relay failure, the pump may not turn off in general.

If the pump does not turn on - check the condition of the outlet, the presence of energy in the network. In the instructions of the pump station Dzhileks you can find the answer to many questions. It also describes the independent repair and recommendations to contact the nearest service center.

Spare parts for pumping stations Dzhileks is not difficult to find. And their cost is not high. If the repairs are made in the workshop, they will take 500-600 rubles for the work due to complexity. But spare parts should be purchased separately. A battery tank can cost from 900 rubles, a membrane - 400, and a pressure switch above 600. All units are sold in specialized stores or repair shops.

Feedback from users of

If you read a lot of user reviews, you can create a summary:

  • if the Vilo or Grundfos pumping station is out of order, repairs will be more expensive than the new Dzhileks;
  • patiently pumps muddy water;
  • engine does not burn when voltage drops;
  • good value for money.

They note that there are no issues for the first year of the pumping station operation. Most often fail membrane and pressure switches. The stations installed by service technicians work better.

Pumping station Gilex Jumbo 60/35 PK - video

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