Hoods for the kitchen with a tap into the ventilation: working principle, circuit and installation rules

In the process of cooking food filled with steam and the smell of food. All of this is absorbed into the walls, headsets and adversely affects the well-being of people in the room. Fill your room with fresh oxygen hoods for the kitchen can help to tap into the ventilation.

They, in contrast to the recirculation models, remove the air from the room, not just drives it through the filters and recycled.

The content of the article:

  • Kinds and features of suction devices
    • Sanitary standards and requirements
    • Extract with diversion ventilation
    • Types of extracts from the tap
  • Selection criteria stretcher
  • Rules hood connection
  • Selection and installation of ventilation ducts
  • Where to place the outlet?
  • Terms of care for stretch
  • Useful videos on the topic

Kinds and features of suction devices

The variety offered by manufacturers extracts sometimes striking. In the market you can easily find the optimal cost and quality of the model. But the choice and installation of such kitchen appliances will be difficult for the unprepared buyer, and sometimes impossible task. So before you go to the store or to engage in mounting the hood, it is imperative to understand all the subtleties and nuances.

Sanitary standards and requirements

Any type of drawing, whether or recirculation device to tap into the ventilation must be one hour drive the volume of air equal to 10-12 amounts of space for cooking.

This rigid sanitary requirements which must be fulfilled. After all, the kitchen is actively using open flames, heaters. And the humidity in the room is much higher than in other areas. As a result, the concentration of carbon dioxide, harmful fumes and contaminants continually increases that adversely affect human health.

Exhaust fan tap
In the case of using the device connected to the ventilation, it is necessary to ensure the flow of oxygen from the outside. If you do not take into account this factor, the rollover effect will appear. His point is that air will be delayed from the air back into the kitchen

Another requirement - extractor should be installed as close to the cooking surface. It is at least 65 cm to 75 cm and the appliance for the gas.

A prerequisite is the presence of a special device on the lattice, where it will settle dirt and grease. Because of this waste does not fall into the ventilation duct.

Extract with diversion ventilation

Hoods, diverting the exhaust air through the ventilation shaft are classic and most familiar to most people models. Due to the constant influx of fresh air lifted the mood in humans, improving health, and his stay in the kitchen will be more comfortable.

Typically, exhaust units provide mechanical ventilation, which fan is used. This approach allows a very short time to withdraw from the premises excess moisture which may harm furniture, unpleasant odors, various pairs, soot, surplus carbon gas etc.

In order not to pollute the atmosphere around the house in the extracts used a special filter that collects most of all the dirt.

The operating principle of the air extraction hoods
Extractor hood sucks the exhaust air and brings it out of the room, which is used for the ventilation shaft house or apartment

The only drawback to the challenge embedded in the hood ventilation is the difficulty of installation. After all, the device must be connected to the ductwork. If the home does not provide a vent, you will have to drill a hole in the wall.

Types of extracts from the tap

There are several types of such kitchen appliances. Extractions with a tap into the ventilation divided into categories depending on the design of the device mounting method, and purification.

By type of installation is isolated, such devices:

  1. mounted. They are divided into domed or flat. And yet on the market are inclined products which can be expanded if necessary. Hinged hood harmoniously fit and a large kitchen and a room of small dimensions.
  2. recessed. Devices of this type are ideal for small apartments. Their peculiarity is that they are built in a safe and act as its bottom. Some devices can be moved apart, thus increasing the amount of entrained air.

The owners of large area of ​​kitchen island prefer the design of the drafting system. It is used in situations where the stove is not in one of the walls of the kitchen, and in the center of the room. Island hoods are mounted directly to the ceiling and let you create an original design of the room.

Among other things, a device for removing the exhaust air is an important element in the kitchen. It not only absorbs harmful fumes, but also acts as a decorative element. Therefore, choosing one or another type, it is necessary to assess whether the desired model in harmony with the design of the kitchen.

Types of vent hoods
Choose one or the other kind of drawing is necessary, depending on the plate's location and dimensions of the kitchen

Selection criteria stretcher

Cooker hood - it is one of the basic elements of any modern kitchen. Therefore, her choice should be approached with great responsibility. In order not to miscalculate and buy the best instrument, it is necessary to pay attention to a variety of characteristics inherent in these devices.

Among the criteria that influence the choice of the following:

  • the size;
  • modes of operation;
  • the type of filter;
  • the presence of additional functions;
  • casing material;
  • performance;
  • noise;
  • method of instrument control.

Of course, the optimal size is very important when choosing a device. He is directly dependent on the size of the cooking surface. Therefore, it is necessary to learn it before going to a home appliance store.

To hood with air diversion ventilation cope with its main task, its dimensions have to match or be slightly larger plate area. Thanks to this device will take away from the kitchen the maximum amount of vapor that greatly enhance its effectiveness.

