What if the dish does not turn in the microwave?

  • The pallet is incorrectly installed
  • Malfunction of light bulb
  • Problems with food
  • Problems with the engine

The rotating tray in the microwave oven ensures a uniform heating and cooking. Due to the rotation of the microwave, all parts of the dish will be heated equally, this is especially important, for example, for uniform defrosting of the food. Below we will consider in detail the reasons why the plate in the microwave oven does not rotate and what to do in such cases.

The pallet is incorrectly installed

If the dish stops rotating in the microwave oven, the cause may be too large a plate or a large piece of food. They can touch the side walls or the door of the stove, thus preventing the platform from spinning. In some cases, due to rotation, food or a plate can move diagonally from the center, as a result of resting against the wall and not allowing the pallet to move. In this case it will be enough just to fix the heated dish, cut a large piece into several pieces, and replace the large capacity / plate with a smaller one.



The instructions for use always indicate the maximum weight of the dish, which can be heated. If the permissible weight is exceeded, the microwave oven can function normally, but the engine will operate at maximum power, which leads to its accelerated wear and quick exit from building.


Another reason, because of which the plate does not rotate, is if it is incorrectly installed on the bushing. On the reverse side there are protrusions that enter the bushing. If there is no clutch, the engine can spin, but the torque will not be transmitted to the plate, and it will remain stationary. It will be enough just to move the pallet slightly by rotation or diagonally, so that it "sits" in its place.

To improve the rotation under the plate set a plastic roller, which ensures a smooth movement. Sometimes the reason for the plate to stop spinning is plastic wheels. They can get leftovers of food or crumbs, which will jam the wheels, preventing them from spinning. Then it will be enough just to wash and clean the roller. Over time, plastic wheels wear out, so the roller can be replaced with a new one.

If the plate is still not turning, then there is a problem in the engine or there is no power.

Malfunction of light bulb

In some models of microwave ovens (first of all - the old sample), the reason for stopping the rotation of the tray may be a burnt out bulb. It's all about the design features, if the light bulb is connected in series to the common electrical circuit. As a result, its burnout leads to a rupture of the circuit, and the engine stops receiving electricity. The problem is solved by replacing the lamp.

In most modern microwave ovens, electric lamps with a socket of E-14 type with a power of 20 watts are installed. Replace them fairly simply, the process itself is described in detail in the instruction manual.



All work on replacing parts, checking the integrity of the internal wiring and the motor must be done by first de-energizing the microwave oven!


Problems with food

Bad contact is one of the common causes of failure of household appliances. Having removed a casing of a microwave, carefully we study, whether all wires are connected. Pay special attention to the terminals of the motor. If they show signs of scorching or corrosion, they must be disconnected, cleaned, reconnected and tightly pressed with pliers. Perhaps because of the poor contact that caused the resistance increase, the engine could not run at full power.

If visually all the contacts are in order, the possible cause of failure is a malfunction in the control unit. More often, in this case some other functions may not work, and the furnace itself is unstable. The main reason for the failure of the control unit is instability and voltage drops, which can be caused by fluctuations and jumps in the current in the network. In addition, some items could fail due to water / moisture penetration if the microwave oven was serviced with a malfunction.



If, after all the operations listed, the failure has not been repaired, the fault is most likely related to engine operation. If the microwave oven is still under warranty, then it is not necessary to repair it yourself, but it should be carried to the service center. The broken seals will cause the refusal to repair the fault free of charge, as the service guarantees.


Problems with the engine

Malfunction of the engine is the most common reason, because of which the plate in the microwave oven stops rotating. There may be several options:

  • Reducer is a set of gears that transmit the torque from the motor directly to the plate. In old models gears were made of metal, so the probability of their breakdown was minimal. In more modern models, the metal has been replaced with plastic, so the probability of failure of the reducer has increased dramatically - the teeth (especially under heavy loads) wear out and wear off.
  • motor shaft - transfers the force from the gearbox to the rotating platform. Usually it is made of plastic, if the plate is loaded above the specified rate, it can simply break down.
  • engine breakdown - most often, they are caused by the closure of the motor winding due to water ingress or food pieces. When the winding is closed, the engine starts to heat up strongly, one of the main signs of the burnt out wiring is a sharp characteristic smell of burned wiring. You can precisely determine the nature of the malfunction by using an ohmmeter. If the value of the measured resistance is very large or generally goes to "infinity then this is uniquely related to the broken wires.

Elimination of faults associated with the gearbox or the motor is associated with the complete replacement of these elements. In principle, if you have a basic knowledge of electronics, replacing them will not be a problem. New details can be ordered on the Internet or in the store and then, using the hints on the video, perform the installation yourself.

Otherwise, it is better to use the service. At the same time, an independent determination of the reason why the tray stopped rotating will help to avoid deception on the part of repairmen. In some services, always "determine" the most expensive repair cost breakdown, although the actual work can cost significantly less.

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