Wok pan - what is it and what is it for?

  • Benefits of wok pans
  • Criteria for choosing the perfect wokA question that requires an immediate explanation, because this "gizmo" is new for Europeans( well, for us too).Although Chinese chefs have been using this miracle dish for many years to prepare their culinary masterpieces( sometimes even too culinary ones).What are the advantages of wok?

    Advantages of wok pans

    WOK frying pans are not exactly a frying pan, and not quite a pan. This is something in between. The classic version of utensils is a non-standard height, a cone-shaped bottom, a large diameter of the upper part of the walls, the presence of handles on both sides.

    This household item has the following advantages:

    • Save time. WOK food is prepared quickly and effortlessly.
    • One griddle - many ways to cook. One wok can replace several types of kitchen utensils. After all, it is possible to fry, soar, and bake in it. ..
    • The product saves vitamins, micro and macro elements.
      The pan has a different shape from its fellows, which significantly reduces the time of heat treatment of products. This allows them to maintain the maximum benefit, and you maintain their health in shape.
    • Products do not absorb oil. Cooking on such a griddle means constant mixing. Since the products are in constant motion, they do not have time to absorb the oil. And, therefore, this item of dishes is perfect for those who adhere to strict( and not very) diets.
    • Food always stays in the pot. Thanks to the high sides, the food always stays in the pan, not on the stove, the walls and the floor.

    Criteria for selecting the ideal wokAs it turned out, it is not so easy to dwell on one model, because this household item has its own characteristics. We will talk about them.


    The main selection criterion is the material from which the pan is made. On this depends not only its price, but also reliability, safety and even the taste of food. For the manufacture of wok used:

    • Cast iron. These products are divided into two types: thin( with a wall thickness of not more than 3 mm) and thick( with a wall thickness of not more than 9 mm).Cast iron is a material with non-stick properties. Therefore, despite the thickness of the product, you can be sure that the food will not stick to it and will not create additional discomfort. Thin WOK heat up faster, and thicker ones keep the temperature longer. As you can see, there are pluses everywhere, which you will appreciate depending on your needs.
    • Carbon Steel. When choosing such a wok, remember that it has as many drawbacks( well, almost) as many advantages. Yes, it is light, inexpensive, with excellent thermal conductivity. In this case, the food on it can burn, it is difficult to wash and over time it deforms.
    • Aluminum. These woks are relatively inexpensive and light. Have a non-stick coating. The disadvantages include the fact that working with it at high temperatures is strictly prohibited, since the Teflon( protective) layer is destroyed.
    • Ceramics. Heavy. This is a minus. But reliable, comfortable to use and withstands high temperature conditions. And this, you see, is a huge plus.
    • Stainless steel. Durable dishes with a single minus - did not follow, will have to scrub the pan from the burnt food.

    The bottom of the

    In the standard( classical WOK) bottom is convex. It was originally conceived, because these dishes are made for cooking on an open fire. Today, manufacturers offer us wok with a convex and flat bottom. How to choose a wok pan?

    Depending on the plate, of course. If you have an electric stove or induction hob installed in your house, you should prefer flat-bottomed utensils. For gas units, you can use one and the other option.


    We must give due to the classics. Initially, wok was created with two handles, thanks to which it was possible to remove the dishes from the oven. But modern wok is a regular pen( like a frying pan familiar to us), and sometimes a round holder. Popular products with a removable handle.


    If your family consists of two people, it’s enough to get a WOK griddle with a diameter of up to 35 cm. If there are often guests in your house, get an aggregate of 40 cm or more.wokAnd they are interested, and you feel good.


    Many believe that in the modern world, the brand no longer matters. In fact, it’s with phones like that( well, with some other electronics).But with the dishes everything is different. And this is another story, which we will consider in a separate article.

    Buy wok only well-known companies: Tefal, Meier and Bosch, Thomas, Zepter. These manufacturers value their reputation, so be sure that you will not buy a cat in a bag.

    Did you get an answer to the question: what is a frying pan and what is it for - write in the comments. We need to know your opinion. See you in the following publications.

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