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Ravens can harm not only your garden, vegetable garden, but can alsobe dangerous to pets. In this article, we will share tips from overseas farmers on how to fight these harmful birds.

How do ravens differ from ravens?

Although ravens and ravens belong to the same species “Corvus”, despite all the similarities, they are very different from each other. A distinctive feature of the ravens is a characteristic plumage around the throat, as well as a wedge-shaped tail. They hover a lot in the air and often perform unusual pirouettes. One of the main differences between these species of birds is cawing. The cawing of a crow, which is familiar to us, cannot be confused with a strong deep cry of a crow, something resembling a moo of a cow.

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What do the crows eat and where do the

crows eat almost everyone, but tend to feed on the ground. They eat all insects, earthworms, small animals, seeds and fruits. Birds often delve into the garbage, do not disdain carrion and kidnapping chicks from nests.

Birds live in open spaces where they can use trees, roost, and where there is enough food. In winter, they unite in flocks with hundreds of their relatives.

Being very socialized birds, crows are often kept in groups. They are omnivorous, which can bring considerable benefits, because they are natural orderlies, cleansing the area from dead animals. However, they can also attack your chickens. Then the presence of black birds begins to become a problem.

If you find that your seedlings, for example, corn, are torn out of the ground, then most likely the crows are bred. In addition, these birds may be involved in the disappearance of chickens from chickens and scattered garbage around garbage cans.

How to get rid of crows in the garden

We will talk about several ways to combat the attack of these harmful birds. Most of them are tested in practice and work.

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Fruit plantations can be protected with nets from birds, which are sold in horticultural centers. Ten centimeter mesh is best suited. It holds large crows, but does not prevent the penetration of other small birds.

Install the grid near the ground. This will not allow the crows to crawl from the bottom. In addition, the mesh design makes it possible to tie growing crops.

Use items that can scare obsessive birds. Brilliant things, compact discs hanging from the trees, and even the familiar garden scarecrow help to frighten pests.

Cover the fruit. Corn can be protected by hanging a cup or bag on each "ear."

As intelligent creatures, the crows quickly realize that even mylar balls do not pose a threat to them. Try to regularly change the location of these items so that the birds do not have time to get used to it and react to them as sharply as ever.

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According to the belief, if you make your hands stuffed with hickory wood, it will be better to frighten the intruders. If you put such a guard in the garden, try to change its location and equipment.

How to prevent the appearance of crows

Crows kill weak young chicks. Keep this in mind when building the nest boxes: make sure that there is at least 10 cm from the inlet to the bottom of the box. Do not put any ledges or poles on which the crow could sit and wait for the prey to appear.

Use feeders that are too small for crows, but large enough for other birds.

Now you know a little more about these dangerous birds. Some simple, described your ways, will allow you not to be afraid for a flock of young chickens, walking in the sun, and also help protect landings from unwanted encroachments of feathered pests.

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