To buy a cultivator electric for giving - to accelerate processing of the soil

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Electric cultivator for giving performs several operations, freeing the gardener from the land cultivator

The electric cultivator for giving performs several operations, freeing the gardener from the heavy cultivator

The electric cultivator for giving performs several operations, freeing the gardener from the heavy cultivator

.Spring tillage consists in waking the ground after a winter rest, loosening and filling with oxygen. Heavy and long digging of the field manually reproaches the electric cultivator.

Varieties of cultivators selection criteria

The choice of a cultivator depends on the type of work - processing the beds in the greenhouse and orderly plowing, or raising the field with loosening, in the process of preparing for continuous sowing. In the summer, the cultivator can work with a hiller or weed between rows.

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Depending on the type of work performed, you will need to have different mounted tools - cutters and sprockets, hillers and pololniki. The power of the engine used depends on the density of the soil.

Electric cultivator for gardening can only work from the network, so you will need an extension cord.

Electric cultivators for giving are light and inexpensive, they perform a limited range of works.

The lightest models of cultivators for greenhouses

Representative of ultra-light tools is the Cultivator Countryman, manufacturer Kalibr in China. The main advantage is compactness and low weight. The device works with low noise, using different weights for soil care.

Before operating, check that all bolts are tight. There is no lubricant in the gearbox, you need to add it. Roll on a small load.

If the choice fell on the electric cultivator Countryman KE 1300, it refers to the ultra-light models. This is a popular model for processing greenhouses, flower beds and garden beds. The bright plastic case protects the engine from lumps of the earth and hit of dust. The cutters work to a depth of 23 cm, and there are quick-release wheels for transport.


  • electric motor, power 1.3 kW;
  • cutter rotation speed - 110 rpm;
  • cutter diameter - 230 mm;
  • speed - 1 speed, no reverse;
  • weight - 13.4 kg.

Adjustable steering column and foldable handle are an added convenience when transporting an electric cultivator to give.

A well-known manufacturer of garden machinery, the company Einheil, offers a baby weighing only 7.6 kg for working light soils in country beds and in greenhouses. The brisk cultivator with a width of 30 cm is equipped with two cutters and is capable of loosening the soil to a depth of 20 cm. It has one speed, without reverse. The company provides a 750-watt electric cultivator with a 24-month warranty.

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DDE will slightly lightly tackle light soil. It is designed for processing cultivated soil up to 8 acres. The cultivator is equipped with an oil worm gearbox, an ergonomic adjustable handle and a dust and moisture protective housing. With proper care, the DDE 750W electric cultivator will last a long time.

Founded by inventor Daniel Davis since 1990, the company is part of the DDE group. Garden equipment of this American company is characterized as reliable and efficient in operation.

When buying a cultivator with an electric drive, you need to take care of a quality extension cord.

Class of light models of electric cultivators

Electric cultivator DDE ET 1200-40 has a grip of 40 cm and works with six knives. The 1.2 kW engine allows to process the earth to a depth of 22 cm. The tool copes even with the trodden platform. Cutters made of alloy steel with a special sharpening quality loosen lumps. Low noise and lack of gas exhausts make it possible to work in the early morning without disturbing the guests. Mechanisms are under the reliable cap protecting from dirt. Female hands will cope with the device.

Technical parameters of the cultivator:

  • electric motor power - 1.2 kW;
  • voltage - 230 V;
  • gearbox - worm;
  • wheels - are available;
  • cutters - 6 pieces;
  • warranty - 2 years.

Adjustable handle allows you to conveniently control the tool for a person of any height. Cultivator weight - 12 kg.

A well-known Korean manufacturer of reliable equipment offers an electric cultivator DAEWOO DAT 1700E, equipped with its own induction type electric motor. The motor of special development has the increased torque and the increased motor potential. On the engine, the company gives a special guarantee, the entire power unit is closed with dust and a moisture-proof body, which has a handle for carrying the tool.

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The worm gearbox has an aluminum body. The device works with high efficiency, transferring 90% of torque to the cutters. The cultivator is equipped with 16 special cutters. They themselves carry the body on plowing, without the use of wheels. There is a coulter and wheels that facilitate the transportation of the unit. Cultivator weight 13.5 kg.

The handle has a control panel and a lock button to prevent accidental starting. The equipment can work in greenhouses and on a plot with cultivated soil. In the opinion of users, the cultivator works on dense ground, goes along the neglected area, but it is necessary to cut off the rhizomes that are wound around the axis of the cutters.

On solid ground, a light apparatus pops up, but having chosen the angle of inclination, you can cultivate such land.

The company maintains its service of equipment only to its centers located throughout the country.

Gardena's electric cultivator is marketed by economical models with a 600 watt engine. Handle small, lightweight devices from 20 to 36 cm with the same power. Their weight is from 6.5 to 8 kg. The depth of treatment is 18 cm, but the special shape and sharpening of the milling cutters allow loosening of heavy, trampled soil to a depth of 18 cm. The cultivator is equipped with 4 blades that work efficiently.

The device is controlled with one hand, he bites into the soil and moves. Drive with crankcase lubrication ensures trouble-free operation.

With the help of a one-handed mechanism you can additionally use fertilizer for digging. To safely move the cable, the tool is equipped with a strain relief system that lays the wires.

Cutters operate at a speed of 260 rpm, which contributes to good crushing of lumps. Foldable aluminum handle does not interfere with the transport of tools in the trunk. Produce models in Germany.

Cultivator electric Hyundai T2000E stands out among other models, not only power, a complete set. The available belt drive helps load dissipation. Cutters are driven by a chain drive. As a result, the design allows you to handle 50 cm in a single pass. Wings above the wheels protect the power unit from dirt. The steering wheel is adjusted by tilting to a comfortable position. The front wheel is needed during transportation, in the working position it is raised.

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Tool Specifications:

  • electric motor power - 2.0 kW;
  • cutter diameter 280 mm;
  • processing depth - 25 cm:
  • grip width - 55 cm;
  • weight 29.6 kg.

Compared with the models under consideration, it is the most powerful cultivator. Along the edges of the working mechanism there are discs that form an even cut. To start you need to apply power and squeeze the clutch. The device is introduced into the soil gradually with a slight buildup. The opener descends to the working depth. At full load, with a dive of 25 cm, the machine goes slowly, but treats the layer of earth carefully.

The cultivator features a set of forged mills and an asynchronous motor.

Cultivator electric Patriot brand is the birthplace of America, production is established in China. A small nimble machine that can handle 26 cm of cultivated land. Engine power 1390 W, weight 16 kg. The cultivator is equipped with a worm gear, belt transmission. Mills with a section of 230 mm process the soil to a depth of 20 mm. The tool showed itself well on cutting the beds and when working in the greenhouse.

All offered models have different cost. But with enough skill in plumbing, knowledge in practical electrical engineering, you can assemble an electric cultivator with your own hands.

This is a model of an electric meat grinder. To make the device you need:

  • engine from a meat grinder, better from industrial;
  • metal tubes and nook;
  • wheels on the axle, can be included;
  • screw scrap;
  • welding machine and tools.

We weld metal handles to the crater of the gearbox through the attached corners, flexing them for convenience. To the same corners fasten wheel axles. We select a pair of wheels of medium size. From scrap you need to turn the shaft under the cutters. In the sleeve from the electric machine to place the shaft, and on it from the bent plates collect the cutters.

Video about electric cultivator

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