Gas hob: modern, stylish, functional

A new gas hob for many. Not everyone knows what functions and parameters it is endowed with. We will tell about the interesting qualities that this modern equipment has and what the buyer should pay attention to in order to become a faithful assistant to the hostess and a stylish decoration in the kitchen.

  • Gas advantage over electricity
  • Dependent or independent
  • Production material
  • Appearance
  • Shape of burners
  • Lattices and gas supply control for kitchen stoves
  • Additional features of kitchen panels

gas advantage over speed APIAA010310

  • electrical;
  • combined.
  • Which is better: on gas or on electricity? Both those and others have advantages and disadvantages. Those who have already decided, tips are not needed. And for those who are still eyeing, we will sound a few reasons that cause many housewives to make a choice in favor of gas surfaces:

    • No need to change the wiring. Modern electric hob is prohibited to connect to wiring, not designed for increased load. Otherwise, there will be a short circuit in the network or the cable will simply burn, because the electrical panels consume up to 9 kW, which is not designed for any outlet.
    • Gas stove does not consume electricity( only for the ignition of the burner).You can not say about electrical engineering: in some models, the total power of the burner reaches 9 kW.
    • Cooking on the gas surface does not depend on interruptions in electricity.
    • No problem with the choice of dishes. And for an electric surface you need to take dishes with a flat bottom, which will correspond to the size of the burner. The type of metal also matters: a copper or aluminum pan will leave a dark mark and permanently spoil the cooking surface.
    • Gas surfaces are cheaper than electric ones.
    • A gas stove is more economical in energy costs: the price of gas is lower than the cost of electricity.
    • Ergonomic: the gas panel heats up and cools faster than the electric one.
    • The gas surface is clear and traditional. And this is also the reason that many housewives do not want to see electric in their kitchen.

    Dependent or independent

    Before you take this kitchen appliance, think about whether you need an oven. And if necessary, in which niche it will be installed: under the hob, at the level of the countertop or in the kitchen case. It depends on which panel is better to take:

    • dependent. It is connected to the oven with a common control and a gas pipe. And in some models, the control is rendered on the facade of the oven;
    • or independent. A more popular type of cooker, because it allows you to choose any convenient place for the oven, or to completely abandon it.

    Manufacturing Material

    An important criterion, since price and care depend on it.

    • Enamelled steel plates. They are worth taking to customers whose budget is limited. In addition, this built-in equipment does not require special care( you can not use abrasive detergents), its weight is small. The choice of color in the tone of the kitchen is not a problem: the colors are varied. There are glossy and matte panels, powder paint is used for the manufacture of the latter. The enameled plate is afraid of impacts, as metal corrosion will occur at the site of the cleavage.
    • Steel cookers. A more practical choice: to scratch it is already harder, but after the impact there will be a dent. You can also choose a plate not only with a glossy, but also a matte surface. But you will often have to clean it: not only traces of cooking are visible, but also fingerprints.
    • Tempered glass panels. It is not cheap, but to take “gas under glass”: a variety of colors, drawings, touch controls - all this allows you to choose equipment for any interior. For example, a white surface with an ornament will be an exquisite "highlight" of any kitchen. It is worth remembering that the glass plate is afraid of blows. Weight, per burner, more than 15kg is not recommended.
    • Glass ceramic hobs. Disadvantage: the high cost of such a plate. Increased thermal conductivity - this property of glass-ceramic is in demand in electrical panels, but not in gas. However, a properly selected glass-ceramic technique is modern and practical: everything is easily removed from it except for burning sugar.


    Here, manufacturers have tried to satisfy any, even the most fastidious tastes of buyers.

    • Standard built-in model: burners are correctly positioned in the corners.
    • Single-row model: it is better to take it for a narrow and long tabletop, since all the burners are arranged in a row. Do not forget that the size of the plate on the front can reach more than one meter.
    • Curvilinear shape. For example, you can make a choice in favor of the built-in arched surface. This design is convenient, since all the burners are perfectly visible.
    • Corner shape: popular in kitchens where the worktop forms an angle. This gas cooktop saves space.
    • Form "domino".The most interesting "integration".Of course, it costs more, but it allows you to select several segments and assemble not only four, but also six hot plates. Or purchase sections - work surfaces, where there is a built-in appliances: food processors, braziers, fryers, grill grates, hoods, steamers.

    It is also worth considering how many functional burners you need. There are models with the number of burners from two to five. As a rule, the fifth ring has the shape of an ellipse and is located in the center.

    Shape of the burner

    The variety here reigns that it is sometimes difficult to decide which stove is better to buy? Depending on the functionality, you can choose the panel where the burners are installed:

    • classic round - vary in diameter, the number of crowns of the flame;
    • are quadrangular - they look stylish, but this shape is not different in functionality;
    • oblong - provide a uniform warming up, are applied to utyatnits, other ware, having an oval bottom;
    • spiral - in them the flame is regulated not only in intensity but also along the length of the spiral;
    • burner-WOK - have a special stand designed for dishes with a spherical bottom.

    Three sided burners are especially popular with hostesses, which will allow you to cook an oriental cuisine dish or quickly heat a large diameter container.

    In all modern models, the burners are equipped with electric ignition. There are plates where the spark is fed by pressing a single key. But it is more practical to choose a technique that manufacturers have equipped with an automatic ignition function( activated when you press the gas knob).

    Lattices and gas supply control for

    cookers As a rule, the embedded surface, even glass-ceramic, is equipped with cast-iron gratings. The grille can be one or several( for each burner or for a segment).The latter is much more convenient: you can take and clean part of the surface, removing just one section. And the weight of one segment is less than the whole lattice.

    Most models are equipped with a classic control mechanism - handles located directly on the panel. For ease of maintenance, they are made removable. You can choose expensive models with touch controls and indicators. It is easy to wash such surface. I must say that every year the mechanics are increasingly losing ground, because it is not as convenient as the sensor.

    Additional features of

    kitchen panels What tips can I give to customers who have opted for a gas hob?

    • The main criterion is safety in use. It is provided by the flame control program: when the fire decays, the technician will stop the flow of gas. It is even better to choose a model equipped with a function of replay, such a stove independently supplies gas to the burner and activates automatic ignition.
    • Flame change program - after programming, the gas intensity is automatically adjusted.
    • Superheat control - in case of boiling away of a liquid and a sharp rise in temperature, the kitchen surface will stop the flow of gas.
    • Protection against unauthorized inclusion - should be taken to families with children.
    • Built-in timer.

    Although many consumers, evaluating the advantages of electrical panels, make a choice in their favor, gas still should not be discounted. After all, the energy carrier is much cheaper, the gas hob warms the food more evenly than the electric one, and there is no such thing as “warming up time” here.

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