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In today's world, household appliances that make life much easier for people are very popular. One of these units is a dishwasher, which eliminates the need to constantly wash the dishes with his hands, especially in large quantities. Standard models are mostly overall and can clean more than one set of dishes in a single washing process, but not everyone can afford to buy a dishwasher due to lack of space. In this case, a great option would be a desktop machine, which is small in size. Its advantage is that it can even stand on a table or somewhere in the corner.

Features of desktop machines

These dishwashers are small, they do not need a lot of space and they fit perfectly into a small kitchen. This unit can be mounted on a table or built-in under the sink. All models are basically the same size: the width is 55 centimeters, the depth is 50–55 centimeters, and the height is no more than 45 centimeters.

Despite the compactness, such a unit is easily suited for two people. For one sink the machine can clean 6 sets of dishes. It should be noted that for a large family this appliance can also be suitable if the dimensions of the kitchen do not allow the installation of a standard dishwasher. But the disadvantage is that it will have to be turned on more often, but if you take into account the cost-effectiveness of the operation of this device, it will not greatly affect family income.

Small dishwashers can work with several temperature conditions:

  1. 70 degrees - suitable for heavy pollution;
  2. 65 degrees - standard programs work at this temperature;
  3. 40–45 degrees - fast wash mode;
  4. 50 degrees - economy mode.

And also there is a delicate mode and soaking.

What to look for when choosing

When purchasing this device, you must consider the following functions:

  • There must be at least 4 modes of operation.
  • Drying dishes.
  • Determination of the purity of dishes.
  • The presence of a delicate mode.
  • The number of cleaning filters.
  • Availability of economy mode.

Before you buy, you also need to pay attention to the noise level of the machine. If this figure is 45 dB, then the unit will work quietly, and if at 47–55 DB these models are already noisy. The safety of a small dishwasher is determined by the presence of a water leakage protection system, which is divided into full and partial. The last most.

And also the necessary function of blocking the lock, which is simply necessary if there are small children in the family. And modern technologies can still boast the presence of sensors that determine the degree of contamination of water. Most models are equipped with a detergent detection sensor, which is able to recognize its type and automatically select a program. The delayed start function is also very important, allowing you to start the washing process even at night.

Consumption of water, electricity and detergents

Desktop dishwashers consume little water, 6–9 liters of water are consumed per cycle, and power consumption generally does not exceed 800 W / h. This unit is much more economical compared to other models. With such indicators, you can save about 8 cubes of hot water per month, saving cold water is also good.

If we talk about detergents, then 1 kilogram of powder is quite enough for 60–70 washes. How much it will cost will depend on the selected detergent. Electricity consumption is 0.61–0.8 kWh, and about 70 kW per year.

Disadvantages of

dishwashers For this type of home appliance to work, hot water is needed for washing and hot air for drying, the use of detergents, but not every machine can withstand such conditions. Consider the type of utensil that cannot be washed with this device:

  1. Aluminum.
  2. Wooden.
  3. Plastic.

This is relevant not only for compact dishwashers, but also for full-size dishwashers.

5 best compact dishwashers

All the models below can wash 6 sets of dishes in one cycle.

Bosch SKS 62E22

This small dishwasher can be easily used for any kitchen. The dimensions of this unit: width of 55 centimeters and height of 45 centimeters, but at the same time it will wash 6 ordinary sets of dishes. The device has 6 washing programs, with the help of which even crystal can be washed. This model gets good feedback from buyers. This dishwasher works silently, and the detergent can be any. The presence of a water purity sensor will help you choose the best washing mode.

Bosch SKS 40E22

Among the advantages and disadvantages of this model are:

  • 8 liters of water are consumed for 1 washing cycle.
  • You can wash 6 sets of dishes in one wash.
  • Compact.
  • Easy to manage.
  • High class sink.
  • Affordable price.
  • 0.62 kWh of electricity is consumed per wash cycle.


  1. 4 washing modes;
  2. Work is accompanied by a noise level of 54 dB.
  3. There is no compartment for 3 in 1 detergent.
  4. Condensation drying.

Bosch SKS 51E11

This model has an interesting design. Due to the presence of a delicate wash, she can be trusted with any dishes. There is a compartment for a detergent 3 in 1. The only drawback that users notice is a partial protection system.

Electrolux ESF 2400 OH

This compact dishwasher is economical: you need 6.5 liters of water and 0.61 kWh of electricity per cycle. There are 6 modes of operation, including delicate. Separately, it is necessary to say about the disadvantages of this model, among which one can single out partial protection and the impossibility of using tablets.

Candy CDCF 6

This machine is most in demand by buyers. It holds 6 sets of dishes, but in terms of washing and efficiency, it is no worse than standard dishwashers.

This unit boasts 6 programs and 5 temperature modes, condensation drying, delicate sink, and a timer delay of 8 hours. For one work cycle, 8 liters of water and 0.63 kWh of electricity are needed. If we talk about the noise level during operation, it is quite high - 53 dB.

In this article, we talked about desktop dishwashers, how to choose them, drawbacks and made an overview of the best models. Now you know that if you have a small kitchen, then you do not need to deny yourself the acquisition of this useful equipment that fits perfectly on the table.

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