Dacha cottage troubles in the garden and in the greenhouse in December

When winter comes, some plants need extra cover. It is good if, with its beginning, a thick layer of snow covers the ground. In this case, it is desirable to keep it on the beds with the help of an excavated furrow. You can also build special obstacles from pruned branches of garden plants.

Unfortunately, December does not always please summer people with an abundance of white precipitation. Therefore, they have to work hard to create an artificial shelter for garden plants planted in the winter.

For example, carrots, garlic or radishes can be covered with a thick layer of fallen leaves. A parsley greens cover with dry grass or pine needles.

However, one should not forget that empty beds also need to be protected. Otherwise, frost and winter winds will destroy the top layer of soil, and the earth will lose its fertility.

December is the right time for such work. To preserve the fertile soil layer, it should be mulched. To do this, use:

  • fallen leaves of garden plants;
  • downed straw;
  • sawdust;
  • stems of garden crops;
  • peat.
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The protective layer of coarse mulch should be no less than 10 cm. It is applied to de-weed, burnt soil in December, when all vegetation is removed from the beds.

This blanket miraculously lets air and moisture, which has a beneficial effect on the top layer of soil.

If December is warm enough, you can sow mustard, oats or wheat in the garden beds. They serve the land not only with green fertilizers, but also protect the soil from frost.

Preparing the greenhouse for the new season

When December comes, it's time to start preparing the greenhouse for the new season. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the state of the greenhouse structure, and then get down to work. The damaged film coating is removed from the structure in order to destroy it or to apply it for other economic purposes.

Since no one knows what awaits us in the future, in December you should try to strengthen the frame of the greenhouse structure. If the roof on it is sloping, then it will not suffer from a large amount of snow. Additional supports can be made of wood and securely installed inside the greenhouse. The next stage is preparing the soil for planting vegetables. It begins with cleaning the greenhouse.

There are many different pests and fungi in last year’s grass and vegetables. If you do not get rid of them, in the spring they will hit healthy plants, which will affect the amount of harvest.

All plant waste is collected by hand in order not to miss anything. The upper layer of soil, about 5 cm, is removed with a shovel and taken out.

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Fold it in the designated area and pour it with lime. This procedure will help rid the soil of pests that are hidden in it for the winter. And also lead to the death of many weeds, harmful to cultivated plants. This layer of soil is stored for about 1 year outside, after which it is brought back into the greenhouse.

When the soil has been prepared and the structure has been repaired, it's time to think about the seeds. It is important to check the quality of planting material, which remained from last season. If it is not enough for planting, it is reasonable to purchase a fresh batch in December. During this period, seeds are much cheaper than in January or February. In addition, it does not hurt to stock up on various fertilizers for vegetables and toxic chemicals from pests.

If greens are planted in the greenhouse for the winter, it is covered with straw or sawdust to protect it from frost.

Destined roots for forcing, planted in containers in December. Thanks to this, in early spring there will be fresh and healthy greens on the table. Sometimes drip irrigation is used to water plants under cover. In early December, it is desirable to remove, wash and carry it to the barn.

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Different water tanks, also need to be freed from the liquid so that they are not affected by frost. In addition to this work, it is important to prepare the capacity for seedlings. Subsequently, this will help not to lose time, and calmly engage in landing.

If the summer resident tries to complete all December preparations in time, in the spring he will receive a great reward - the first fruits. A well-groomed land will “sleep well” under a snowy winter veil.

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