Rating of the best models of petrol lawn mowers

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video Video mowers for home apparel accessories for home apparel accessories for home appliqués for apparel mowers.on the border. When choosing a gasoline mower, the ranking of the best models is the starting point. We offer to look at the best tools, according to consumer reviews in 2016.The technique is varied, and therefore, the top 3 models of self-propelled, wheel mowers and trimmers are presented for consideration. The material is based on the research "Expert prices", "Yandex Market" and the analysis of technology by specialists.

What the choice of the

tool depends on For an ideally flat plot with a thick grass cover they use high-performance equipment. Usually on large lawns it is appropriate to use self-propelled four-wheel models with the function of mulching or containers for collecting waste.

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For areas with meeting thickets of coarse grass and shrubs, it is better to use hand-operated mowers and trimmers. It is better to trim around inconveniences and slopes with a large slope. On slopes need special lawn mowers, which will not pour fuel from the tank.

In addition, for physical unloading after an office working day, a good charge of cheerfulness will come from working with an instrument that requires physical effort. So, consider the ranking of the best models of gasoline mowers, taking into account the need for a tool.

Choosing a trimmer

Trimmer is called a benzokosu with a working part and a single-cylinder two-stroke engine located on opposite sides of the rod. To transfer the load from the hands to the torso in the middle of the rod is installed control knob and canopy guns on the shoulders. The two-stroke engine is more powerful, but compact. The cutter is a rotating disk with knives or fishing line fixed in it. For safety reasons, the surface of the cutter is covered with a casing. The rotating flexible shaft is in a bar.

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The Stihl FS 55 is the winner of the best models of the gasoline lawn mower. Trimmer weighs 5 kg, it is able to cope with it for women and older people.the handle and the well-thought-out protection make the work safe. The tool is easy to start, the turns are adjustable.

The quality of the swath is excellent, in any configuration - with a knife or fishing line. Vibration of the leg is not noticeable. Replaces with a belt and a shoulder cushion. High quality goggles, fishing line for 2 seasons and a knife are included with the tool

are characterized by users as:

  • powerful;
  • low noise;
  • works, according to reviews, since 2009 without repair;
  • starts withoutefforts.

trimmer price on average 15,000 rubles.

The second place among the same type of tools in the rating of gasoline mowers is given to Echo SPM-22GES U-Handle, a trimmer that easily finishes with woody stalks of wormwood and nettle. The tool is characterized by ultra-light start-up, low noise and special anti-vibration pads. Trimmer weight 5.7 kg. Users note that such a tool with a four-sided fishing line easily mows 15 hectares of solid weed per day. In the configuration there is a shoulder girdle, belt, reel of fishing line, glasses and a disk. There is an economical fuel consumption. The price of the device is from 12 rubles.

Trimmer The Patriot PT 3355 has a folding handle that works well on uneven, hilly terrain. Gas trigger and lock is located on the handle. A collapsible barbell and bicycle handlebar make work convenient.

Powerful tool, shaves everything.

The disadvantages include an uncomfortable belt, a bad plant for cold and clogging of the coil with a thick, high grass stand. Price trimmer less than ten thousand rubles.

Self-propelled petrol lawn mowers

The entire power of a four-stroke petrol engine is directed at cutting grass. Rolls the cart with the device man. Therefore, these machines operate with less noise compared to self-propelled ones. They have a tank of 2 liters of fuel, which allows you to cut the grass within two hours. You can work with a slope of less than 25 degrees.

Depending on the cultivated area, choose a tool with a greater or smaller width. For a plot of 25 acres, a mechanism with a grip of 55-60 cm is better suited. Grass can be collected in a container or covered with a carpet as it is mowed.

If it is important for the user to get a quality tool, he will choose the best gasoline mower by rating:

  • Husqvarna 152sv;
  • Honda HRG 465C3PDE;
  • Husqvarna Jet 55S.
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Examples of not self-propelled petrol lawn mowers:

The best petrol self-propelled mowers

Driving, on four wheels, with a control knob, for which you need to slightly hold and direct the mechanism, you will get a personal one, you will get a personal one, you will get a personal piece, with a single control unit, with which you need to keep the driving gear, you will have to get your own, on the other hand, you will have to get your own personal, four-wheel-drive mowing machines, four-wheel-drive, with a control panel;Technique occupies a leading position in any ratings. Leading manufacturers argue among themselves for creating the most functional models. Recognized manufacturers of garden equipment:

  • AL-KO;
  • Makita;
  • Bosch;
  • Champion;
  • MTD and others.

Customer reviews were considered price / technical features of the units. All assembled models have four-stroke gasoline engines. According to the presented rating, the AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A is named the best lawn mower of the petrol self-propelled.

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The unit can mow 1.4 hectares of grass per day. Convenient lever adjustment allows you to cut the grass at a level of 25-75 mm. A 60 l plastic box is equipped with a filling indicator. The mower easily copes with wet grass, there is a mulching mode.

High rear wheels make the car manageable even on uneven terrain. The metal case has an aerodynamic contour. The engine is started by a manual starter.

Warranty service period 3 years, the price of the product is 26440 rubles.

The second place in the rating of gasoline lawn mowers was taken by the CHAMPION LM5345BS model, the photo at the beginning of the article. The cutting width of 530 mm and high speed are due to the installation of a 6 liter American engine.with.

Provides right and left drop grass. Cutting height adjustable from 19 to 76 mm.

Rear large wheels increase the throughput of the unit. It cuts mole holes in its path, it can only get stuck on a hummock. The metal body adds solidity and weight to the mower.

The disadvantages include a large weight - 41 kg, the absence of mulching and the need to remove the handle during transport. The price of the product is 32-35 thousand rubles.

Makita PLM4621 became the bronze winner of the rating of the best gasoline mowers. The main advantage is considered to be simplicity and convenient operation. There is a nozzle for mulching. The lawn mower is equipped with an American engine and has a steel case. Among the disadvantages include the absence of lateral emission and inconvenient oil change. The price of a lawn mowing machine is 34-40 thousand rubles.

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