Samsung washing machine gives error 5E: solve the problem yourself

  • Error code value 5E
  • Causes of error 5E
  • Methods for resolving error 5e
  • The main stages of the diagnosis

Modern Samsung washing machines do not only do their main duty - washing and spinning clothes, but also have self-test capabilities that the developers havemake it easier for the owner to care for them.

All faults are displayed on the display or screen of the washing machine in the form of alphanumeric characters, each of which has its own meaning.

Error code value 5E

Samsung washing machine can display error code 5E or е5.Sometimes a similar error is marked se, it depends on the model / year of release. At the same time, all three options signal that the washing machine has a “water drain error”.

For the calculation, the period of time required for the complete discharge of water is taken, as a rule, within 10 minutes. During this period, according to the program, the water should have time to pump out of the tank, if the level has not yet fallen below the specified level( or, at least, the machine thinks that this has not happened), code 5E occurs.

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This error can be reset by pressing the Start / Pause button, although if there are physical reasons for its occurrence, and not just a program crash, the washing machine will need to be repaired. Otherwise, the error will constantly return.

Causes of Error 5E

The Samsung washing machine does not pump out water - various reasons may precede this.

  • Filter clogging in the drain

For example, the machine thinks that the water does not drain because the sensor tells the machine that water cannot be drained if there is a malfunction in the pressure system that prevents this. The reason, as a rule, is a clogged filter that does not allow water to flow out.

  • Clogging of the drain hose

Garbage that somehow gets into the Samsung washing machine with laundry, eventually accumulates inside the system, sometimes even getting into the drain hose. There it is stored, gradually forming a kind of congestion and an obstacle for pumping water.

  • Problem with the

control board Another possible reason may be if there is a malfunction in the pressure system, that the water is pumped out normally, but the control board does not receive a signal that the water is gone, believing that the water is still inside. This is a more complicated case than a banal blockage drain.

  • Breakdown of the drain pump

This fault may well be the root cause of the error 5e on the display of the Samsung washing machine.

Ways to eliminate the 5e errorAlmost all the root causes can be corrected by yourself and the faithful assistant samsung machine will return to work.

  • Eliminating clogging of the filter and drain hose

To solve this problem, first of all you need to check the filter of the pump, which can be blocked. Obviously, you should not once again disassemble the Samsung machine to inspect the pump filter, if the water is pumped out normally.

This move would be appropriate if you have error 5e and you can clearly see that most of the water is stuck inside the machine. Just clean the filter or replace it with a new one in order to forget about the problem for a long time.

  • Problem with the

control board The control board is under the jurisdiction of a minicomputer that controls the entire samsung washing machine. Its breakdown means only one thing - replacement in the service center, as it is difficult to repair it yourself.

The only thing you can try to do on your own is to carefully remove the board and solder the tracks, it is possible that they eventually peeled off and the contact was gone.

  • Breakdown of the drain pump

Look, the garbage can have blocked the pump, for example, a coin has hit, a hair clip, a bone of a bra. All these elements over time accumulate fibers, hair, fabrics, creating a serious problem for the correct operation of the unit.

It will be enough just to remove the stuck debris to make the pump work. If this does not happen, then it is worth checking the power supply to the pump. If everything is all right with this, and the part still does not work, then it must be replaced.

If the water level is still below the frequency of the reset level( 25.20kHz), then 10 minutes after the start of water discharge, this error will occur.

After all the manipulations, try to remove the error using the Start / Pause button. Due to this, the Samsung washing machine will reboot and tries to drain the water again.

The main stages of the diagnosis of

  • Inspect the pump visually and make sure that there are no obstacles and the impeller rotates freely.
  • Check the drain hose and its connection to the bathroom drain, if it is
  • Ensure that the drain hose is not bent
  • Check the drain pump filter, making sure there are no coins or debris, clean the air chamber and pressure sensor if necessarybefore the
  • hose Check the drain pump with an electric tester
  • Check the rotor of the drain pump
  • Inspect the connection to the drain pump.


Before performing any work on the device, disconnect it from the power supply!

After all these manipulations, collect the washing machine and run it through the rinse cycle to check the machine and make sure that it has drained all the water as it should be. If everything is normal, the problem is solved.

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