As for selecting the operating mode, there is need to decide what kind of device is needed. The fact that the hood can be operated in recirculation mode and discharging air through the vent shaft, or combine 2 embodiment. The optimal solution would be to buy a combined model. If you chose the latter kind, it is necessary to ask the seller about the price and availability of filters.

The scheme of two types of extracts
Hoods with air drain - it is more economical and practical solution. After recirculation devices require regular filter replacement

Before buying you need to see what filters are used in the liked drawing. They are designed to collect most of the fat and impurities. There are several types of filters. The best solution is metal mesh. They are versatile and easy to care for - they can be easily washed.

As for the plates made of a synthetic material, it is not the best choice - they can not be washed. Such products should be changed regularly, and this additional cost. After they have served their time have to go to the store and buy new ones.

Metal bars for drawing
Metallic lattices are easily removed and put back in the hood. Therefore, problems with cleaning device that uses such a filter, there is not exactly

Additional features include extracts the most useful and practical is the interval mode of its operation. It must necessarily be in any drawing. This means that the device will be included from time to time, clean the air, and then turn off.

The vast majority of mid-range models for the implementation of this function uses an electronic timer. As for the more expensive products, their interval operation based on the use of sensors, analyzing the composition of the air. But the highlight of this would significantly increase the cost of extraction. So before you buy to be good to think: and whether this feature is that?

All extraction systems significantly different material body. Manufacturers offer cutlery with air through the vent tap made of enamel, tempered glass or stainless steel.

Before choosing a particular material should be remembered that it determines the durability, appearance, and, of course, the cost of the device. Therefore, it is important to consider all the pros and cons of each of them.

The main advantage of enamel and metal surfaces - their low cost. In addition, they are washed and cleaned with a brush without problems. In the list of the models, the body of which is made of stainless steel, add them presentable appearance - such devices can not be embedded in the closet.

With regard to the extracts from tempered glass, these models look simply gorgeous and worth respectively. At the same time, to keep them clean, you have to regularly and carefully look after them. And to make such a technique should maximize caution.

EXAMPLE glass drawing
Glass hood - an excellent design solution. Such a device is perfectly fit into any design, whether it's luxury or strict modernist classics

Not always the appearance corresponds to the inner filling. This statement applies to the extractor hood. After all, today you can easily purchase a device with a huge dome, the power is not enough to clean the air even in the small-size kitchen.

In order not to miscalculate with the choice, it is necessary in advance to calculate the optimal performance of the device. To do this, check the amount of food - to multiply the area of ​​the floor to the height of the ceilings.

For comfortable work in the room you need to buy the hood, which is 5-6 minutes can fully renew the air in the room. That is an hour appliance must have time to make 10-12 such cycles. To learn the necessary for your kitchen hood performance should be multiplied by the amount of room on the ventilation rate (10-12).

For example, if we take a small room of 15 m2, where the ceiling height is 3 meters, then multiplying these values, we obtain a volume of 45. Multiply this number by the number of air and adding 20% ​​as a margin, learn optimum suction power for this kitchen. In this example the performance of the device must be equal to 450-540 cubic meters per hour.

TABLE power ratio and area
In order not to burden themselves calculations, you can use the above table. It has all the information about the optimal for a particular cuisine drawing power

Noise device plays an important role - the mistress often for cooking spends a few hours, and sometimes half a day. Some even install the TV in the kitchen, so as not to miss your favorite movie, TV series or transfer.

It is hardly necessary to say that the noisy extractor fan will not allow focus to be heard, talking about the heroes of melodrama. Therefore, to determine the optimal model for yourself, you must deal with the decibels.

The volume of normal human speech is 50-60 dB, while for soft music, this figure does not exceed 40 dB. As for the drawing, you should see the noise level in its data sheet. It should be in the range of 40-80 dB.

exhaust noise
The volume extraction work is directly related to its performance. Accordingly, the more powerful the instrument, the more noise it will create

choosing hood, it is important to pay attention to ways to manage them. There are three types of buttons - touch, mechanical and combined. The cheapest, the most simple and reliable are mechanical models. In this case, the power is regulated by a series of special buttons or a slider (movable slider).

The touch screen requires a light touch. These hoods look in a modern way. The advantage of the touch models is the ease of care. Due to the lack of elements protruding from the display dirt is easily removed with a damp cloth.

Hybrid models, unlike sensory and mechanical, are not so popular. Here the buttons are fully recessed into the body, so they can only find. But take care as easily as for the touch of hybrid instruments.

drawing display
Manufacturers offer hoods with multi-function displays. On a small little screen shows all the information about the operation of the device

When choosing a particular model definitely need to pay attention to the lighting option. Inexpensive extracts used for this conventional incandescent bulbs. Though they are cheap, but burn a lot more often. Moreover, this lighting consumes large amounts of electricity.

It is better to give preference to models that use halogen lamps. They are more economical alternative, and shine much brighter. But note that in this light food will acquire an unnatural appearance.

It is ideal as one LED lamp. They need a minimum amount of energy and last for years.

