How can wood ash be used at home or in the garden?

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When burning firewood, wood ash remains. For ashes, there are many uses in country life. With one bundle of logs, you will get about 8 kg of ash, and sometimes even more, depending on the heat source, the heating device and the properties of the tree.

Safety above all

As with all matters concerning the burning of firewood, use common sense and be vigilant when handling ash. Store it in a closed metal container, installed on the ground or concrete, a few meters away from any flammable surface.

Despite the fact that the ashes may seem cold, buried coals live for several days and sometimes a week.

How to use wood ash

Our ancestors learned to make lye, a caustic cleaner, about 5000 years ago, driving water through wood ash. Then they began to combine the mixture with animal fats, as a result, getting soap. Some adherents of tradition still do this.

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Early Americans used ash or homemade alkaline water to clean wooden floors, wash clothes and bed linen, and soak clogged pig carcasses to remove wool from the skin. For centuries, potters and ceramists used wood ash to create patterns on the products.

Instead of throwing ash along with garbage, save it for use inside the house and on the site. The following are some current recommendations.

Tips for modern use

We will tell you about the options for the use of ash in modern country living.

Changing the soil of lawns and garden plants.

Woody ash contains potassium, calcium and various trace elements that are important for plant health. It also works well as a lime substitute for raising the pH of acidic soil. It is noteworthy that, unlike limestone, which may require 6 months or more to change the pH of the soil, wood ash is soluble in water and has an effect quickly.

Do not apply ash on the lawn and ornamental plantings without checking the soil. Around the plants loving increased acidity( blueberries, rhododendrons, azaleas, holly), wood ash cannot be used. Soils that have a pH in the range of 6.0 to 6.5( the optimum value for most lawns and garden plants) can be treated at the rate of 9 kg, or one 22-liter bucket of wood ash per 93 square meters.m. area per year without the risk of excessive pH increase.

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Wear safety glasses, gloves and a dust mask and evenly distribute the ashes on a dry, windless day. Stir the soil thoroughly after sowing.

Be sure to wash away all the ash that has settled on the leaves of actively growing plantings in order to prevent burned foliage.

Scaring snails and slugs

If you spray in a small amount around sensitive plants, you can scare slugs away. Wood ash irritates their wet bodies and drives them away. The effect disappears after rain or watering due to the dissolution of ash in water.

Melting ice and anti-skid agent

On the strewn tracks, the ice will melt and the ash will provide better grip. It is not as effective as salt, rather dirty and can get on the shoes in the house. However, it is free and harmless to pet paws and paved plots.

Cleaning glass and metal

It's hard to believe, but wood ash quickly removes grease, dirt and stains on the glass, cleans silverware, dishes, grill grates and ceramic plates.

Removing adhesive residue from store labels is extremely difficult. Ash copes with this task.

Dip a damp cloth into the ash( or into a homemade paste of ash and a small amount of water), then rub the polluted area with a piece of cotton cloth, then rinse with water. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid burns.

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Remove oil stains from stone, cement and asphalt

Sprinkle the oil with wood ash, rub with a cloth, and then sweep. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Ash is a free natural remedy that can be used in country life with great benefit for itself for completely different purposes. You will be able to quickly and efficiently perform routine dacha procedures for cleaning and fertilizing without the use of chemicals, while saving money.

Features of the use of wood ash - video


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