A distinctive feature of extracts from the air into the ventilation tap luxury is the presence of motion sensors. Through this constructive solution in the light turns on when near the hob has detected activity.

lighting hoods
Some models also mute or, on the contrary, to enhance lighting. This makes cooking comfortable at any time of the day or night

In addition to the technical characteristics, it is useful to read reviews from other customers of a particular model. Numerous users are already booked or that the hood and have used it, point out the advantages and disadvantages of a particular commodity. Such an approach would weigh the pros and cons and to get the best for your kitchen hood.

Reviews of extracts
When searching for reviews trust only to trusted sites, pages that contain both positive and negative review on this product

Rules hood connection

To choose and buy suitable for your kitchen hood air tap into the ventilation shaft - this is only half the battle. Significantly intelligently implement mounting device. In order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to adhere to a specific sequence of actions.

First, immediately after purchase, you need to check the device packaging. The box must be a product data, where present Installation Guide, hood and set of fasteners (screws and anchors for mounting to a brick wall).

Then it is important to prepare everything for the work - building level, or drill hammer, measuring tape and a screwdriver. Further, the order of the work is as follows:

  • using a tape measure, measure about 70-80 cm above the cooking surface and is carried out using the level horizontal line;
  • the center line previously drawn imps another, perpendicular to it;
  • using masking tape template is fixed on the wall, so it will not slip during drilling;
  • then drill and drill accordingly being part of screws, make four holes in the wall;
  • screws to be fastened to the wall in such a way that their head is performed at 0.5 cm;
  • then removed from the grate and cover hoods and hang it on the fasteners;
  • Now tighten the screws will remain until the end to secure the device on the wall.

Mounting hood finishes installing the cover and grille. Further, it should be the most important and time-consuming stage - organization of ventilation. But, if all the rules and recommendations, this process will not cause absolutely any difficulties.

Driving hood connection
It is better to entrust the installation of an expensive hood professional. The specialist will do everything possible to quickly and accurately

Selection and installation of ventilation ducts

There are two types of ventilation pipes for exhaust - it is plastic and corrugated products. Last species is in great demand, as it has many advantages.

The advantages of corrugated pipe include:

  1. Easy installation. The product is made of a thin aluminum, whereby the corrugation can be bent and rotated as required.
  2. The ability to quickly change the length. If the tube was too long, the excess can be cut using normal scissors. When the calculations have been carried out incorrectly, the corrugation without any problems, you can increase the - elements fast and well connected.
  3. Low weight. The material is very lightweight, so you can save on additional fasteners and reduce the time required for the installation of ventilation.
  4. cheapness. Buyer of any income level can afford to buy a corrugation.

But the installation of this material should be extremely careful. After corrugation very supple and strong press can leave an ugly dent on the product.

As for the plastic vent pipes, the experts recommended that you use them. This kind of product has a smooth inner surface, so that the flow will not be hindered on the wall and lose speed. In addition, the material is characterized by low prices, lack of susceptibility to oxidation elements, as well as safety for human life and health.

Duct for drawing
To connect with your hands duct ventilation, plastic hood flange to be connected to flexi hose or a plastic tube, insert the same element in the ventilation grille and bond the entire structure using the building clamps

Where to place the outlet?

Extractor hood in the course of their work consumes a considerable amount of electricity. Therefore, experts recommend to hold the device to a separate line, as, otherwise, the entire network can not withstand such stresses.

Positioning the outlet to be right next to the device itself. Note that if a cooking stove is used, the plug must be removed from it at a safe distance.

Terms of care for stretch

That the instrument has served for a long time, it must be cleaned regularly. Before washing, it will de-energize the hood. Next, remove the grille or filter and wash all parts of the device which might accumulate dirt. For purification means can be used for utensils or special composition intended for stainless steel.

A distinctive feature of modern materials is the ease of cleaning. But sometimes, in the case of heavy pollution, it is necessary to use detergent. Note that it is prohibited to use for cleaning powder, metal sponge, or loofah structure with rigid fibers - they will scratch the surface of the drawing.

For washing soft keys used cloth soaked in the washing solution. Once all elements are hoods perfectly clean, and the surface wiped dry device, the device can include a socket and to continue its operation.

Caring for stretch
The quality and the regularity of cleaning the hood directly depends on the period of its use. If you give it due consideration, the unit faithfully serve far more than a year, and even after 5 years will look like new

Useful videos on the topic

Video # 1: Tips for choosing the hood for the kitchen:

Video # 2: Detailed analysis of the extraction installation with air discharge into the ventilation shaft:

Video # 3: Set the cooker hood duct:

Extractor hood for the kitchen tap with air into the ventilation - it is an indispensable equipment, purchase of which is necessary to think about first. After a time to spend, and are discussed in detail can be achieved in the types of suction devices to newcomers wallpaper and suspended ceiling is not absorbed a variety of odors, and the cooking process brings only pleasure.

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